Floor Abs Workout. 20 Minute Home Exercise Routine To Shape Your Stomach

Sculpt and shape a tight stomach with this 20 minute floor abs workout. A quick home fitness routine to work your core from all angles.

floor abs workout

Sometimes you’ve just gotta stop, drop, and sculpt. An at-home fitness fix—specifically a floor abs workout—is easy to execute, especially when it involves minimal equipment. Plus, if you do them right, you can be finished and on to the next to-do in under 20 minutes.

Did you know, when you strengthen your abs it helps your body have better posture, prevent injuries, and perform better in sports (and daily life!)? Talk about benefits! Its best to try and perform floor ab exercises every week for the best long term results.

In this floor abs workout video, Ill lead you through my favorite moves that will help you carve a toned stomach and strengthen your core. The best part? All you need is a will to get to work (and, OK, maybe a yoga mat, too). Get ready to get sweaty and press play!

As always, please check with a doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body and move mindfully.

Floor Abs Workout. 20 Minutes to a sculpted stomach

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Now go take your strong abs out into the world and kick butt! Proud of you for rocking that floor abs workout.

Love and squats,


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