Best Seated Office Exercises For Energy and Performance

Instantly energize your work day and improve your performance with this quick routine of the best seated Office Exercises.

Best Office Exercises For Energy
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Putting in too much time in the chair is dangerous, yet so many of us are pulling crazy hours at work and our health is paying for it. Spending too much time sitting has been linked to a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, metabolic syndrome and earlier death. Not to mention the rising increase of desk job related injuries like: carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, wrist strain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, hip pain, and lower back pain.

We are built to move. It’s stress and not moving that is the hardest on our bodies and health long term.

Have you ever had an achy back from a long day of sitting? Or a serious headache from too much time staring at a computer screen? Lucky for you the solution is simple and doesn’t require a ton of time. I am here because I want to help you feel better. And I promise you: simply taking the time to move more will dramatically improve how your body feels.

Living a more active life starts with a mindset shift. You have to be willing to drop the all-or-nothing mindset and look for ways to get moving every chance you get. Exercise is not limited to your workouts. Don’t aim only to be active for 30 minutes three times a week—aim to integrate more activity into your daily life. Doing so will help keep you mobile, happy, and fit. You’ll be up for anything—a mover who can handle life’s challenges with ease.

I want to teach you some of my favorite Office Exercises that can be done anywhere for improved energy and performance. These simple movements can be integrated throughout your work day to ease tight, tense muscles and relieve stress. Use the entire video routine or pick your favorite exercises to mix into your busy day to help yourself be your best. I loved filming this routine for you and I hope it serves you in work, wellness, and life.

The Best Office Exercises for Energy and Performance Video Routine

Remember: Wellness is so much more than preventing disease and living longer. It’s the secret to thriving in work and being fully engaged in life. I believe personal well-being drives professional well-being. The healthier you are in your life, the better you are in your life.  

“We have been living under a collective delusion for a long while now that burnout is necessary for success, that if you really are serious about succeeding, building a company, climbing the career ladder, then you just have to accept that’s going to require burning the candle at both ends.”- Arianna Huffington

There is a more sustainable course to success — one that allows time for health, personal fulfillment, joy and giving back. In fact, prioritizing well-being and happiness can actually make you better at your job. You have time for a few quick exercises at work. By taking a little time for yourself and prioritizing your health you will find incredible benefits. 
I want to help you “work smarter not harder” to achieve both professional and personal goals. I am here to help you to continue to develop healthy habits that give you strength and allow you to take care of yourself so that you can thrive in work, wellness, and in life. Next time you are feeling tired or stressed at work, try this simple video routine of Office Exercises and let me know if it helps in the comments below. Make movement a priority in your work day and help yourself perform better.

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