High Heel Hangover Help. Instant Relief For Sore, Tired, Feet!

Avoid a High Heel hangover with these simple foot care exercises and fitness tips for pain relief and happier, healthier feet.

High Heel Pain Relief
High Heel Pain Relief

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*** Disclaimer: The exercises in these videos are not exclusively for women who wear High Heels. These video routines are designed to help anyone develop a regular foot, ankle, and shin strength and flexibility exercise regimen. The workout videos below can help you if you suffer from: Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Foot pain, calluses, bunions, foot cramps, shin splints, metarsalgia, morton’s neruoma, toe flexor tendonitis, claw toes, tight calf muscles, calf spasms, and even lower back pain. As always, please check with your doctor before starting any exercise regimen, be good to your body and honor your personal needs¬†***

High Heels are kind of like alcohol…. you know they aren’t that good for you… yet it doesn’t stop you from putting on a pair. For the few and the strong-willed who swear off cute shoes, major props to you. For the rest of us who are suffering in style… this post is for you. Hey the higher the heel the closer to god….. may the peace of the shoe be with you ūüėČ

What wearing high heels does to your body

  • High heels push the center of mass in the body forward, taking the hips and spine out of alignment. Lifting your heels up to unnatural heights¬† throws your balance out the door, and you compensate by adjusting your back, hips, and shoulders. In the long run, bad posture will cause terrible lower back pain, leg pains, and headaches.
  • Wearing high heels may also be linked to knee osteoarthritis, a painful, degenerative joint disease characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage surrounding the knee, because when women wear heels, it puts repetitive pressure and stress on the knee joint. The thing is, it takes a while to feel the effects of knee osteoarthritis, but once you do, it’s too late to undo the damage you’ve already done.
  • High heels may make legs look longer, but as the heel height goes up, so does the pressure on the forefoot. This added pressure may cause long-term effects such as inflamed nerves and ligaments, shortened Achilles tendon and calf muscles, hammertoes, bunions, corns, ingrown toenails.
High Heel Pain Relief
High Heel Pain Relief

High Heels Hurt. Here’s what you can¬†do about it (and no don’t throw your¬†christian louboutin heels away just yet):

The best thing to do is to moderate how often you wear high heels. Look to wear flats, or alternate every other day between heels and comfy shoes. Wearing heels occasionally for a night out or a special event won’t do too much damage. However, if worn for a prolonged period of time, high heel shoes can have serious effects on the feet and lower legs. If you are anything like me and just not quite ready to throw in the towel on your favorite pair of stilettos, then follow the below exercise videos below for instant¬†High Heel Hangover foot pain relief.¬†These simple stretches and mobility exercises are designed to help heal your feet and ankles after a long day (or night) walking in High Heels. These free video routines do not require any equipment and can be done anywhere. The foot and ankle stretches can improve your¬†joints’ mobility and prevent stiffness that can inhibit your ability to move. Stretches also help prevent pain and other related foot or¬†lower leg problems. Done consistently, these videos will help you strengthen your feet and provide relief from the pain that comes from wearing high heels. I recommend doing these techniques multiple times a week for maximum relief.

High Heel Hangover Exercise Video. Relief for sore, tired, feet

Foot and Ankle Exercise Video Playlist. Workouts to Support Stronger, Healthier Feet and Ankles. 

10 Minute Foot Massage Exercise Video for quick, easy, foot pain relief.

This video uses the Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls to relieve tight, tense foot and ankle muscles. You can get your own set of Yoga Tune Up Balls here.

Let me know if the above videos help your tired feet feel better after wearing High Heels in the comments below. You have my permission to¬†strut your stuff in your favorite pair of pumps. Just don’t forget to give yourself a little bit of self-love afterwards.¬†

In health (and heels),


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