15 min low impact indoor walking workout

15 min low impact indoor walking workout (ONE MILE CHALLENGE )

Walk with me! Let’s get moving at home and boost our energy, fitness, and health with this uplifting 15 minute low impact indoor walking workout. Put your favorite music on in the background and double-knot your shoelaces. Press play on the video below. You can do this! Let’s get started! This fast low impact indoor …

December 5, 2022

Strong Bones Workout Total Body Follow Along Strength Routine (30 Minutes!)

Are you looking for an exercise routine that will help you build strong bones? Join me for this 30 minute strong bones workout which will help improve bone density, body composition, performance, and healthspan. Most people are familiar with many of the benefits of exercise, such as improving muscle strength and endurance, reducing the risk …

October 31, 2022
Best Pain Free Exercise For Hurt Shoulder Part 1 Hurt Shoulder Ab Workout

Best Pain Free Exercise For Hurt Shoulder Part 1: Hurt Shoulder Ab Workout

If you have a hurt shoulder and you are looking for a safe routine to stay fit while you recover, you are in the right place. Im your certified health and fitness coach here to guide you through a workout full of exercises that can be performed without any pressure on your shoulders or upper …

October 3, 2022