Buff up your Body Image With This Body Love Strength Workout.

Want to build a stronger body image? Buff up your body image with this body love strength workout.

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Every time i look in the mirror I choose to celebrate what I’ve got vs. hate what Im not. Its a constant work in progress and somedays are easier than others. Love it what we are born with, self-criticism is what we’ve learned here. The only challenge greater than learning to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, is learning to walk a lifetime comfortably in your own.

In the body image obsessed world we live in today,  having a positive, confident body image is extremely challenging. You are constantly surrounded by the message that if you just had “six pack abs”, a “lean toned physique”, or a “brazillian booty” you’d be happy and successful. Well we all know thats NOT true, but if you are around anything enough it influences you.

You gotta work hard every day to choose self-love over self-hate. By accepting and loving yourself you can inspire others to do the same. Body confidence and self-love is a muscle, the more you work on it the stronger it gets. There’s no better time than right now — yep, right this very minute! — to get started on some serious body-love. Here are my “body love muscle” strength workout tips. Do a self-love mental pushup with these suggestions for success and REPEAT!

Buff up your Body Image with this Body Love Strength Workout (to be done daily times one million reps)

  • Stop the comparison or body bashing when it starts. Stay alert to fighting negative self-talk. Catch yourself when you find yourself saying, “I wish I had her this” or “Id rather look like that”. Nip it at the bud. Don’t build a habit of comparing yourself to others. You are you and that is that. Work to be the best possible YOU vs trying to be a second rate version of someone else. When that little voice of doom pops up in your mind trying to remind you how horrible you think you are, have a strategy for turning those negatives to positives. No one is perfect! When you find yourself being self critical immediately stop and turn your talk around.
  • Talk it out. Feeling bummed about your body? Talk to a friend, coach, or kind ear about it! Getting your feelings out in the open will help you 1. realize they are just thoughts and 2. work to do something positive about them. Thoughts become things – when you bring them out in the open by talking them out with a friend you can help them grow into positive things vs. allowing them to drive you crazy keeping them inside.
  • Become a critical viewer of social and media messages.  Pay attention to images, slogans, or attitudes that make you feel bad about yourself or your body. You have to learn to shield yourself from the constant negative media and culture messages. Look at magazines, tv, fitness images, and other sources of “social image pressure” that make you feel badly about your body image and GET RID of your exposure to them! If you can’t get rid of them, put your blinders on. Be a conscious consumer at all times and protect your mental health with the images you choose to be around.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.  It is easier to feel good about yourself and your body when you are around others who are supportive and who recognize the importance of liking yourself just as you naturally are. Friends don’t let friends engage in “fat talk” or “body shaming”. If you catch your social circle obsessing or stressing about image in a negative way, bring attention to it and ask to STOP it. That talk is toxic.
  • MOVE your body. Exercise not only changes your BODY. It changes your MIND, your ATTITUDE and your MOOD. Movement therapy is something that helps improve everyone’s sense of being. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. Move to generate positive energy, sweat out negative energy, and to be healthy. Being active is one of the best ways to support your health and enjoy life!
  • STOP defining yourself with numbers. You are not your weight. You are not your body fat percentage. You are not your mile speed. You are not your bra size. You are SO SO much more than a number. Don’t give power to or allow numbers to define you. Remember: the scale LIES anyway so why trust it’s judgement or give it’s values power over your mental health, emotional health, and life?? At the end of your life are you really going to remember the numbers? NO. You are going to remember the quality of your life based off how you lived it. And being obsessed with the scale is not a happy way spend your days.
  • Work the Gratitude. Snap out of a negative body funk by giving THANKS for your body. YOUR BODY IS AMAZING. Its a miracle. Its a gift. Stop focusing on the one thing its not and start celebrating all the wonderful things it IS. Appreciate all that your body can do.  Every day your body carries you closer to your dreams.  Celebrate all of the amazing things your body does for you—running, dancing, breathing, laughing, dreaming, etc. Appreciating all that you have to be grateful for is one the very best ways to remember that you’re so very lucky to be uniquely YOU. Your body is the most incredible instrument you will ever own, stay thankful always.
  • Do Some GOOD. Use the time and energy that you might have spent worrying about food, calories, and your weight to do something to help others.  Sometimes reaching out to other people can help you feel better about yourself and can make a positive change in our world.
  • Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue what you want. I do believe it is possible to love yourself and work on self improvement, when the intention for change comes from a compassionate place vs a place of criticism or self hate. When you accept and love yourself and your body, you know that whatever healthy changes you are making isn’t to change a part of you. It isn’t coming from a place of, “There’s something wrong with me, and I need to fix it.” It’s coming from a place of, “I’m enhancing my life. This healthy choice is good for my mind, body, and spirit.”
  • Look at yourself as a whole person.  When you see yourself in a mirror or in your mind, choose not to focus on specific body parts.  See yourself as you want others to see you–as a whole person with a healthy mind, heart, and soul <3
  • Remind yourself that “true beauty” is not simply skin deep.  When you feel good about yourself and who you are, you carry yourself with a sense of confidence, self-acceptance, and openness that makes you beautiful regardless of whether you physically look like a supermodel.  Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of your body.

Do you work on your positive body image, self-confidence, and self-esteem? Leave a comment below and let me know one way you strengthen your body love muscle.

Be the change in a world full of body-hate. Lead by example. BE YOURSELF, ACCEPT YOURSELF, VALUE YOURSELF, FORGIVE YOURSELF, BLESS YOURSELF, EXPRESS YOURSELF, TRUST YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, EMPOWER YOURSELF. You are you and that is that – no apologies or regrets. You get one body and one life – work to love it and have a healthy relationship with it (imperfections included!). Be positive, be present, this is your LIFE. Don’t wait. Love your body now and live every second in gratitude, health, and happiness. You can’t be real if you are trying to be perfect, and you can’t be authentically YOU either. Be you, be real, be amazing.

Sending you love and light. Keep working those body image push-ups, you’re doing great.


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