Other Lululemon Athletica GRANT AVE Store Events this week:

*** Run Club Thursday nights 6pm. 5K and 10K routes around the city with your favorite friends from Lululemon!

*** Sunday Morning Pilates With United Pilates Collective! Please join us in our store for a complimentary pilates class with United Pilates Collective instructors. The classes will be geared towards all-levels. We have extra mats if you don’t have one! Class begins at 9:30 am. Hope to see you there!


We’ve been working together for HALF a year now! Can you believe it? When we first began in January, my goal was to create a community to encourage you to LIVE fearlessly. Each week I wanted to challenge you to improve your heath and hoped to inspire you to live your best life. I am amazed at how far we’ve come together. It makes me so happy to see you living out your goals and dreams!

At the 6 month mark in our journey, I feel it’s time to revisit your goals and stay motivated to succeed. The most DANGEROUS obstacle towards success is Falling into a RUT – physically, mentally, or spiritually. The “Life Rut” is a silent killer that endangers our world. It’s called “rustout” and it’s far more deadly and scary than burnout. Sure, burnout can wear down your body, but rustout can wipe out your soul and your spirit.

“Rustout is the slow death that follows when we stop making the choices that keep life alive. It’s the feeling of numbness that comes from always taking the safe way, never accepting new challenges, continually surrendering to the day-to-day routine. Rustout means we are no longer growing, but at best, are simply maintaining. It implies that we have traded the sensation of life for the security of a paycheck….. Rustout is the opposite of burnout. Burnout is overdoing. Rustout is underbeing.”

When was the last time you did something unpredictable? Switched up your fitness routine? Tried out a new recipe? Took a different route home from work? Invited an aquataince for coffee? Visited a new place in your town? Been UNCOMFORTABLE?

What are YOU doing continually to inspire your life? Life is not a journey to the grave, with the goal of arriving safely and insignificantly at the end. JUMP out of the rut. Leave your comfort zone. This week I challenge you to STRETCH yourself – physically, mentally, spiritually. To beat “Rustout” and to BE ALL THAT YOU WANT TO BE.


Write down at least 7 ways you can BEAT “rustout” and CHANGE your weekly routine. Challenge yourself to try new things, take chances, and do one thing a day that scares you. TAKE ACTION – make LIVING LIFE happen!

Share your list with me or others in the fearless fitness community. TOGETHER we can help encourage each other to reach for more. Who knows what life may have in store? I SAY LETS JUMP – and find out!


The past year, I have had the honor and the privilege to represent lululemon athletica  San Francisco as an Ambassador.

What is a lululemon Ambassador, you ask?

“Ambassadors are outstanding yogis, athletes, and fitness leaders within our communities who embody the lululemon lifestyle and live the our culture. These individuals personally contribute to our vision of elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.” ( www.lululemon.com).

Lululemon Ambassador Proposal January 2010!

Ambassador Innitiation Outfit! SPACEDYE PANTS!

My experience with lululemon has been more positive, powerful, and fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.  I feel so lucky to have had this unique opportunity to be accepted into the lululemon family. It is such a blessing!

Of course, it’s impossible not to fall in love with their product. For quality athletic wear that lasts and flatters any fitness figure -lululemon  is the BEST. Yes, the clothing is on the expensive side ….. but you get what you pay for and so much more. What’s better than feeling confident in the clothes you workout in?! Not to mention that choosing comfortable and cute athletic wear can help inspire some fantastic workouts!

But lululemon stands for MUCH more than the clothes… its a company that creates the components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives. I see how their culture and community affects people in positive ways DAILY.  This is a company that is COMMITTED to living by it’s  manifesto. Want to be inspired? Read it below:

the lululemon manifesto

  • Drink FRESH water and as much water as you can. Water flushes unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your brain sharp.
  • A daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself, and offsets stress.
  • Do one thing a day that scares you.
  • Listen, listen, listen, and then ask strategic questions.
  • Write down your short and long-term GOALS four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer.
  • Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.
  • Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.
  • That which matters the most should never give way to that which matters the least.
  • Stress is related to 99% of all illness.
  • Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to.
  • The world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you 2 steps behind. DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW!
  • Friends are more important than money.
  • Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.
  • Take various vitamins. You never know what small mineral can eliminate the bottleneck to everlasting health.
  • Don’t trust that an old age pension will be sufficient.
  • Visualize your eventual demise. It can have an amazing effect on how you live for the moment.
  • The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought.
  • Live near the ocean and inhale the pure salt air that flows over the water, Vancouver will do nicely.
  • Observe a plant before and after watering and relate these benefits to your body and brain.
  • Practice yoga so you can remain active in physical sports as you age.
  • Dance, sing, floss and travel.
  • Children are the orgasm of life. Just like you did not know what an orgasm was before you had one, nature does not let you know how great children are until you have them.
  • Successful people replace the words “wish”, “should” and “try” with “I will”.
  • Creativity is maximized when you’re living in the moment.
  • Nature wants us to be mediocre because we have a greater chance to survive and reproduce. Mediocre is as close to the bottom as it is to the top, and will give you a lousy life.
  • lululemon athletica creates components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. If we can produce products to keep people active and stress-free, we believe the world will become a much better place.
  • Do not use cleaning chemicals on your kitchen counters. Someone will inevitably make a sandwich on your counter.
  • SWEAT once a day to regenerate your skin.
  • Communication is COMPLICATED. We are all raised in a different family with slightly different definitions of every word. An agreement is an agreement only if each party knows the conditions for satisfaction and a time is set for satisfaction to occur.
  • What we do to the earth we do to ourselves.
  • The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness.

I am honored to represent a company that has such a meaningful message to share with the world. I know lululemon’s  work WILL inspire millions – one  red bag at a time.

But here’s the real EXCITING NEWS. I have been asked by lululemon to attend  the….

First-ever Ambassador Elevation Summit in Vancouver, Canada.

“In celebration of our incredible ambassadors, we are hosting an all-out summit with the best of the best. We are bringing together 90 of our ambassadors, both present and alumni, for three nights and two full days of activities. We are thrilled to bring members of our global community together to share, learn, hang out, and have a great time.” (lululemon invitation)

The company is GENEROUSLY sending me to enjoy two full days and two evenings of learning, networking, growing, sharing and a killer good time. I will be well taken care of in Canada and I’m SO EXCITED! Some of the fun agenda items include:
• The famous Grouse Grind
• Yoga, run, Pilates (seriously?! YES.)
• Motivational talks with the Director of Possibilities-Susanne Conrad and CEO extraordinaire-Christine Day
• Goal-setting, goal-setting, goal-setting
• Elevate your business seminar
• An afternoon for  your own adventure in LULULEMON’s hometown VANCOUVER CANADA!!

Now THAT’s my idea of a DREAM VACATION! I’m still completely shocked and amazed by this incredible opportunity. I feel blessed beyond belief and am so thankful to everyone who helped support me within the lululemon Grant Avenue community. I am the LUCKIEST Ambassador in the world….. all thanks to lululemon!

So…. that has to be the longest blog post ever “EH”? 😉

Sorry, but Im just too excited to make it a short one….  OOOOOOO CANADA HERE I COME!!


You Grill Girl – Jae’s Tips on how to keep your favorite BBQ GOOD for YOU!

Sun is shining… the weather is sweet….

Time to fire up the grill and get some yummy BBQ eats!

Looking for ways to keep your Body and your menu as HOT as your BBQ? Our favorite Fearless Fitness Nutrition and Health Expert is here to help!

Tomorrow, Jae Berman will be on View from the Bay on ABC (3pm PST) talking about eating right this BBQ season. She will be featuring new spins on classic fat laden sides such as coleslaw with vinegar and potato salad with plain yogurt and popchips, popped potato chips that are low in fat. Easy, simple changes that make a big difference. It will be a great way to start the season off right!

Click HERE to watch the show stream live online:

Also make sure to check her out in the latest Better Homes and Gardens issue. Check out page 232 for her healthy substitutions on making potato salads lower in fat, MORE nutritious, and delicious.

Here’s to a HEALTHY start to summer! Hope you ENJOY! And BIG thank you Jae – our favorite FEARLESS Nutrition expert!


Foods that FUEL you – Pre and Post Workout Nutrition.

The real secret to getting “harder, better, faster, stronger”? Fueling your hard working body with the right foods. For our newsletter this week, I asked SPECIAL GUEST writers, Jae Berman and Elisabeth Marsh to share their tips on Pre and Post workout Nutrition. Below you’ll find helpful information and ideas on how to keep your body going STRONG no matter how long your training session.

“Did you know that pre- and post-workout nutrition can have a big impact on exercise performance? Think of the pre-workout meal as the fuel you need to power those hard-working muscles, while the post-workout meal is refueling those energy and protein stores.

You take the time to exercise so please make the most out of it. Why not fuel your body for optimal results? It is very important to remember that you need food to see results—whether it be weight loss, weight gain, increased muscle or increased endurance. No matter what, you HAVE to eat before and after a workout to make the most of your exercise routine.

Here are some tips to get you on your way…

Timing is everything! Ideally, you would eat within an hour pre and post workout. If you don’t think you can get home in time or logistically it is a problem, have a bar in your bag or know a market or café close to your home/office/gym so you can buy something quickly.

Carbs are energy! The major goal of both the pre and post workout meal is to provide the energy you need to power your workout without weighing you down. The primary nutrient for your pre-workout meal is carbohydrates. As your body’s preferred energy source, carbohydrates should be included in all pre and post workout meals. Carbohydrates are digested in your body to provide sugars in the form glucose…which is basically our body’s essential fuel source. Focusing on carbohydrates before exercise also helps delay fatigue and allow for prolonged activity. Carbohydrates post workout provides your body the opportunity for proper recovery.

Don’t forget the protein! In addition to carbohydrate, it’s important to include a small to moderate amount of dietary protein to help repair and rebuild muscle tissues. In fact, eating a protein before exercise may help decrease post-exercise muscle soreness. Eating protein post workout is essential for muscle repair. You will notice how much better you feel when you eat protein before a workout. Also, if you fuel yourself right before a workout you will not feel starving afterwards, which will prevent you from overeating at dinner time.

Don’t forget to hydrate! Make sure to drink fluids throughout the day and before, during, and after your workouts. Staying hydrated is key to optimizing performance and delaying early fatigue. Be sure to drink at least 1-2 cups of water within a half hour of your workout. Many people do not notice how dehydrated they are. Experiment with weighing yourself before and after a workout and see how much sweat you lose. One liter of water is equal to 2.2 pounds. For example, if you weigh yourself before a workout and you weigh 130 pounds, you drink one liter during your workout and post workout you weight 128 pounds that means you sweat 2 liters of fluid and only hydrated yourself with 1 liter—you want to end a workout even or likely a little over hydrated to proper recovery.” Jae Berman, San Francisco.

Jae Berman currently works as the Regional Registered Dietitian of The San Francisco Bay Club and as a clinical Dietitian for the UCSF Medical Center. She is a certified ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and has been a personal trainer, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor for eight years. You can read more about Jae, watch tv clips, and read her blog here: http://www.jaebermannutrition.com/

Need a few meal ideas to get you started? Fitness and Nutrition guru, Elisabeth Marsh shares some of her favorite Pre and Post workout eats.

Pre workout snack ideas:

  • 1 Tb Peanut butter/almond butter on whole wheat toast or whole wheat mini bagel
  • 1 Tb PB/Almond butter on banana
  • 5 almonds and skim string cheese or nonfat yogurt (Buy plain low-fat yogurt and flavor it with vanilla, honey, cinnamon, instant decaffeinated coffee, applesauce, fruit cocktail, or berries)
  • oatmeal- use water not milk. if you get packets you can make antiheroes it ask for hot water at a coffee place and mix. Add a few nuts and dried fruit. You can even mix in a scoop of protein powder into your oatmeal
  • Boiled egg whites and wheat pita ( some people hate eggs I love them)
  • I recommend Power bars and kashi bars- protein bar bars for protein and for a filling fiber snack for 150 calories!

Anytime Snack ideas: 200-300 calories; good for in between classes/on the road ( adapted from nancy clark book)

  • Mix your favorite cereal with raisins, dried fruits, cinnamon, or plain
  • Stuff a whole-grain pita with low-fat cottage cheese and sliced fresh fruit
  • Spread hummus on a whole-grain bagel
  • Blend plain low-fat yogurt and orange juice with a frozen banana and strawberries
  • Layer a whole-grain toaster waffle with plain low-fat yogurt and berries
  • Combine ricotta cheese, sliced apples, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and Grape Nuts
  • Spread nut butter on whole-wheat bread and wrap around a banana
  • Melt a piece of cheese over sliced tomato on a whole-grain English muffin
  • Roll a whole-grain tortilla up with scrambled eggs and salsa

Dinner Ideas:

  • You want your dinner to have a source of lean protein: egg white, lean fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia), baked chicken breast, lean ground turkey or veggie/turkey burgers. Lentils, and quinoa are also a great source of protein and carbohydrate.
  • Make sure to include a fibrous healthy grain: sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat bread or pita, beans- kidney, black, lentil, split pea,etc. leafy greens.
  • Add a little healthy fat- olive oil, nuts, nut butter, olives, salmon for your fish
  • salad with 3-4 oz of your lean protein. Use olive oil and vinegar for dressing
  • spread hummus on wheat bread or bun with turkey or veggie burger
  • steamed green vegetables or baked sweet potato with baked chicken”

Elisabeth Sherrat is a certified Fitness Professional with a B.S. in Nutrition Science and a Masters in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis.

BIG THANK YOU to both Jae and Elisabeth for their helpful nutrition information and tips!

Take action! Make good nutrition choices HAPPEN!

I’d like to challenge you to incorporate these nutrition tips into your weekly workout plan. Make an extra effort to fuel your fitness with food – your body will THANK you!

Yours in Health,



Anyone remember the Fearless Fitness Challenge of the week? To have more FUN with your fitness. And what better way to do it than with a “Guilty Pleasure” Playlist?!

What exactly defines a “guilty pleasure” song?
Songs you LOVE – yet you know suck. Songs that lyrically, intellectually, or musically don’t deserve any of your attention. But for some reason your brain ignores all this and everytime you hear it play you are forced to dance and sing like a five year old.

Everyone has them – and some fearless fitness fans were willing to SHARE them! Below is a collection of their favorites. The good, the bad, and the funny.

Guilty Pleasure Party Playlist

  • I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love Tonight The Outfield
  • Wannabe   Spice Girls
  • Fighter  Christina Aguilera
  • You Could Be Mine  Guns and Roses
  • Whomp There It Is  MC Hammer
  • Brickhouse  The Commodores
  • I’m Too Sexy Right Said Fred
  • We Will Rock You  Queen
  • Walk This Way  Run-DMC
  • Sex On Fire  Kings Of Leon
  • Get Into The Groove  Madonna
  • Gettin Jiggy Wit It  Will Smith
  • Genie in a Bottle  Christina Aguilera
  • I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) Pitbull
  • Mo Money Mo Problems  Notorious BIG
  • Who Let the Dogs Out  Baha Men
  • White Lines  Grandmaster Flash
  • Humpty Dance  Digital Underground
  • Footloose  Kenny Loggins
  • Highway To The Danger Zone  Kenny Loggins
  • Come to Me  Diddy feat. Nicole
  • Like This  Mims
  • Lean Like a Cholo  The Definition of an Ese Down
  • California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) Katy Perry
  • Mr. Roboto  The Styx
  • Toxic  Britney Spears
  • Shake That (Edited Version)  Eminem
  • I Wanna Love You (Feat. Snoop Dogg) Akon
  • Ignition Remix R. Kelly
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot  Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell
  • Shot Through The Heart  Bon Jovi
  • Wake Me Up Before You GoGo  George Michael
  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C & C Music Factory
  • Hot Stuff  Donna Summer
  • Call On Me (Radio Edit) Eric Prydz
  • Lollipop Lil Wayne
  • Bad Romance Lady Gaga
  • Pump It Black Eyed Peas

And for a cooldown?!

I Will Always Love You  Whitney Houston

Did we Miss one? Whats your Personal FAVORITE Guilty Pleasure Song? Hope you enjoy these – make sure you sing along!!

Breakfast Of Champions.

My personal favorite breakfast food?

Oatmeal. I could eat the stuff morning, noon, and night. And yes…. sometimes I do.

From Thick Rolled to Steel Cut – I just simply cannot get enough.

However, lately I’ve been looking to widen my whole grain world. Whats new in my cereal bowl?

Oat Bran.

After a few fun taste tests, I was excited to learn that oat bran has a better nutritional profile when compared to rolled oats. Because oat bran is the outer husk of the oat grain, it contains the bulk of the dietary fiber, along with a large amount of useful minerals.

Lets look at how the Nutrition Stats stack up shall we?
Per 1/2 cup serving of dry cereal, both contain 150 calories and 3 grams of fat. Listed below are the differences according to Quaker Oats:

Nutritional Values        Oatmeal    vs.    Oat Bran

Carbohydrates      27 grams         25 grams
Fiber                       4 grams           6 grams
Soluble Fiber        2 grams             3 grams
Protein                5 grams               7 grams
Calcium                0%                         2%
Iron                      10%                       20%
Thiamin                2%                        25%
Phosphorus        0%                         25%
Riboflavin             2%                         6%
Magnesium           0%                     20%
Zinc                       0%                       10%

Cooked oatmeal is much thicker and chewier than the “porridge-like” consistency of oatbran. However, I find Oatbran to be much more filling – it keeps me feeling strong and satisfied for hours.

Price wise both are about the same – I buy big bags from the Whole Foods Bulk isle and they cost next to nothing. ($1.40/lb). I tend to avoid the overpriced packaged, processed varieties when possible.

Oat bran can easily be made into a hot creamy cereal by cooking two parts liquid (milk, soymilk or water) to one part oat bran. Bring the liquid to a boil, add oat bran and simmer for 5 to 7 minutes, or until the oat bran absorbs the liquid. Top cooked oat bran with fresh fruit and spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg for a tasty and satisfying morning meal. I love to add walnuts, raisins, and unsweetened coconut to mine.

Next time you’re looking for a comfort food with plenty of health benefits, look no further than oat bran. While a steaming bowl of creamy oat bran can certainly warm you up on a cold morning, it’s the nutrient profile of oat bran that really makes it shine.

Have you tried oat bran or do you stick to the Quaker Man? Any Irish steel cut or Scottish Oat fans? So many delicious oat options…what’s your bowl of choice?

You got an M.B.A. …… in what exactly?


I am now excited to officially be a Master Balletone Ambassador. What exactly is Balletone and why am I so STOKED to finally be a certified instructor?

Here’s what you need to know about the Balletone: Sole Synthesis program, courtesy of the Balletone Instructor Manual.

“When barefoot training meets strength, cardio, and flexibility in one workout, fitness takes on a whole new meaning. Sole Synthesis is “simplicity through triplicity”… no fancy moves here, the idea is to simple use a movement you’ve done for ages and transform it seamlessly in three different ways with ONE outcome – a proactive workout rooted in functional training that will leave you strong, centered, and actively flexible from the ground up.

Specifically designed to attract three times the crowd, learn to use traditional fitness exercises you know and love and transform them into Balletone phrases and moving Yoga inspired sequences for three times the workout. Begin with fitness moves and MASTER THE MOVEMENT – with no extra equipment work both the upper and lower body with creatively sequenced combinations that will test your strength, endurance, and coordination. Next, transform the fitness element into a complimentary Balletone inspired pattern which adds long lever, dynamic and active flexibility patterns in a variety of phrases with a focus on core integrity all linked together to FLOW THE MOVEMENT. Finally, use a non-traditional approach to Yoga inspired postures to CALM THE MOVEMENT – moving through poses while adding feet exercises and shoulder girdle stabilization techniques meanwhile allowing participants to refocus and recover, readying the body for the next challenge.

Be ready to take your shoes off, learn about the benefits of working without equipment, and the advantages to training barefoot. Sole Synthesis is ‘elevated functional training in the group fitness room that’s sure to make you sweat!”

– Balletone Instructor Mannual 2009

What do I love so much about this Fusion Fitness class?

** Participants from ALL backgrounds (from the Prima Ballerina to the Buff Fitness Divia) can find fun and challenge from the program.

** The FLOW. The class is formatted to seamlessly FLOW from one sequence to the next – connecting the three modalities of fitness, ballet, and yoga without any awkward pause. This format allows the class to move in an organic, strong, and satisfying way.

** BAREFOOT TRAINING. Sole Synthesis introduces participants to mindful moving without shoes. This practice serves to increase the strength, agility, and function of the MOST important part of your body therefore truly training and strengthening you from the ground up. I have become a HUGE fan of barefoot training – and plan on trying to convince you to become one too 🙂 That however is an entirely different blog post…. so keep your eyes open for more!

** The class is built on the principal: “NO JUDGMENTS – JUST AWARENESS” and encourages students to enjoy movement in a beautiful, welcoming way.

Want more information on the Balletone Program? Check out their website for a list of all their programs, videos, instructors, and more!

I am passionate about this program and hope we have a chance to enjoy the class together soon! Until then…. keep up the GREAT training 🙂



Hello Fearless Fitness Folks!

I’m sad to say the RAINY San Francisco weather has postponed tonight’s OUTDOOR bootcamp yet again….


CLUB ONE has offered to Help us get our fitness in this month! Tomorrow (Tuesday May 18th) I teach the following classes at Club One Citigroup Center:

5pm Stability Ball
530pm BOSU Ball
6pm Spin Circuit (spinning and weight training)
7pm Yoga Flow

You are all invited to join me for one or all three hours. Not only that – but Club One will provide you with a FREE 3 DAY PASS to play at all the Club Ones in the city throughout the next couple of rainy days. This is a VERY GENEROUS and Wonderful opportunity for us – THANK YOU CLUB ONE!


An RSVP with your First and Last Name by tomorrow at 12 NOON.

You should plan on arriving a few minuites before the class you plan on taking to fill out a simple liability waiver.


Here are the DIRECTIONS: Club One Citigroup (inside the Citigroup Center Building on the corner of Sutter and Sansome street. ) Map: http://www.yelp.com/map/club-one-fitness-san-francisco-6

Thanks again for being SO UNDERSTANDING and FLEXIBLE in these Rainy situations! Really hope you can join me tomorrow for all or a few FEARLESS workouts! And a BIG THANK YOU to Club One! HORRAY – WORKOUTS FOR EVERYBODY!!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Fitness Myths: Sorry Guys…. But theres just no such thing as a quick fix.

Fitness Myths. There out there. From the scary to the silly to the just plain dumb…. I thought I’d reveal the TRUTH about some.

Lets get REAL with a few of personal favorite fitness myths…..

1.) “I want to loose weight… So I only exercise in the Fat Burning Zone”

My classes and clients will all agree that this myth is a huge personal pet peeve for me. “The Fat Burning Zone” lies between 50 and 70 percent of your maximum hear rate. When you exercise at this low intensity, your body draws energy from fat. As your heart rate goes up, more energy (calories) come from carbs. So I can see how it might seem “logical” that to loose fat you should keep your heart rate low. But thats NOT the case.

Working out at a higher intensity might cause you to burn a lower percentage of calories from fat in favor of carbs… but you still burn MORE total calories. And that is the REAL key to slimming down. Plus since you use more total calories, the absolute amount of fat burned actually increases too. In the end – it pays off to pick up the pace.

And yes, lower intensity exercise still has its place. Long slow sweat sessions build endurance and aerobic fitness. But to kick start your metabolism, you need intensity. Interval Training (workouts that combine intense efforts with recovery) are the best bet for maximum calorie burning effect.

Do some speedwork on your next run – or add some sprints into your spin session. Or come take Chisel’d with me at Equinox for cardio and strength intervals that are sure to surprise you 🙂

2.) “Eating at night causes weight gain”

Religious about not eating after 7pm? Many fitness folks believe that their metabolism slows later in the day – which is when we often overeat nutritionally void foods. But a calorie is a calorie no matter when you eat it. As long as you don’t take in more calories than you burn in a day YOU WONT GAIN WEIGHT. Overeating at 9pm is no worse than overeating at 9am – watch your overall intake, instead of the clock, and you’ll be fine.

Not sure how many calories your consuming or burning? My personal FAVORITE online food and fitness journal is the “Daily Plate” and is offered on Livestrong.com. This FREE service allows you to keep a detailed food and fitness diary, set weight/calorie goals, and provides you with detailed graphs of your progress over time. It’s easy to use and extremely helpful to see what’s going in and out of the body at all hours of the day 🙂

3.) “Weight Lifting will only BULK you up”

Oh Boy. I can’t even tell you how often I STILL hear this rumor floating through the locker room. Despite all the evidence – people still tend to blow off weight training for cardio – the “bigger calorie burner”. DISREGARD what you may have heard through the grapevine. If you want to loose weight… you need to lift it.

Strength training increases your endurance, stamina, and your body’s lean muscle mass. Muscle is MORE metabolically active then fat – therefore: increased muscle mass = more calories burned at work and at rest. And muscle is much denser than fat – so you’ll shave inches off your body and look leaner.

Whats your favorite fitness myth? How do you help someone get over it? “Spinning makes my legs big”? Oh boy…. don’t even get me started 😉


OUR NEXT FEARLESS FITNESS WORKOUT IS THIS MONDAY MAY 17th AT 7:15PM!! So sorry to have had to postpone our workout due to weather last week. Really looking forward to finally getting together with you all! Plan to meet OUTSIDE the Lululemon Athletica Grant Avenue store around 715pm. Bring a layer or two and prepare for an OUTDOOR circuit workout to challenge you. Would love to see a great turnout for this special event. Email me if you have any questions and cant wait to see you on monday for our monthly workout date!

Other Lululemon Atletica GRANT AVE Store Events this week:

*** Run Club Thursday nights 6pm. 5K and 10K routes around the city with your favorite friends from Lululemon!

*** Sunday Morning Pilates With United Pilates Collective! Please join us in our store for a complimentary pilates class with United Pilates Collective instructors. The classes will be geared towards all-levels. We have extra mats if you don’t have one! Class begins at 9:30 am. Hope to see you there!


Since when did it all become so serious?

So scientific?

So boring?

There will always be a schedule, an agenda, a race or a vacation coming up. There will never be enough time – and weekly workouts will always feel like a “time crunched calorie burning frenzy”. You have a routine – you do your “weekly thing”. You are strong, powerful, dedicated, motivated, FEARLESS, and fit.

But do me a favor. Just for this week…. let GO. Have FUN. Enjoy moving. Enjoy sweating. Enjoy breathing. Enjoy BEING ALIVE, ACTIVE, and HEALTHY.

I’m not suggesting you stop your wonderful workouts or put a halt in your consistent routine – Im SO proud of how much you’ve all accomplished this year! I am just proposing you find a way to put a little FUN back into fitness. To make your workout an enjoyable part of your day – not just another item you “check off” the to-do list.

Not sure where to start? Lets brainstorm….

** Take a dance class. Make mistakes. Accept imperfect steps. Twirl.
** Get outside. Hike with a friend. Go to Lands End, Golden Gate Park, the Marin Headlands. Explore.
** Try out the workout trend you’ve always questioned. TRX? Sure! Daily Method? Why not? Zumba? Lets SHIMMY!
** Go to a yoga class with Lululemon Ambassador, Buddy Macuha. Get your downward dog ON and sing along with him to the latest Lady Gaga Song.
** Rock Climb. Take yourself to new heights. Discover you have stronger hands than you ever imagined.
** Make a personal “guilty pleasure playlist”. Sing along, outloud, while running through a lunchtime crowd.
** Jump in the pool. Don’t worry about having a trendy speedo or the right technique. Take a friend and race them – make waves.
** Break away from the black – wear colorful spandex. ROCK IT.
** Get in the Game. Shoot hoops, play ball, or just throw something.
** Go to a Lululemon community event. Meet someone new. Make a fitness friend.

And if all of these fail…..

I hear Wi Tennis is pretty fun.

3. FEARLESS FITNESS CHALLENGE of the week: Fun Fitness.

The ultimate goal this week? Make your workouts FUN. Get HAPPINESS out of every sweat session. Smile more. Stress Less. And as always….. be fearless.

Sounds like a really tough challenge! Are you up for it? 😉

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night at 715pm! Cant thank you enough for being such an amazing Fearless Family. You inspire me everyday. Know that I am always here to support YOU in finding your happiest and healthiest self. Please feel free to share your goals with me – I will happily CHEER you on.

And be sure to check the blog later on this week for my personal “Guilty Pleasure Workout Playlist”. Get ready to rock out to some Miley Cyrus! 😉

Thanks again and see you all tomorrow night!