Fix Tight Calves. Free stretching and self massage video to feel better fast

Do you have Tight Calves? Tension in your feet, ankles, or toes? Try this quick, effective stretching and self massage video to ease tension, get rid of pain, and feel better fast!

tight calves
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Fix Tight Calves with this exercise video routine.

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The other day my friend called complaining about nagging ankle pain. “It hurts when I run, jump, and take group fitness class. I’ve tried everything and I cant seem to get rid of it!” . “How tight are your calves?” I asked him. “Thats a good question…. probably pretty tight!”. I advised him to stretch and roll his calves and feet, then report back with an update. Within a few days he got back to me, “Man that calf rolling really made a difference! The ankle pain is almost completely gone. Im going to keep up with the rolling until Im pain free. Great advice!”

Im not saying that rolling out your Tight Calves will solve all of your problems…. but it will probably help!

Tight Calves muscles cause poor movement patterns and are bad news for any type of exercise or fitness routine. But you can prevent pain, improve performance, and help your calf muscles function at their best with regular self massage. Be preventative! Take time to release tight, sore, tense calves so that you can run, cycle, jump, and enjoy the activities you love PAIN FREE. I filmed this 12 minute massage video so that you can take care of your calves before they cause you problems. These exercises are designed as physical therapy to help you massage and stretch your calf muscles for healthy calves, feet, toes, ankles, and shins. In this free massage routine you’ll learn exercises you can do before and after exercise to prevent injury and improve performance. This video uses a yoga tune up ball (or tennis ball, lacrosse ball, soft ball, ANY ball) and a yoga block to perform self massage techniques. If you don’t own yoga tune up therapy balls, its really easy to purchase them online here: Yoga Tune Up Jill Miller’s Therapy Balls. They are worth EVERY penny! You will use them and feel amazing 🙂

Help for Tight Calves. 12 minute stretching and foam rolling video 

*** Disclaimer: Know that foam rolling a tight muscle may cause discomfort. This usually means the area NEEDS attention. Work at it slowly. Roll back and forth in small movements or simply apply pressure to create a release. Each time you use your foam roller makes the next time a little bit easier. Just don’t forget to BREATHE! This video is not meant to diagnose or treat injury or illness. As always: Check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor and listen to your body ALWAYS! ***

One way to keep your body strong, flexible, and pain free is to perform self massage, mobilization, and physical therapy techniques regularly. Leave me a comment below if you try this Tight Calves video and let me know how you feel! I hope these massage and physical therapy moves keep your calves healthy and  body feeling good.

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Till next time… keep rolling!


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2 Replies to “Fix Tight Calves. Free stretching and self massage video to feel better fast”

  1. This video was awesome! My ankles were hurting a bunch, and I was wondering why – this answered it. I’m also a runner; I’d love to see additional videos devoted to stretching the hamstrings and IT bands (if they don’t exist already).

    1. Hi Tom! Thank you so so much for your comment! Are you a subscriber to my Caroline Jordan Fitness YouTube Channel? I have many IT band and hamstring videos to help you! Use google to type in a search for a specific video OR check out the channel playlists for ideas on what you might try next! Thanks for joining the train positive community online! Cant wait to share another video with you soon 🙂

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