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I offer a variety of services for individuals and companies to improve their well being, including custom coaching, influencer marketing, events, and corporate wellness.
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Caroline has this dynamite personality that makes you want to get up, get out, and do something. She makes you feel like elite fitness is not only achievable but almost an inevitability.
Caroline embodies all that is inspiration. I had the privilege of hosting Caroline at Stanford as a speaker for a training and development course. She is a true lifestyle guru.
If given the chance to work with Caroline again I would do so in an instant and am always delighted when our paths cross. Her commitment to fitness and wellness is unbeatable.
Liz S.
Caroline’s energy and passion for fitness is so inspiring. She has a gift for helping people understand simple ways to implement a healthy lifestyle. The Wellbeing class she presented to our team was empowering.
Caroline was one of our first Fitbit Local ambassadors and helped pave the way to grow the program to a national scale. Her upbeat can-do attitude makes her an asset to the team. Caroline is making a positive impact on people’s lives.
Wherever you are in your goals, Caroline meets you there and shows you how far you can go. Above all, she inspires you to be grateful for your health, to love your body, and to strive to reach your full potential.
Mia C.

For the Individual

  • In-person one-on-one coaching
  • Virtual one-on-one coaching
  • Custom lifestyle programs
  • Private fitness & wellness events
  • Online wellness products & programs`

For Companies & Brands

  • Corporate wellness consulting
  • Corporate wellness events (both on and off site)
  • Influencer marketing (social media & custom content)
  • Public speaking & special events
  • Brand ambassador services