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All Levels Chair Yoga Routine For Injury, Disability, Or Stretching At Work.

Ground your mind and body with this short, all levels Chair Yoga Routine. Perfect for all levels and abilities, Chair Yoga a great way to relax from head to toe without the stress of weight bearing. This routine can help you stay active when recovering from an injury or when sneaking in a few stretches at the office. Press play and give your body a feel good Chair Yoga flow that will lengthen your muscles and calm your mind in minutes.

Chair Yoga Routine

Chair Yoga Routine

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Hi My Friend,

How is your body feeling today? Are you feeling stiff, tight, or tense? How is your mindset? Tired, stressed, or depressed? I’ve got just the thing to help you feel better fast – and you dont even have to get up from your seat.

When I’m feeling on edge, I like to sneak in a few Chair Yoga poses. Perfect for days when you don’t have a lot of time, Chair Yoga can help you stay strong, flexible, and calm. It’s also an incredible way to maintain your yoga practice when dealing with an injury or illness. Chair Yoga can help you stay fit no matter what life brings you next… and you don’t even have to stand up.

What Is Chair Yoga?

So what exactly IS Chair Yoga? Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available.

Who Can Do Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga can be incredibly beneficial for people with mobility issues, including elderly people and those with disabilities. It’s also great for people wanting to sneak in a couple of stretches at work in the office. The best part about Chair Yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. All you need is a chair!

What are the Benefits of Chair Yoga?

Yoga has been shown to improve overall health, prevent and (even in some cases) reverse disease when practiced regularly as a lifestyle. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it can therefore lend its benefits to those with mobility issues. Here are some of them:

  • Improved Strength. You can build strength and fitness from a regular Chair Yoga practice. Just try this video below and tell me how your upper body strength improves from our chair chaturanguas!
  • Improved Flexibility. Chair yoga can help people with mobility issues improve their flexibility so that they can keep up with daily life activities.
  • Improved proprioception. Chair yoga can improve proprioception, which is the skill of knowing where your body is in space, and coordinating your movements accurately. This is particularly important for elderly people and can prevent falls. For people with disabilities or conditions such as MS, it may mean having greater control over your body and its movements.
  • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity. Chair yoga can lessen the impact of chronic illnesses and pain. It can also help people cope with feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. Being calmer and more relaxed inevitably leads to a greater feeling of happiness and well-being.
  • Improved stress and pain management. The practice of Chair Yoga includes breath work, which can help people not only with stress management but also with coping and managing pain. Through meditation and paying attention to your breath, you can help your body and mind to cope with the pain of an illness or condition you may suffer with.

Motivated to move yet? Take a seat and give this short, sweet Chair Yoga routine a try. Whether you’re in a confined space, you have mobility issues, or you’re just looking for a few feel-good stretches to melt away tension, this series of seated yoga exercises can be a great addition to your daily routine. In this video you will move through a sequence of seated yoga postures like seated warrior two, seated side angle, seated spine twist, and seated forward fold.

Before starting any new physical activity, you should consult your healthcare provider. These poses are suitable for most people, including seniors, those living with chronic pain and those who use a wheelchair.  But ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Listen to your body and move mindfully.

Get ready to stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and exhale the stress away. Press play.

Short All Levels Chair Yoga Routine For Injury, Disability, Or Stretching At Work.

This video is designed to help you feel GOOD. I hope this video serves you in feeling your very best and in living without stress. If you are recovering from an injury and need even more support, I have a FULL guide to staying fit, healthy, and positive while you recover. Check it out and stay in great shape with me here. 

When life throws you a challenge or an obstacle, take it one day and one breath at a time. If you can breathe, you can handle anything. And I’m always here for you my friend.



My mission is to help you develop a positive relationship to self and exercise that adds to the quality of your life. Check out my list of services, stay connected about upcoming events by subscribing to my email newsletter, or contact me at to discuss ways we can work together and live well.

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Stories From Solage and A FREE 45 Minute Pilates Yoga Fusion Workout


The very first weekend of 2015, I took a small group up to Calistoga and led a wellness retreat at Solage Resort. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges and steps from the charming downtown Calistoga in northern Napa Valley, Solage Calistoga is a luxury resort known for its fine food, geothermal mineral baths, and healthy California lifestyle. Since its debut in 2007, the resort has garnered acclaim and numerous awards from many leading travel, dining, spa and lifestyle publications. They house a Michelin Star restaurant ~ SolBar, Travel and Leisure has named them on the 500 World’s Best List, Conde Nast Traveler has placed them on their Hot List, Best Spa List and the accolades go on and on. So as you can imagine, I was beyond excited to host a weekend wellness getaway in this famous California haven.

Crusin around Calistoga in my Solage Resort bicycle

Crusin around Calistoga on my Solage Resort bicycle

Solage resort has a casual, relaxed California attitude but it’s all luxury. The property is comprised of individual cottages that include two cruiser bikes for getting around the resort or to ride into downtown Calistoga less than a mile away. They operate on an eco-friendly philosophy incorporating an extensive recycling program, use of solar panels, non-toxic cleaning products, organic produce and other environmentally friendly practices.

Outside my studio at Solage Calistoga

Outside my studio at Solage Calistoga

There are 83 cottages and 6 one-bedroom suites which are designed with clean lines, simplicity and comfort in mind. Its an instant inviting feeling the moment you walk into these units. The rooms are spacious and large sliding doors open up to a patio with comfy furniture for your lounging pleasure. While leading the retreat, I stayed in one of their Capella Suites: a large one-bedroom unit with fireplace, private patio, and a big bath tub. I felt like a California Queen. It was THE BEST. 

IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6348 IMG_6349

Solage has a Michelin Star rated restaurant on property called SolBar. I fell in love with the ambiance and food at this restaurant. The atmosphere is inviting, casual and so comfortable. Reservations are highly recommended, you can book a table inside, sit in the bar lounge on the comfy sofas, or cozy up outside by the fire pits. It’s the perfect choice to enjoy a 4 star meal without a stuffy dress code. The menu offers a variety of interesting dishes and the bar creates signatures cocktails to compliment each season. I highly recommend coming here for a meal even if you are not staying at the resort….. or driving up to Calistoga just for a fine dining experience. 


One of the biggest highlights of Solage is Spa SolageConde Nast Traveler has voted this spa #1 in the Americas and Caribbean and #10 in the world, which is incredibly impressive. They are most known for their one of a kind three-step mudslide experience in addition to their several mineral water pools, fitness center, mind-body studio, and large list of weekly yoga and exercise classes. Heres a photo of their weekly Solage newsletter and class schedule (including my specialty workshops for the week as well!)


I feel so lucky to have had the chance to partner with Spa Solage in hosting a New Years Wellness Retreat in their beautiful space. Our weekend was a combination of fitness activities, wellness coaching, journaling, goal setting, healthy dining, and enjoying the lovely mineral baths on property. It was a time to disconnect from our busy lives, reconnect to our health and wellbeing, and set a positive intention on the year to come. It was a retreat in every sense of the word. Here are some of the reviews from the women who joined me:

“Caroline’s 2015 Calistoga Retreat was the perfect way for me to start my year. It was a great balance of working out and reflecting. It was also a wonderful and thoughtful way for me to really hone in on the successes I want to find in 2015. After this retreat I feel ready to take on the new year and achieve my goals!” ~ Angela

“For me, the highlight of Caroline’s New Years retreat centered around Caroline’s positive energy. She led the group through fun activities that helped me feel good about my start to the year. The beautiful scenery was the icing on the cake to a great time!” ~ Laura

“Caroline is not only an amazing athlete who manages to inject fun and humor into her workouts, but she has a wonderful love of life that permeates everything she does. If you get to work out with her, not only do you feel great, but you are uplifted by her insatiable spirit and enthusiasm for life. Doing the retreat with her at Solage was perfect. It’s a beautiful setting and I had an incredible time – but with Caroline you also never forget that you are basically with a world-class trainer. It’s THAT good.” ~ Jessica



Morning Trail run/hike over breathtaking Calistoga vineyards


Morning Trail Run Views

Morning Trail Run Views

photo 2


Post hike endorphin high happy smiles all around!

Post hike endorphin high happy smiles all around!


Enjoying post workout healthy smoothies beside one of the geothermal mineral baths at Solage Resort.

Enjoying post workout healthy smoothies beside one of the geothermal mineral baths at Solage Resort.


New Years Vision Board and Goal Workshop

New Years Vision Board and Goal Workshop

Look What I found for my vision board! 2015 is the year I turn 30....

Look What I found for my vision board! 2015 is the year I turn 30….

Inspiring closing day thoughts from Solage Resort

Inspiring closing day thoughts from Solage Resort. Perfect ending to a perfect getaway weekend.

Missed the retreat but want to experience some of it with us? I took the opportunity during the weekend to film one of our retreat workouts with my little flip camera. Roll out your mat, press play, and join part of our January Solage Wellness Retreat from your living room!

Our weekend together was an experience I’ll never forget and kicked off 2015 in a powerful, positive way. It was such a huge success that Ive decided to return to Solage and host a Spring Wellness Retreat Weekend March 21 and 22. If you would like to be a part of my next fitness and spa experience at this luxury resort, email me at to get more information and save your space in Calistoga in March!

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I hope you enjoy the above workout video and I look forward to sharing more fitness, wellness, and adventures with you in the year to come!

Yours in health,


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How I got my Butt Back. A Surprising Yoga Injury Experience

Too much flexibility can lead to injury. Read this post to avoid a painful yoga injury, keep your butt muscles healthy, and keep your body free of pain from too much stretching.

yoga injury

You can get an injury doing yoga? Surprisingly yes. Here’s my story about a Yoga Injury that taught me all about the dangers of too much flexibility and how I got my butt back.

As a dancer, the yoga studio always felt like home to me. It was a place I found community, got in touch with my body, relaxed my mind, and pressed the re-set button. From the very first sun salute, I loved it. I started practicing yoga in college at a local studio and took my love of yoga with me when I moved to San Francisco. The city is home to some of the best yoga in the WORLD, with studios that can see over 200 people per class and cult followings for specific teachers. Naturally I fell right into the scene and made yoga classes a part of my regular routine.  I would take class 1-3 times per week and often include postures in the morning and evening. Forward folds and hip openers were my favorite. I loved it, it was one of the most challenging and rewarding physical disciplines I had experienced.  I got stronger, I felt great, and my practice improved.  I felt like I had come home.

But after several years of yoga-euphoria, something changed. First my practice plateaued.  And then it started to hurt.

Although my  mind and spirit loved yoga, my body began to whisper some objections. I started to have hip pain and contributed it to tight muscles from my love of running, spinning, and group fitness. So I stopped all other activity and did only yoga thinking it would help. Yoga is the “safe” form of exercise right? The opposite happened. It got worse. Little did I know my love of forward folds and hip openers had chronically overstretched my hamstring tendons and forced me to lose contact with the  whole gluteus family: max, med, and min.  As I continued to stretch, my balance became worse, my hip ached more, and all of the wear and tear caught up to me in my daily activities (even sitting was a pain in the BUTT).

For the longest time I didn’t want to be honest. I didn’t want to believe that my yoga practice was the culprit. I wasn’t ready to admit that I didn’t know how to fix it or how to practice any differently. But after 6 months I couldn’t do anything else, so learning and changing had to happen if I wanted to re-unite with the mat.

I finally chose to listen to my body and ask for help, I sent myself to a team physical therapists and a strength coach. In muscle “rehab” I learned all about over stretching and was surprised to learn how common it is a problem (especially for women, dancers, and flexible yoga folks). Physical therapists are seeing more patients with chronic hip, hamstring, and lower back problems. Excessive flexibility and weak stabilizing muscles are often the key factors leading to these injuries. I was still in dis-belief, I was never able to do the splits or any crazy pretzel postures, and had a hard time thinking of myself as “excessively flexible”. BUT I was overly flexible for MY body and years of “lengthening” through yoga and dance had weakened my muscles to the point of not functioning. It was like my hamstrings had become a rubber band that over time had lost elasticity. They were no longer responsive to the demands of movement, and their loose-ness caused me pain.

Now I want to be clear that there is nothing wrong with yoga.  It’s simply that yoga – like any repetitive physical activity  done over time – will dole out specific stimulation and specific wear and tear if it’s the only exercise that you do.  And every body is different, we all have weak links that must be addressed for better, pain free movement.  My yoga practice had created some weak links – If I wanted to really take care of my body, then I needed to make a change. And what my body needed more of was STRENGTH.

My rehab involved getting on the weight room floor and reuniting with my hips, glutes, hamstrings, and core. I  needed to restore the power in my muscles to stabilize my joints.  While yoga involves some bodyweight strength postures, it is not enough to balance out the muscles. To build real-world strength, you have to use real-world resistance.  I worked with a coach. I did squats. I deadlifted. I swung kettle bells.  My heart ached for yoga, but I worked to find my flow with the weights. The cross-training was what healed my injury and gave me the stability to eventually return to yoga without pain.

yoga injury

Working with weights has allowed me to build strength, bolster muscle awareness, and return to a pain free body. Now my goal is integrated movement, to work from a place of  equal amounts of flexibility and strength. I have learned that flexibility without strength is out of balance, and strength without flexibility is too.  Adding resistance training to my weekly routine has been a revelation. My body feels good. I have an ease of movement I’ve never had before. Best of all, I have reclaimed and retrained my BUTT muscle, which gives me the power to make everything better 🙂

yoga injury

strength training to avoid injury

Three years later I am happy to say I am able to do all the activities I love with ease, gratitude, and joy. I’ve returned to my yoga practice with a great deal of humility.  I use props, bend my knees, and do a lot of standing poses.  I no longer sink into every posture, I practice with my mind awake and my ears wide open.

yoga injury

Avoid painful yoga injury!

And wouldn’t you know: yoga still has some surprises up its sleeve. Even though I’m returning to essentially same practice I left, my body feels radically different.  Hamstrings are happy, low back is happy, and I continue to learn new things every day on the mat.

I wanted to share this story with you incase you are struggling with pain too. It took me 6 months to figure out why my hip hurt. I am thankful I had physical therapists, coaches, and teachers who helped enlighten me to my body’s unique structure. Everybody is different. Don’t ignore what you need or follow a cookie cutter approach – find OUT. Listen to your body and never stop learning how to take care of yourself. It’s an ongoing process but when you build body awareness, listen, and respect what you hear you can nurture your body for the rest of your life.

Are you a dancer, yogi, woman, or mover who has struggled with pain from being too bendy or needing stability? Leave your story as a comment below, Id love to hear from you. And please feel free to pass this post along to others, I know I would have LOVED having access to this information when I couldn’t figure out the cause of my pain. For more literature on Over-Stretching and Yoga Injury, check out these articles:

Moral of the story : LISTEN to your body and move with intention, respect, and love. After all, its the only body you’ve got. Take care of it and enjoy movement for the rest of your life.

With lots of love,


DISCLAIMER: This post is my own personal experience and research on yoga and stretching related injuries. If you suspect you have an injury please seek advice and care from your doctor. Here to support you in living pain free in any way possible 🙂 Since writing this article I have received many emails and comments from others who have dealt with yoga injury or pain from too much stretching . I am here to support you in any way I can in finding pain free movement and taking care of your body. I hope my story serves you in living well and having healthy muscles.

Want to build a balanced body? Check out my book, Balanced Body Breakthrough and get your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life.

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