25 minute Total Body Cardio Circuit Workout for Travel.


11167988_10103529205071573_6122773862921861746_nI just returned home from Arizona where I presented my “Thrive: Wellbeing on the Road” healthy business travel workshop for a Genentech’s sales team offsite company meeting. I was so excited to be there with the team and share my suggestions on staying healthy while traveling for business. I want to help make people’s work and travel lives feel better. I believe that fitness, nutrition, and stress management can be powerful lifestyle medicines that can prevent and treat stress related illnesses and burnout. My hope is that through my workshops and events participants can get real resources they can use to positively impact their wellness and lives. I believe with the right environment, resources, and support we can all thrive.

As glamorous as it may seem, business travel can often be exhausting and stressful. Keeping yourself in good shape allows you to function at your best but often fitting in exercise can feel like the last thing you have energy for. You feel better when you do it, but gosh its hard to make time and find motivation for it. This makes finding the resources that work for you crucial in being successful in maintaining your fitness while you travel.  One of my favorite tools to stay motivated to exercise while traveling is YouTube. There are so many FREE channels with a variety of workout videos to sample and having a motivated instructor to exercise with can make the world of difference. When you subscribe to your favorite channels, new videos are delivered into your email inbox every week making finding fresh workouts easy.  In fact, its one of the reasons I started my YouTube channel in 2008 – to support my friends in exercising while they were away from home. Since then, my channel has grown into a robust resource of no-equipment needed fitness, stretching, and self-massage videos aimed to help people stay healthy no matter where they are.

During my stay at the Wigwam in Arizona, I was inspired to film a high-intensity 25 minute total body cardio circuit to add to my YouTube collection. This intermediate/advanced workout doesn’t require any equipment and makes the most of every second. Its perfect for when you are short on time and want the best bang for your fitness buck. I designed it with the busy traveler in mind, but really its great for anyone up for a challenge. This workout is HARD! It will get you sweating, boost your metabolism, and give you the energy you need to tackle any life challenge. This total body cardio circuit includes:

– High knees
– Jumping Jacks
– Jogging
– Squat Hops
– Hop Turns
– Lunge Hops
– Skater Lunges
– Plank Jacks
– Mountain Climber Knees
– Burpees

I had a great time filming it and it made a huge difference in my energy levels on my trip. Remember, the above workout is advanced. Always check with your doctor to make sure these recommendations are right for you. Honor your body and be good to yourself. If you are new to fitness or just starting out, try out some of the other videos on my channel  before this one. There are playlists to guide you – choose one that sounds right for you and get moving!

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Filming this video was fun, but one thing it made me realize: I NEED A NEW VIDEO CAMERA! Believe it or not, I have been filming all of my YouTube videos with a little flip cam I received as a graduation gift in college. Somehow its lasted since 2008…. and its past time to retire it and upgrade! If you have any suggestions for video cameras I can purchase to continue to film valuable YouTube content with better production quality Im all ears. Comment below or send me your suggestions at: [email protected] . I love filming videos for you and Id love to make them better 🙂

Whats your favorite resource for staying fit while you travel? Leave your top travel tool as a comment below, Id love to try it out next time I travel too! Hope your travels continue to take you on great adventures and allow you to live the healthy, happy life you desire.

Yours in Health,


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