All Levels Chair Yoga Routine For Injury, Disability, Or Stretching At Work.

Ground your mind and body with this short, all levels Chair Yoga Routine. Perfect for all levels and abilities, Chair Yoga a great way to relax from head to toe without the stress of weight bearing. This routine can help you stay active when recovering from an injury or when sneaking in a few stretches at the office. Press play and give your body a feel good Chair Yoga flow that will lengthen your muscles and calm your mind in minutes.

Chair Yoga Routine
Chair Yoga Routine

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Hi My Friend,

How is your body feeling today? Are you feeling stiff, tight, or tense? How is your mindset? Tired, stressed, or depressed? I’ve got just the thing to help you feel better fast – and you dont even have to get up from your seat.

When I’m feeling on edge, I like to sneak in a few Chair Yoga poses. Perfect for days when you don’t have a lot of time, Chair Yoga can help you stay strong, flexible, and calm. It’s also an incredible way to maintain your yoga practice when dealing with an injury or illness. Chair Yoga can help you stay fit no matter what life brings you next… and you don’t even have to stand up.

What Is Chair Yoga?

So what exactly IS Chair Yoga? Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available.

Who Can Do Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for people with mobility issues, including elderly people and those with disabilities. It’s also great for people wanting to sneak in a couple of stretches at work in the office. The best part about Chair Yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. All you need is a chair!

What are the Benefits of Chair Yoga?

Yoga has been shown to improve overall health, prevent and (even in some cases) reverse disease when practiced regularly as a lifestyle. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it can therefore lend its benefits to those with mobility issues. Here are some of them:

  • Improved Strength. You can build strength and fitness from a regular Chair Yoga practice. Just try this video below and tell me how your upper body strength improves from our chair chaturanguas!
  • Improved Flexibility. Chair yoga can help people with mobility issues improve their flexibility so that they can keep up with daily life activities.
  • Improved proprioception. Chair yoga can improve proprioception, which is the skill of knowing where your body is in space, and coordinating your movements accurately. This is particularly important for elderly people and can prevent falls. For people with disabilities or conditions such as MS, it may mean having greater control over your body and its movements.
  • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity. Chair yoga can lessen the impact of chronic illnesses and pain. It can also help people cope with feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. Being calmer and more relaxed inevitably leads to a greater feeling of happiness and well-being.
  • Improved stress and pain management. The practice of Chair Yoga includes breath work, which can help people not only with stress management but also with coping and managing pain. Through meditation and paying attention to your breath, you can help your body and mind to cope with the pain of an illness or condition you may suffer with.

Motivated to move yet? Take a seat and give this short, sweet Chair Yoga routine a try. Whether you’re in a confined space, you have mobility issues, or you’re just looking for a few feel-good stretches to melt away tension, this series of seated yoga exercises can be a great addition to your daily routine. In this video you will move through a sequence of seated yoga postures like seated warrior two, seated side angle, seated spine twist, and seated forward fold.

Before starting any new physical activity, you should consult your healthcare provider. These poses are suitable for most people, including seniors, those living with chronic pain and those who use a wheelchair.  But ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Listen to your body and move mindfully.

Get ready to stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and exhale the stress away. Press play.

Short All Levels Chair Yoga Routine For Injury, Disability, Or Stretching At Work.

This video is designed to help you feel GOOD. I hope this video serves you in feeling your very best and in living without stress. If you are recovering from an injury and need even more support, I have a FULL guide to staying fit, healthy, and positive while you recover. Check it out and stay in great shape with me here: Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program . 

When life throws you a challenge or an obstacle, take it one day and one breath at a time. If you can breathe, you can handle anything. And I’m always here for you my friend.



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  1. Suffering with a torn tendon. Surgery within a week., but I have started exercising with your hurt foot videos on YouTube. Great program and I look forward to continuing after the surgery. Any tips on that first week after surgery? Thanks.

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