Fix Your Neck and Upper Back.

Do you have neck or upper back pain that won’t go away? Read this post with helpful tips on how to fix your neck or upper back pain.

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Do you have nagging neck or upper back pain that won’t seem to go away? Yea, I’ve got a bit of it too. Frustrating! It could be caused by a number of things: tight muscles, weak muscles, stress, muscular imbalance, or maybe the after effects of a tough workout. But the one thing I believe causes it the most? All of our time on TECH.

Think about it. You sit at a desk and work on a computer. As the day goes on and work demands climb, your posture goes out the window. Your phone has become attached to your hand. You constantly text and are addicted to instagram (Im right there with you). You finish extra emails on the commute to work and the corporate shuttle seats cause you to slouch. Looking down at a screen has become a normal thing. You spend 80% of your day with your chin down, shoulders rolled in, and upper back in a dome.

No wonder your neck hurts! Whats the solution? MOVEMENT. A muscle in tension stays in tension until you change its position. Want to get rid of your neck pain? Unplug for a second and move around.

You are not alone. 99% of my corporate clients struggle with nagging pain in their upper back, neck, and shoulders. I want to help you FEEL better. And I promise you: simply taking the time to move will dramatically improve how your body feels.

If you work at a desk and/or spend a lot of time on tech, I’ve got a habit you can create to get rid of upper back and neck pain in your life. Here’s my secret, are you ready to feel better yet?

Movement Program for a Happy Neck and Upper Back: 

    • Do small movements every 40-60 minutes. There are SO many ways to move more without even standing up. The video gives you simple stretches you can do while sitting at your desk to fix your neck and upper back.

    • Do large movements every 90-120 minutes. Get up and walk, take the stairs, march in place… whatever works. Doesn’t need to take more than 5 minutes. Just get your body moving.
    • Use the yoga tune up therapy balls as often as possible to soothe tight muscles and improve mobility. You can use them right at your desk or against your office wall. The video below demonstrates how you can use the yoga tune up therapy balls against a wall to self massage tight upper back and shoulder muscles. There are more video ideas and resources on my YouTube channel.

  • Never go 2 hours without moving. You can do it!
  • Set aside specific times to unplug from your tech and enjoy your life. Its happening outside of the screen 🙂

If you dont make your body a priority it will get really cranky. I believe that if you follow my suggestions above, your upper back and neck will start to feel happy fast. Every week I post a new youtube video to inspire movement wherever you are. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get videos delivered into your email inbox (for FREE) to motivate you to move more and feel your best. You deserve to feel good and live without pain.

Till next time, keep moving 🙂


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