Do You BOSU?

I LOVE BOSU fitness products and teach with them on a weekly basis. The “half-shaped ball” has been around for a while…. . yet many fitness fanatics are confused by this training tool.

“Is it a bouncy step or just another way to do a fancy pushup?” “Are there limits to what you can do with it?” “What the heck does ‘BOSU’ stand for?”

It’s time to clarify things a bit and educate you on ways you can use BOSU products to get fit! First a little fitness history for you, thanks to the Official BOSU Team.

*Pronounced “Bo,” like the boy’s name, and “Sue,” like the girl’s name, BOSU products have revolutionized the fitness industry.

What began as the launch of one of the most innovative products the fitness industry has ever seen turned out to be just the start of a journey that continues to expand, shape and define functional training. Invented by David Weck, the BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. Originally the name “BOSU” was an acronym for “Both Sides Up.” It meant that the BOSU® Balance Trainer could be used on either side, the dome or the platform.

Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. All of the BOSU® products and programming, are grounded in exercise science and proven in real-life application. Read more on the SCIENCE behind the products HERE.

BOSU® Training is about expanding movement capabilities, reshaping bodies and strengthening minds. It’s about inserting thought into movement. It’s about asking clients, fitness students and athletes to be physically involved, and also be present and fully engaged in the training process.

BOSU products are known industry-wide for training balance, enhancing flexibility and delivering killer cardio workouts. They have an unprecedented reputation for building strength and fine tuning skills for sport.

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing the toughest competition of your athletic career, looking to return to a fitter you, or just starting out. BOSU® Training can see you through it all with new challenges and exercise progressions always just around the corner.

BOSU® training exercises have been developed by a team of elite master trainers and are grounded in science, theory and practical information. This team works constantly to provide safe and effective functional balance training programs easily adaptable for all levels of fitness.

I believe BOSU training will continue to expand, shape, and define what functional training is, what it can accomplish, and ways in which it can impact the human body and mind. I challenge you to take your diversify your exercise program – DISCOVER what BOSU® training can do for you!

3.) Fearless Fitness Challenge of the Week: Bring It BOSU!

Have you tried the BOSU fitness products? Your challenge this week is to experience what the BOSU can do for you – to ELEVATE your training and discover something new! Not sure how to get started? Ask the trainers at your local gym on safe, effective ways to use the BOSU to play. I  teach with BOSU products every week – check out my CLASS SCHEDULE if you’d like a fun group fitness BOSU experience! Below are a few fun BOSU core training exercises for you. Enjoy and hope to see you in class soon!

Form Pointers:

  • Always keep your body in proper alignment during each exercise.  It’s normal to shift to keep your balance, but make sure you don’t slump.
  • If you feel too wobbly, hold onto a wall for balance or take out any jumps that make you uncomfortable.
  • Start with a light weight or no weight to perfect your form.
Full Crunch
Sit on the dome forward of the bull’s eye and draw the knees into the chest, hands behind the head.  Make sure you’re not tipping forward or back.  Squeeze the abs and lift the shoulders and hips off the dome in a full crunch.  Lower and repeat for 8 to 16 reps.
bosu_superhuman.jpg (12688 bytes)
Sit with hips slightly forward on the dome and place your hands behind you.  Lift your legs up into a V and lean torso back, keeping back straight (don’t collapse) and abs contracted.  Lift the arms and hold for 20 to 60 seconds.
bosu_vsit.jpg (14462 bytes)
With the dome side down, get into push-up position, on knees or toes, with hands on the either side of the platform.  Hold this position, keeping a straight line from head to heels and keeping the abs braced. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds.
bosu_sideplank.jpg (10330 bytes)
From above position, keep the arms straight and the body in alignment as you rock the BT forward and back for 8 to 10 reps.  Rest and repeat for 1 to 3 sets.  Add side tilts as well for more challenge.

You can also find a video of me online demonstrating my favorite BOSU core exercise  at the BOSU facebook fan page . And for those of you looking for something a bit more challenging…. this is one is tough…. Ball Pike Pushup!

Let me know how it goes or if you need a friend to BOSU with 😉 Have a FEARLESS week! I will see you round Grant Ave lululemon soon!


Life is too short….. LOVE YOUR BODY.

“Body hatred has been defined as a personal problem. But it is a social problem. It is not accidental or incidental. It is induced, injected, and programmed…..The antidote to body hatred is social activism and community. None of us is strong enough to stand up to the daily onslaught of propaganda, imagery, programming, seduction, and mind control. But as a group, we can shift the tyranny. ” – Eve Ensler, playwright.

The theme in the lululemon athletica online community this week has been “Love your Body”. This topic may not be anything new, yet important to talk about on the REGULAR. We ALL could use the reminder to CELEBRATE our bodies.

It is a constant challenge to love your body in the Fitness Industry. In the world that sells “HARDER . BETTER . FASTER . STRONGER .” its extremely difficult to be satisfied with who you ALREADY ARE.

“Get Bigger Biceps!” “Lean, Toned Legs” “Loose Weight” “Gain Muscle” “Get a 6 pack now” “Tone Those Trouble Areas!”……. the list goes ON and ON… and just promotes dis-satisfaction.

In the image obsessed business its difficult to resist the human urge to criticize or compare. I find it helpful to recognize  negative thoughts and counter them with positive ones. Bring consciousness to  the stream of thoughts you direct toward your body (I need Botox. Why am I so dense? I hate, hate, hate my nose). Once you’ve noticed your own abusive mantras, begin countering each one with some sort of genuine praise….. If you loathe your upper arm “flab”, make yourself think that your arm, flab and all, can participate in procedures as graceful as waving goodbye to as powerful as shifting a car into gear…. This may feel silly at first, but if you pay attention you’ll find that countering abuse with praise has a wonderful effect on your own body. To practice positive self acknowledgment and acceptance.  To say “I LOVE MY BODY” often and with real commitment.

Self-Love should be a routine practice. We need to regularly HONOR who we are. We need  to say “I LOVE MY BODY” often and with real commitment. Thank you lululemon for the POSITIVE REMINDER!! Lets continue to build a community that brings CONSCIOUSNESS to negative body image and promotes self acceptance.

Join us and start today – look in the mirror and say, “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU” to your body.

“I love my body  by keeping it well hydrated. I love my body by taking days off when I need them. I love my body because it is strong enough to give REALLY good hugs.  I love my voice because it sings during spin class. I love my legs because they carry me ALL over SF….. (and look great in spandex ;)!”

Life is too short…. Start now: How do you LOVE your Body?

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures, new directions to grow in, and new lessons to learn – which is what life is all about.”

“Enjoy your body. Use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it – it is the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.”

On That Beat Playlist 2010

A few new favorites for you to MOVE to this week. Really random mix…. an interesting collection of beats and rhythms. Perfect for a run or solo sweat session. Check back tomorrow for a more upbeat mix!

“On That Beat” Playlist August 2010

1. Name of the Game / The Crystal Method
2. Get Me Bodied / Beyoncé
3. Zero / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Shutterbugg / Big Boi & Cutty
5. Renegades of Funk / Rage Against the Machine
6. Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) / Mike Posner
7. Club Can’t Handle Me/ Flo Rida (feat. David Guetta)
8. Dominos / The Big Pink
9. Touch / Natasha Bedingfield
10. Get Outta My Way / Kylie Minogue
11. Take a Chance / The Magic Numbers
12. E.T. / Katy Perry
13. Everything’s Magic / Angels & Airwaves
14. Fever / Cascada
15. Rush (Super8 vs. Orkidea Mix) / Aalto
16. Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo) / B.o.B
17. Magic Carpet Ride (remix) / Fatboy Slim

Want more? Check out my personal collection of SONGS …. maybe some of those will power you up too! Desperate to hear songs without ear phones? COME TO CLASS and we will rock out to them together 😉

Self Acceptance and Body Confidence. “When it comes to body LOVE the one you’re with”.

When friend of mine from Lululemon asked the Ambassadors for their thoughts/favorite quotes on Body Confidence… it got me thinking….

I have a few favorite quotes about “Honoring Your Body” and self acceptance. I wanted to post  a few for you this week. SHARE with me – what reminds you to LOVE your body?

“The irony of being a performer is that I have huge insecurities. People are shocked to hear that I think my legs are fat or I don’t like the way I look. We all have insecurities. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t…. My job is to CONQUER my fears” – Madonna

We all struggle with self acceptance and self love. This quote encourages us to be brave and support each other in learning to LOVE the body we have. I think of Madonna in moments when I’m not satisfied with what I see in the mirror.

Here’s a real Fearless Fitness challenge: CONQUER YOUR FEARS. Open your heart to self acceptance.

More on the way this week….. in the meantime, keep smiling I’ll see you soon!

Fearless Fitness Weekly Update 8/22: Take a HIKE!


1.) Upcoming Lululemon Athletica GRANT AVE Store Events:

*** YOGA ON THE ROOF is THIS WEEK, Wednesday August 25th. This event will take place on the 4th Floor Terrace at the W San Francisco (181 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103). Join us for a complimentary yoga session led by Sean Haleen, who teaches Anusara-inspired and Vinyasa Flow yoga. Yoga newbies and veterans alike are encouraged to bring their yoga mats and luxuriate in an invigorating, playful and introspective one-hour session that deeply explores specific areas of the body and the philosophy of yoga. This event continues every other Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. through the end of the year. As a special post-session treat, all participants are invited to take a dip in W San Francisco’s pool. Yoga sessions are open to hotel guests and the local community.

*** RUN CLUB! Join lululemon rockstars Jessica Iyer and Clay Turk for Run Club this Thursday night at 6pm. Plan for a great 5K or 10K run around the city with your friends from lululemon!

*** Sunday Morning YOGA! Please join us in our store at 9:30am for a complimentary yoga class! The class invites all abilities, ages, etc., to his class so don’t be shy! We have extra mats!

All events are free and lead by instructors of the Lululemon Grant Avenue family. If you have any questions, stop in the Union Square STORE and ask one of the helpful staff members!


Hiking the Grind in Vancouver with Lululemon!

One of the highlights of my trip to Vancouver with Lululemon was hiking the Grouse Grind with the other Ambassadors. The Grouse Grind is Vancouver’s most used trail and is renowned for its challenge in requiring physical strength and endurance in order to make it to the top. The short 1.8 mile hike is best known as “Mother Nature’s Stair Climber” – the trail goes straight up from the valley floor to the peak’s plateau at a 56% slope.  On average it takes up to an hour and a half to complete the hike….. some athletes have set a trail running record at 37 minutes!

The hike inspired this weeks challenge…. Hiking for Fitness!

An active outdoor lifestyle is a great way to stay fit, and hiking is an ideal way to get and stay in shape. Hiking helps to condition your major muscle groups and cardiovascular system.

  1. If you are new to hiking, start easy and set realistic goals. Take short walks around your neighborhood or on nature trails. Gradually lengthen your hikes. On your first long hike, start off slowly to avoid excess fatigue part way through.
  2. For longer day hikes bring plenty of water or high-energy drinks. Eat lots of healthy snacks throughout.
  3. Wear sturdy footwear that offers good traction and support.
  4. Bring a spare pair of socks in case the ones you’re wearing get wet.
  5. Pack extra layers. An average hike could take you from hot, humid or protected areas to cold and windy, exposed conditions within one to two hours.

Ready to get started? Here are a few helpful tips for you to plan your next hiking trip!


This week I challenge you to plan your next hiking adventure. There are hiking trails EVERYWHERE – all you’ve got to do is look! Here are a few excellent resources:

*** San Francisco Bay Area Hiker . This website has all the information you could ever need on hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sort hikes by difficulty level/location or read their blog for updates on the latest trails to discover.

*** Everything from easy day hikes to moderately strenuous hikes and extended overnight backpacking trips all over the United States. Find thousands of nature trails and interpretive trails, lake hikes and river hikes, hikes to viewpoints and mountain summits, urban hiking trails and backcountry treks – something for hikers of all abilities and experience levels, from the occasional day-hiker or nature walker to the seasoned hiker and long trail backpacker.

*** . Cute name huh? Comprehensive list of all  California trails and hikes.

*** Dont want to leave San Francisco?! Take a friend and head over to Telegraph hill for some steep incline walking. Grab a windbreaker and walk over the Golden Gate. Stroll down Chrissy Field and head up the Sand Stairs in Fort Point. Our windy city has trails…. you’ve just got to look!

I’ve got an Angel Island hike planned already….. where will you be walking?! Cant wait to hear all about your hiking adventures 🙂 As always, THANK YOU for being an amazing Fearless Family. If you have any comments and questions – feel free to email me. Hope to see you in a class or at the store soon!!


Lululemon Ambassadors Celebrating after our success on the Grouse Grind!

Reflections on my Adventure with Lululemon: A trip of Possiblity and Creation.

Community of Creation

By welcoming us to Vancouver, lululemon gave us not only a good time, but successful tools to build stronger businesses, communities, and more fulfilling lives. It was a great privilege and honor to be a part of the Ambassador Summit. An experience I will never forget. The synergy that was created by passionate professionals coming together was breathtaking; it was inspiring to be in so much positivity and possibility. A trip that will forever impact my life and (hopefully!) the lives of others.

Lululemon is an innovative and inspiring company because of it’s unique business practices. It is a company that truly lives by it’s meaningful manifesto and has built a business true to their positive community culture. Lululemon taught me that RELATIONSHIPS are the key to success – our relationships with ourselves and with others can be the catalyst for positive change in the world. The company fully supports community and personal growth through its business and maintains a practice of GIVING. Having the opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture of the company allowed Ambassadors to truly see what it MEANS to be a part of the lululemon family. It opened my eyes to limitless possibilities and challenged me to think “outside the box” for ways that I can contribute to my community. If I could sum up my experience in one word it would be “Possibility”. Lululemon teaches us that together we can “Be the Change we want to see in the world”.  And I’m following lululemon’s lead….. there’s NO limit on the possibility!

Read up on Lululemon and check out their MANIFESTO. Powerful stuff!


The lululemon athletica FIRST EVER AMBASSADOR SUMMIT. Speechless… So Speechless.

Lululemon and I were meant to Be! YOGA. LOVE . RUN . PEACE . Happiness 🙂

The First Ever Lululemon Ambassador Summit.


What an experience.

For the past few days I’ve been trying to write and reflect on the trip…. but have come to the realization that words simply won’t do it justice. When you bring together 130 talented yogies, fitness professionals, and athletes from all over the world in lululemon’s hometown of Vancouver – something GREAT is bound to happen. The experience was so powerful, moving, and momentous, it left me speechless. The people I connected with…. the lessons I learned…. the community we built… so much power, love, and life force. As fellow Ambassador and blogger Peggy McQueen shared, it was an experience “so powerful, it  might change my life … and yours … and those we meet … and those we love … our neighborhoods … our communities … and dare i say it? … the world.”

Im going to let the IMPACT of the Ambassador summit slowly sink in for a bit…. but I’ll be sure to share more about my trip as I process it! For now, I’ll let the photos do the talking 🙂 Enjoy!

Each morning we connected for a yoga, bootcamp, or run workout together! So fun!

Ambassador Summit 2010 Define Jacket. Ooo La La!

Early Morning yoga - Opening our hearts to the incredible experience!

Breathless Bootcamp outside the Sheraton Wall Center, Vancouver BC.


San Francisco Grant Avenue Manager Vivian Doan getting her run on with lululemon - Go girl!


Putting the WIND in wind sprints! Get it!

Stretch . Connect .

Trying to keep up with CrossFit Athlete Carey Kepler was NO easy feat!

Refreshed after a great early morning workout sesh at the Lululemon Ambassador Summit!

Grant Ave. Manager and I hiking the GROUSE GRIND!

The Team celebrating at the top of the Grind!

The Team celebrating at the top of the Grind!

Roomate and Yoga Goddess Katie Brauer - Most influential woman I met during my trip!

Off to Celebrate our last night in Vancouver together!

Final Dinner together at the Brock House in Vancouver

Classy Cupcakes

How cute are the Yoga mats?!

Dinner at Sunset

Final Speeches and Inspiration


After Party Tent Glow!

Having fun 🙂

A family that sweats together stays together!!

Hope you enjoyed the little photo recap from my trip! Cant wait to write and share more about it 🙂 If you want to read more…. check out these blog posts:

1. Whitney on preparing for her Half Marathon Race with the Ambassadors this week

2. Reflections from Ambassador Peg McQueen on her experience.

3. About the Ambassador Program at Lululemon

It was an HONOR and a privilege to be a part of the First Lululemon Ambassador Summit. I am  grateful for and inspired by this incredible family and company. Together we will work to ELEVATE the world from mediocrity to GREATNESS. I believe the possibilities are endless…..

Rise and Shine…. it’s Breakfast Time!

Good morning Sunshine… its BREAKFAST Time!

Whats one of the Healthy Habits I live by?

Always eat BREAKFAST and make it HEALTHY!

Here are a few Breakfast Benefits for you:

1 A better attention span, focus and better productivity at work, school or at home. More strength and endurance. Studies on those who work at labor type jobs have shown that those who do not eat breakfast are unable to work as hard until lunchtime and studies on children reveal that they are unable to complete school work.

2. Maintaining a healthy weight. People who skip breakfast are shown to choose less nutritious and convenience foods to curb their ravenous appetite. Poor eating habits lead to eating throughout the evening and calories are stored the evening hours as the metabolism slows down. Calories stored equals fat.

3. Essential nutrients. Many of us do not meet the essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed daily. i.e., calcium, iron, fiber and Vitamin B1. Skipping breakfast guarantees we will not get these essential nutrients.

4. Eating breakfast can reverse the effects of fasting: irritability and fatigue. That tone can last up to 16 hours. We’ve all had our cranky morning moments. You can beat the moody monster – you’ll feel a lot better with a morning meal to help you deal with the day!

5. Breakfast can help Lower cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Research has shown that people who eat breakfast consume less dietary cholesterol then do people who don’t eat breakfast.

6. Eating a healthy breakfast has been linked to better learning ability and memory functions.

7. Increase your metabolic rate. People who skip breakfast have a metabolic rate four to five percent below normal, which may lead to an expected weight gain of eight pounds per year (one pound every seven weeks).

8. Eating breakfast can have long term effects and prevent Obesity, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

9. Breakfast is YUMMY! Especially my favorite OATMEAL!

Rise and Shine…. it’s Breakfast Time!

How many days do you fit breakfast into your routine? Are you dedicated daily diner or do you get stuck in  the morning rush? I challenge you to enjoy a MINDFUL MORNING MEAL EVERY DAY.

How will you find the time? MAKE the time. Get up 15 minutes earlier. Pack something to eat on the road or when you first get to work. Prepare it the night before – I use my slow cooker and have oatmeal on warm 24-7. It’s nice to wake up a little earlier, sit down, and enjoy a peaceful meal before the day gets crazy.

Need ideas? Here are a few healthy morning options for you:

  1. Oatmeal. I make mine the night before so its ready to go! Check out my favorite OATMEAL RECIPE.
  2. Fresh berries, yogurt, granola
  3. Fruit, whole wheat toast, and peanut/almond/nut butter
  4. Scrambled eggs, egg whites, or tofu mixed with veggies and toast.
  5. Cottage Cheese and fruit
  6. Superfood Smoothie – try out my friend AMBER’s !
  7. Bannana with fresh almonds

A WHOLE WEEK’s worth of delicious morning treats! Now thats something WORTH waking up for!

Yours in health,


Staying Fit while you VACATION it!

Just because you’re vacationing this Summer doesn’t mean you have to leave your workouts behind. Making time for a modified exercise routine will actually make you feel better when traveling. Take this items with you and stay fit no matter where you go:

Caroline’s “In SHAPE” suitcase must haves:


-Ipod charger

-Running/Training Shoes

-weather appropriate workout clothes – dont forget socks!

-bathing suit, cap, goggles

Workout podcasts. I love the NIKE coaching workouts offered online at iTunes. 30-45 minute “SPORT MIXES” are special coaching mixes with music and voiceover instruction from athletes such as marathon legend Kara Goucher. There are great walk/run/strength training workouts you can do ANYWHERE. My favorites are Serena Williams “Interval Run” and Ok Go’s “Master the Treadmill” Mix. For more information on these mixes and where to find them click HERE

Workout DVDs /Videos. Prefer to do your workouts WITH someone while on vacation?! No problem! Check out my online workout videos and stay fit with me while traveling. These 10 minute “Take with you Anywhere” videos are perfect for when you are short on time or want to fit a quick sweat session in. Do them in the morning before your “busy” day of vacationing begins! You can find all of my videos at my online Youtube Channel. Let me know what you think!

Staying fit on vacation doesn’t need to be stressful or crazy. Keeping up with a modified fitness routine will give you more energy to enjoy traveling! Plan ahead, set realistic goals, and keep yourself and your suitcase in great SHAPE! Happy travels!

Hipster Fitness Playlist

YOGA ON THE ROOF with ambassador SEAN – dont miss the next one!

2. FEARLESS FITNESS TIP OF THE WEEK: “Hipster Fitness Playlist”

Need some Fitness Motivation this week? Power up your playlist with these hits and you’ll have a hard time sitting still! This one has a little bit of a “HIPSTER” feel….. but the mix makes sure to include a bit of everything for you. ENJOY!


1. Beautiful Day / U2
2. Rompe (Edited) / Daddy Yankee
3. The Seed (2.0) / The Roots & Cody Chestnutt
4. Tightrope (Feat. Big Boi) / Janelle Monáe
5. Heads Will Roll / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. Feel Good Inc / Gorrllaz
7. Woohoo (feat. Nicki Minaj) / Christina Aguilera
8. No You Girls / Franz Ferdinand
9. Gold Guns Girls / Metric
10. Crazy (Remix) / Gnarles Barkley ft. Kardinal & Remy Ma
11. Golddigger Ft. Jamie Foxxx / Kanye West
12. Over and Over / Hot Chip
13. Numb/Encore / Jay-Z ft Linkin Park
14. Revolver (feat. Lil Wayne) / Madonna
15. Temperature / Sean Paul
16. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These / Eurythmics
17. Commander (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) / Kelly Rowland
18. I See Right Through You / DJ Encore
19. Shut It Down (feat. Akon) / Pitbull


Nothing is more motivating to me than new MUSIC to move to. Dedicate a few minutes this week to putting together your own POWER playlist. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out my personal collection of SONGS …. maybe some of those will power you up too! Desperate to hear songs without ear phones? COME TO CLASS and we will sing to them together!

As always, THANK YOU for being an amazing Fearless Family. If you have any comments and questions – feel free to email me. Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you around lululemon soon!