Chair Barre

Chair Barre Low Impact Total Body Workout (BEGINNER-FRIENDLY BALLET INSPIRED!)

My low impact Chair Barre Workout is fun, fast-paced and efficient. Its a beginner friendly dance inspired routine that you can do at home. You’ll sculpt long, lean muscles while protecting your joints and improving your coordination. All you need is a chair and your favorite playlist! One benefit of my Chair barre-style workout is …

September 13, 2021
sore muscle stretch

Sore Muscle Stretch Routine | Sore Muscle Relief Stretch (DO THIS AFTER WORKOUT!)

Are you struggling with a serious “workout hangover”? Try this quick 15 minute sore muscle stretch routine to soothe tired muscles and feel better! Having Sore Muscles is common after a workout and its usually a good sign that you are getting stronger.  Minor aches and pains are simply indications that muscles are adapting to …

August 30, 2021
total body cardio and strength workout

30 minute Total Body Low Impact Cardio + Strength Workout With Weights (BOOST YOUR METABOLISM!)

Strengthen and define your muscles with this 30-minute total body low impact cardio and strength workout with weights. This video uses compound weight training moves (aka strengthening exercises where you’re using more than one muscle group at the same time) for an effective, functional full-body routine. It’s what I call a “get the best bang …

August 9, 2021
low impact lower body

Low Impact Lower Body HIIT Workout. No Equipment No Repeats.

This low impact lower body routine will get your heart pumping quickly and efficiently, while still strengthening your muscles—especially your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip abductors, the smaller glute muscles along the sides of your butt. Like many HIIT-based routines, this lower body HIIT workout uses longer work periods interspersed with shorter rest intervals to keep …

August 2, 2021
ankle strengthening exercises

Ankle Strengthening Exercises No Equipment. Ankle Stability Workout For Injury Prevention + Performance

Keeping your ankles strong and stable is essential, yet many people wait until they get injured to exercise this area. Want to prevent painful problems before they happen? Keep reading. If you need help keeping your ankles strong to prevent injury and perform at the top of your game, I have designed a comprehensive follow …

July 26, 2021
Chair Fitness Live Workouts

Chair Fitness Live Workouts! August 2021 Virtual Program. Join Us!

Are you looking to get fit, lose weight, get strong, improve muscular endurance, and feel energized for life? Maybe you feel stuck or struggle to find workouts that meet your body’s needs or dont make your joints hurt….. You cant jump around or run marathons, but you want to exercise consistently and feel the benefits …

July 21, 2021