Month: June 2015

Eat the Rainbow. Clean Eating Acai berry bowls from Hawaii!

Eat the Rainbow with this new trend in the Healthy Eating World: The Acai Bowl! Acai berries (pronounced ah-sai-ee) are the fruits of acai palm trees, which are mostly grown in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. These small, dark-purple berries pack a nutrient punch with a whole host of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Named by the …

June 28, 2015
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How to get a “Toned” Physique. 16 Reasons You Want to Strength Train.

Women always ask me for my top tips on getting a “toned” physique. You want to know the truth? Pick up some weights and make them heavier than your purse. Im still surprised by the number of women I talk to who think that the key to achieving the body they want is cardio – and hours …

June 14, 2015
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How to Be Fit Without Obsessing about it. Getting In Shape for Summer the Healthy Way.

Every year around this time, gyms get the influx of new members wanting to get “beach-ready” bodies in time for summer. We go crazy trying to find the perfect “30 Days to Perfect Abs” workout and the right fad diet that promises to make us fit and fabulous by the time we need to get …

June 7, 2015
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