Month: December 2022

Lower Your Blood Sugar Quickly 10 Minute Routine FT Nutrisense

Exercise To Lower Your Blood Sugar Quickly 10 Minute Routine.

Burn excess glucose, lower a glucose spike, stabilize blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity… all in 10 minutes? Yup. Get ready to lower your blood sugar quickly with this 10-minute low-impact routine. I’m Caroline Jordan your certified health and fitness coach and this video is what I call a “micro workout” full of compound movements guaranteed …

December 26, 2022
Pilates mini ball lower body workout

Pilates mini ball workout lower body (KNEE FRIENDLY) 15 Minute Follow Along

SCULPT, TONE, & TRIM your lower body with this minute PILATES mini ball lower body workout. Use a mini ball to help fire muscles and get stronger at home! The addition of a Pilates mini ball adds interest and challenge to your everyday movements. This lower body pilates mini ball workout is designed to help …

December 20, 2022
15 min low impact indoor walking workout

15 min low impact indoor walking workout (ONE MILE CHALLENGE )

Walk with me! Let’s get moving at home and boost our energy, fitness, and health with this uplifting 15 minute low impact indoor walking workout. Put your favorite music on in the background and double-knot your shoelaces. Press play on the video below. You can do this! Let’s get started! This fast low impact indoor …

December 5, 2022