Chair Fitness Live Workouts! August 2021 Virtual Program. Join Us!

Chair Fitness Live Workouts

Are you looking to get fit, lose weight, get strong, improve muscular endurance, and feel energized for life? Maybe you feel stuck or struggle to find workouts that meet your body’s needs or dont make your joints hurt….. You cant jump around or run marathons, but you want to exercise consistently and feel the benefits of more regular movement medicine. What are your options?

Im so excited to share the launch of  my Chair Fitness Live Workout August program. If you love my chair exercise videos, you are in for a real treat this August! Ive designed a comprehensive chair exercise program for ALL levels, especially for individuals who have complications standing during a fitness regimen. This includes senior citizens, people with balance deficits, injuries, disabilities, or suffering from health conditions like obesity, arthritis, or fibromyalgia. My August Chair Workout Challenge program is designed to deliver a fun interactive workout that uplifts participants while providing a total body workout. Each week Ill meet with you with a fresh new Chair Workout and train you to see incredible results from the comfort of your seat!

Here are the details:

  • 1x a week LIVE group chair class taught via ZOOM with yours truly. Join me in real time alongside others who will cheer you on during our group workout.
  • Feeling Shy? Keep your camera off if you’d prefer or keep it on so I can check your form and give you personalized suggestions. You can choose to participate in the class as you like!  
  • Can’t make the LIVE class at the scheduled time and date? The class will be available to view on my site afterwards, so youll still be able to enjoy my fresh new chair workouts on this page : Note: the videos will NOT be available on Youtube. They will be exclusive to this site and those that participate in the live class or re-play.
  • Enroll in one class or choose to register for them all, there are 5 different chair workouts in the August Chair Workout program. 
  • If you commit to ALL classes you get a discount (one class free!) . Consistency is the key to seeing results and I want you to get the best bang for your buck. Enroll in the entire August program and commit to greatness with the chair fitness challenge package here: 
  • You will be sent a personal link to the zoom to your email prior to class.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No cancels or switches.
  • Cost is $25 per person taking class. The more the merrier, but please make sure each person taking class is signed up.
  • The Chair Fitness Challenge virtual program will ONLY be offered in August 2021, reserve your spot now and join us! 

The August Chair Fitness challenge program is for all levels, please invite a friend to enroll with you!

Need the registration link? Its right here : 

I cant wait to meet you and see you LIVE for some uplifting chair workouts! Let me teach you how to get amazing physical results in my no impact Chair Workouts. You deserve to feel great. Lets DO this!


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