Testimonials and Client Reviews

Testimonials and Client Reviews

Here’s what clients are saying about working with me!

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“Caroline is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She lights up the room, and people are naturally drawn to her positive attitude. Her energy is contagious. The world needs more Caroline Jordan.” —Sarah Clifford Kaney, friend, class participant, Recruiting Lead- Finance

“Wherever you are in your fitness goals, Caroline meets you there and shows you how far you can go. Whether you’re on a bike, a plane, or a conference call, she knows how to keep your body happy, healthy, and hungry for more challenges. Above all, she inspires you to be grateful for your health, to love your body, and to strive to reach your full potential.” —Mia Campitelli, friend and coaching client

“Caroline’s positive energy and passion for fitness are infectious! She truly has a gift for helping people establish their own health and wellness plan as well as providing the tools in order for people to be their best, happy self!” —Jennifer Glatzer, Occupational Therapist at Stanford

“Caroline’s positive outlook on fitness has me viewing workouts as something good for my body and mind, rather than something I have to do to burn off dessert or look better on the beach. Caroline taught me that fitness is not about what your body looks like—it’s about what your body can do. The immense joy she exudes as my fitness coach has in turn made me stronger, fitter, and feeling great both inside and out.” —Sally French, coaching client and Digital Editor, Dow Jones Media Group

“Caroline doesn’t know me, and I don’t know her (I am one of her Youtube subscribers). Although we’ve never met in person, she is one of my best friends. She finds me ‘virtually’ whenever I need a pick-me-up or a little extra motivation. Her super-cheery disposition and attitude to health and happiness spread joy far beyond those who have the pleasure of being with her in person.” —Eva Wisenbeck, Youtube Subscriber

“Caroline Jordan is the epitome of inspirational: she is genuine, cheerful, encouraging, deliberate, passionate, and more enthusiastic than several people I know combined. She is truly a bright spot in the fitness and wellness community, inspiring people to do more, be more, and live more while pursuing health, happiness, and wellness. Caroline is one of the most authentic people I have had the pleasure of knowing, and she genuinely cares about her world and the people in it, while also striving to carve out her place and make her mark. This unique balance is truly remarkable.” —Jennifer Kirchhofer, Friend, Fan, Class Participant, and Marketing Professional

“Caroline Jordan always carries herself with positive energy and a can-do attitude. This is why I keep coming back to her for fitness guidance.” —Naomi Han, RN and coaching client

“In her weekly group fitness classes, Caroline has taught me to find happiness in tough situations. It is happiness that lasts beyond class time and does more than make me smile—it empowers me to internalize positive messages that quite simply enable me to tackle difficult issues, increasingly stronger each time. Caroline shares the positivity and supplies the tools for you to upgrade your own life. That makes her encouraging, nonjudgmental of others’ paths toward optimism, and surely worth following as long as she keeps teaching.” —Sabrina Kippur, MS, Certified Pilates Instructor

“Caroline embodies all that is inspiration. After knowing her from a fitness angle from various workout classes and using her as a consultant for a charity running team, I had the privilege of hosting Caroline at the Junior League of San Francisco as a speaker for a training and development course. Caroline spoke not just about how to keep your body healthy but also about how to achieve your goals, both personal and professional, by laying out a plan and applying smart tactics. She is a true lifestyle guru who is able to break down goals, problems, and issues into achievable steps to help you become the person you want to be. The thirty-plus attendees left inspired and ready to take on the new year with style and elegance, just like Caroline herself! Should you have the opportunity to work with Caroline, or have her speak at an event, I wouldn’t pass it up—she will set you on the path to being the best version of yourself.” —Kelly Keele, Assistant Director of Prospect Research, Stanford University

“This girl rocks. Her enthusiasm for life and fitness is contagious, and she always has a smile and a kind, encouraging word to offer. All around, Caroline is an awesome person and an awesome inspiration.” —Heather S, wellness client.

“Caroline has been an inspiration to me for the ten-plus years that I have been a member at Equinox. She is always smiling and enthusiastic. Her disposition is always sunny, and it is genuine. She practices what she preaches in the way she lives her life. She is a pleasure to work with and definitely gives you your money’s worth.” —Nancy Raabe, class participant and community member

“Caroline Jordan has endless valuable tools and tips that are easy to implement and that make a difference. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for living a better life will keep you coming back for more.” —Hal Rosenberg, DC, CCSP, Sports Chiropractic

“Caroline: Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a positive influence in my life! Each day I have a moment with you in it to remind me to live life in love, either sweating in spin class or reading your Sunday newsletter, is a lucky day! Your positive attitude and spirit help me through long days at work, or whatever else I’m getting through at the moment, to remind me to take time for myself.” —Rose Kelly, fitness class participant and community member

“‘POSITIVE ENERGY. POSITIVE RESULTS.’ With that strong and truthful philosophy, Caroline Jordan has captivated my mind and heart. Caroline is truly living her positive philosophy and is inspiring, fascinating, and motivating people. She is an excellent teacher and coach with a magnetic quality to pull out the magnificence in people. She enables people to fulfill their dreams and to reach their goals, and she shows you the most important ways to feel energized and to create a mind and a body to love yourself. In her cooperative workshops she provides the key steps for a better work–life balance and helps you understand how to increase your quality of life. She has great charisma, she’s infectiously good-humored, and she spreads happiness and joy. Of course, there are also bad days and times in a person’s life, but in these phases she also nimbly accepts the current situation, but she doesn’t allow negative thoughts to pull her down. There is always a solution, and everything happens for a reason. She helps you to find out and to strengthen your access to your mental and physical self.” —Anna Kemph, Health and Wellness coach and colleague

“Caroline’s energy and passion for fitness are contagious. She has a gift for helping people use health as a platform to achieve every life goal.” —Lisa Kant, friend and coaching client

“Within the first month of working with Caroline, my mental strength reached a whole new level of fitness. Thank you, Caroline, for all your positivity and strength week after week, day after day.” —Katie McKernan, coaching client