25 minute Total Body Cardio Circuit Workout for Travel.


11167988_10103529205071573_6122773862921861746_nI just returned home from Arizona where I presented my “Thrive: Wellbeing on the Road” healthy business travel workshop for a Genentech’s sales team offsite company meeting. I was so excited to be there with the team and share my suggestions on staying healthy while traveling for business. I want to help make people’s work and travel lives feel better. I believe that fitness, nutrition, and stress management can be powerful lifestyle medicines that can prevent and treat stress related illnesses and burnout. My hope is that through my workshops and events participants can get real resources they can use to positively impact their wellness and lives. I believe with the right environment, resources, and support we can all thrive.

As glamorous as it may seem, business travel can often be exhausting and stressful. Keeping yourself in good shape allows you to function at your best but often fitting in exercise can feel like the last thing you have energy for. You feel better when you do it, but gosh its hard to make time and find motivation for it. This makes finding the resources that work for you crucial in being successful in maintaining your fitness while you travel.  One of my favorite tools to stay motivated to exercise while traveling is YouTube. There are so many FREE channels with a variety of workout videos to sample and having a motivated instructor to exercise with can make the world of difference. When you subscribe to your favorite channels, new videos are delivered into your email inbox every week making finding fresh workouts easy.  In fact, its one of the reasons I started my YouTube channel in 2008 – to support my friends in exercising while they were away from home. Since then, my channel has grown into a robust resource of no-equipment needed fitness, stretching, and self-massage videos aimed to help people stay healthy no matter where they are.

During my stay at the Wigwam in Arizona, I was inspired to film a high-intensity 25 minute total body cardio circuit to add to my YouTube collection. This intermediate/advanced workout doesn’t require any equipment and makes the most of every second. Its perfect for when you are short on time and want the best bang for your fitness buck. I designed it with the busy traveler in mind, but really its great for anyone up for a challenge. This workout is HARD! It will get you sweating, boost your metabolism, and give you the energy you need to tackle any life challenge. This total body cardio circuit includes:

– High knees
– Jumping Jacks
– Jogging
– Squat Hops
– Hop Turns
– Lunge Hops
– Skater Lunges
– Plank Jacks
– Mountain Climber Knees
– Burpees

I had a great time filming it and it made a huge difference in my energy levels on my trip. Remember, the above workout is advanced. Always check with your doctor to make sure these recommendations are right for you. Honor your body and be good to yourself. If you are new to fitness or just starting out, try out some of the other videos on my channel  before this one. There are playlists to guide you – choose one that sounds right for you and get moving!

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Filming this video was fun, but one thing it made me realize: I NEED A NEW VIDEO CAMERA! Believe it or not, I have been filming all of my YouTube videos with a little flip cam I received as a graduation gift in college. Somehow its lasted since 2008…. and its past time to retire it and upgrade! If you have any suggestions for video cameras I can purchase to continue to film valuable YouTube content with better production quality Im all ears. Comment below or send me your suggestions at: carolinejordanfitness@gmail.com . I love filming videos for you and Id love to make them better 🙂

Whats your favorite resource for staying fit while you travel? Leave your top travel tool as a comment below, Id love to try it out next time I travel too! Hope your travels continue to take you on great adventures and allow you to live the healthy, happy life you desire.

Yours in Health,


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How I’ve learned to “Fuel Better”.


I was lucky to grow up in a household of health. My family cooked together, shared meals together, and taught the importance of eating well. The fundamental elements of nutrition and balanced living were present in my life and things I didn’t really think twice about.

Once I moved on to college and out on my own, it was time to navigate the nutritional waters without home cooked meals or mom doing the grocery shopping. While I knew a lot about healthy eating I didnt know much about sports specific nutrition. I never used power bars or supplements. My parents didn’t believe power bars were good for you, “you are better off eating real food” they insisted. By looking at the ingredients in most of the early sports nutrition products, I’m pretty certain they were right. So I didn’t follow the power bar, balance bar, gel sport trend and just tried to eat well naturally on my own. This was not a bad approach and worked for me at the time. I just didnt realize how much more I could get from my training with the right nutrition.

Photo credit Vega

Photo credit Vega

It wasnt until I moved to San Francisco that I started playing around with sports nutrition. I had just graduated college and was a young working professional hustling my butt off to “make it”. My life moved fast in the city and I needed food that could keep up with me. So I started sampling different sporty food trends. Luna bars, coconut water, whey protein, even sport beans. While some of them were helpful and healthy, others were a let down (and a waste of money). There are millions of sports nutrition supplements on the market constantly and it can be really difficult to determine which ones are suitable for your own unique needs. Nothing really ever seemed to stick or feel worth the extra expense of my hard earned cash. That was until I met Vega products. That moment changed the course of my fast paced fueling life.

My first encounter with Vega was one day at my local Whole Foods Market, where they were sampling Vega Sport Performance Protein. I found it surprisingly tasty and then I read the package. Real food performance protein that provides results?? I had to learn more and was positive the product claims were too good to be true.

I was awe struck. Vega products ARE real, plant based, and on a mission to support a healthier world with all-natural products. Born from the belief that one should not have to compromise between whole food goodness and fast food convenience, Vega products are developed with Alkaline-forming, plant-based whole foods which help build a platform for optimal health. All of their products are dairy, gluten and soy free, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. The nutrient-dense, high net-gain, alkaline-forming nutrition found in plant-based whole foods and natural health products like those offered by Vega is truly the best building material available for your body.

I began incorporating their vega sport performance protein into my post-workout smoothies as a replacement for the whey protein powders I’d been supplementing with previously. Even though I bought the whey products from my trusted Whole Foods Market, they were still filled with artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and other suspicious ingredients. Not surprisingly, my body digested the Vega Sport Performance Protein much more easily. I began dabbling in other Vega products, and almost immediately noticed a positive change in my energy levels, performance, and the amount of time it took me to recover between workouts. I was surprised by how quickly I felt a difference incorporating Vega into my active lifestyle. The results were clean and clear: I perform better with all-natural, plant based fuel. 

Today I’m a fan of the entire Vega Sport line, and I love that all the products are in sync with my whole food-based, clean eating nutritional philosophy. I love that I can tell my mom that I AM eating real food when investing in Vega products and getting the most value from my eating as a result. While the vanilla Performance Protein reigns supreme as my favorite, I also adore the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. It’s packed with ingredients to help reduce post-workout inflammation and I look forward to it at the end of a long workout. 

To me, fueling better means being open to learn, grow, and challenge yourself. It means learning to listen to your body and honor what it needs and how it feels. When there are so many choices, trends, and opinions it can be hard to define what is right for you. Its a process of trial and error. Of testing, re-testing, and listening. When it comes to performing my best both in and out of workouts, here are a few things I’ve learned that help me fuel better:  

  1. Start the day with a large glass of water.
  2. Coffee can help get you going, but too much will make you crash and burn. One cup does the trick. After that, Im better off getting natural energy from movement, fresh air, and sunlight.
  3. A daily dose of apple cider vinegar will boost your energy and balance your stomach. Click here for my daily detox drink. 
  4. Breakfast is essential. Taking the time for a solid sit down breakfast will help you have the power to fuel your entire day, avoid cravings, and limit late night eating. Here are a few of my favorite fast and easy breakfast ideas to fuel your busy life. 
  5. EAT REAL FOOD. Not too much. Mostly plants. (thanks Michael Pollan).
  6. Figure out your daily intake goals (protein, carbohydrate, fat, calories). Aim to get it daily. I use Livestrong.com “My Plate” to record an online food diary when I want to make sure Im getting the nutrients I need to succeed. Its completely free, has a large database, and is excellent.  Ill keep a record for a few days on a regular basis to check in with myself and keep my healthy diet on track.
  7. Sustain your energy and stay hydrated with Vega electrolyte hydrator. This zero calorie electrolyte blend will keep your metabolism and energy up while giving you the all-day hydration you need to keep going fast.
  8. Recover faster and get stronger with Vega Sport Performance protein. With 25 grams of complete, akaline-forming protein,  you’ll improve strength and exercise performance and reduce recovery time between intense workouts (or long work days!). Take 45-90 minutes after a hard workout, bring with you to use for extra power for a long work day, or use while traveling to keep your nutrition on track.
  9. Eat every 2-3 hours helps keep blood glucose stable and to stay energized for whatever the day throws at you. Some of my favorite snacks include Vega Sport all natural protein bars and making a smoothie with Vega Sport protein. You can read my full list of all-natural healthy snacks to fuel energy and health here. 
  10. Allow yourself the treats you love in moderation. Life is for living not deprivation. (I call it the 80/20 rule of healthy living! )

What does fueling better mean to you? Watch my “Fuel Your Better” story and leave your top sports nutrition secret as a comment below.

The sports nutrition industry has come a long way since I was living with mom and dad. Im so grateful to have found Vega whole food plant based nutrition products and thankful for the strength they’ve added to my life. Over the years Ive learned nutrition absolutely has to be a priority if you want to look, feel, and perform your best longterm. When you are working, working out, and living a busy life you absolutely need the right nutritional support.  It can be hard to eat naturally without the right resources. Vega makes it easy to get the REAL FOOD fuel you need to live your best life.

Want to figure out what you need to “fuel your better”? Check out:

Performance Nutrition Calculator (what Vega Sport Products are right for you) >> http://vegasport.com/performance-nutrition-plan/

Fuel Your Better (What challenges are holding you back from Better?) >> http://vegasport.com/fuelyourbetter/

“I want to grow. I want to be better. You Grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.” 
― Tupac Shakur

Heres to learning, growing, and fueling our full potential now and always,


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April 25-26 Bridal Bootcamp Weekend at Solage Resort Calistoga




Solage Calistoga presents Bridal Boot Camp with Caroline Jordan Fitness. Amp up your current workout routine with invigorating fitness classes, re-inspire your health with one-on-one wellness coaching, and soothe your stress at Solage Resort’s renowned spa facilities.

Bridal Boot Camp is open to brides, grooms,  and members of the bridal party who want to improve their health and wellness before the big day. It is an all levels weekend with something to support everyBODY.  When you attend Bridal Boot Camp, you’ll get all the benefits of working out with celebrity wellness coach Caroline Jordan. Caroline believes with the right support anyone can fulfill their vision of a happy, healthy wedding day that looks as good as it feels.

 In addition to the weekend fitness classes at Solage, we will also discuss weight loss strategies, nutritional and other healthy lifestyle tips will help you feel your best on wedding day and into your happily ever after life.



Saturday April 25:

3-4pm Check into Solage Calistoga

430-5pm Vineyard hike

5-630pm All Levels Power Yoga Flow

Sunday April 26:

9-10am Nature Hike

10-11 Pilates and Yoga Fusion class

11-12 One-on-One bridal wellness coaching. Caroline will work with you to create a fitness program custom fit to you and help you set wellness goals to get you to wedding day as your best self.

Member/Resort Guest: $75 per day; Day Guest: $99 per day

About Solage Calistoga Situated on 22-acres and surrounded by panoramic mountains and picturesque vineyards in the heart of California wine country, Solage Calistoga is the brand’s flagship resort, which features 89 contemporary guest studios with complimentary cruiser bicycles and a 130-foot landmark swimming pool. A local favorite and destination for epicureans, the resort is home to Solbar, a six-time Michelin Star-rated restaurant led by the brand’s vice president of Culinary, Executive Chef Brandon Sharp, which features healthful and indulgent fare from its seasonal, ingredient-driven menus. The award-winning Spa Solage offers 20,000 square feet of health and wellness with 14 treatment rooms, a bathhouse with geo-thermal soaking pools, state-of-the-art gym and a Yoga & Movement Studio with complimentary daily fitness classes. Since its opening, Solage Calistoga has garnered numerous industry awards, including recent appearances on the Condé Nast Traveler 2014 Gold List and Travel + Leisure’s 2014 World’s Best Awards.

For more information and reservations, please contact Solage Calistoga at (707) 226-0806 or visit www.solagecalistoga.com. Follow Solage Calistoga on Facebook and on Twitter.


About Solage Hotels & Resorts Solage Hotels & Resorts is a California-based hotel and resort management company that delivers a fresh take on luxury that is approachable, relaxed and engaging. Thoughtfully selected properties foster an authentic sense of place within a sophisticated setting that is welcoming, social, fun and memorable. Designed to serve the active lifestyle and dynamic traveler, the Solage experience features best-in-class culinary and spa offerings. Solage Calistoga, the company’s flagship property in the heart of California wine country, has earned numerous industry awards including Condé Nast Traveler 2014 Gold List, Travel + Leisure’s 2014 World’s Best Awards and consecutive AAA Four-Diamond Awards. For more information about Solage Hotels & Resorts, please visit www.solagehotels.com. 

Get Over the After Lunch Afternoon Slump

You’ve had a busy work day and you are starting to get hit by the dreaded after lunch afternoon slump. You have a TON to get done before the end of the day. What can you do to boost your energy without reaching for a third cup of coffee or diving face first into the communal bowl of office candy?!

I want you to stand up.

Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. each day, many people experience an energy slump. This comes from things like a decrease in your body’s core temperature, digesting an afternoon meal, too much time sitting, or stress. Instead of a quick but short-lived boost from a caffeine-laden drink or a sugary snack, office exercises can increase your energy and give you the stamina to breeze through the second half of your work day with health.

Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday can powerfully impact energy, productivity and efficiency. Whether it’s stretching periodically in your cubicle or walking around during a conference call, small actions can go a long way toward improving your energy levels and performance.

Next time you start to feel the afternoon slump, gift yourself a quick burst of movement. Retreat to a private corner of your office or find a vacant area near a wall clock and do a few of the exercise moves included in the videos below to shake off sitting stiffness and fatigue. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel and you may even get addicted to your afternoon exercise habit. 

These videos are supplements to one of my Corporate Wellness Workshops, “Re-Boot at Work. Life hacks for more energy in work, wellness, and life.” Want to raise awareness of healthy workplace habits and get the support you need to thrive in the office? Contact my about my corporate wellness offerings and workshops at carolinejordanfitness@gmail.com

People get it in their minds, if I don’t get that 30 minutes, I might as well not exercise at all. But that all or nothing thinking limits your life and your performance potential. Living a fit lifestyle doesnt have to be exclusive to gym workouts. Exercise exsits everywhere if you look for it. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk around the office. Stretch when you are at the fax machine. Stand up and step touch while on a phone call. Use your desk chair to stretch. Turn small windows of time into opportuities to be active and invest in long term health benefits. Make physical activity a way of life so that you can be active long term, healthier, more mobile, and just happier all around.

Wishing you happiness and health,


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“Whistle While You Hustle” Spring Playlist

When spring arrives, we naturally enter into this beautiful, colorful time, where layers are shed as we make room for new growth, both within us and around us. There always seems to be a palpable excitement in the air. A wave of freshness takes over… and we all feel it together.

I absolutely love the springtime and the positive possibilities that lie blossoming into a new season. I love to do all I can to embrace it; to feel its presence as deeply as I can.

In the spring, we naturally feel more energized than we have over the last few months. Our minds feel clearer, our eyes brighter, and our hearts bigger. Use this wave of energy to get yourself OUT there. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, challenge yourself to start, or to try something new. Even if you don’t feel totally ready, just go for it. There’s no better time than now – and you certainly won’t regret it. For me, I’m going to start writing a book (yes really…. scary awesomeness!). 

Spring is also a time to clean up your life a bit. A perfect opportunity to get rid of old habits, thoughts, or routines that no longer serve you and create space for those that will. Is there a heavy something you’d like to leave behind? Are you ready to take it off and detox your life for a spring of positive?

Lets welcome in this season with strength, energy and enthusiasm! YOU are your secret to success and I have a feeling you’ll be making big things happen this Spring. Whether you are doing some spring cleaning, crushing your career goals, or kicking butt in the gym, this list of current song hits will help you whistle while you hustle and accomplish your goals with a smile. 


“Whistle While You Hustle” Spring Playlist

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To me, Spring is so much more than pretty flowers, it is a time of reflection, connection, growth, and deep appreciation. “What I know for sure is this: You are built not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more. To be more splendid. To be more extraordinary. To use every moment to fill yourself up.” – Oprah So let go of the old, welcome the new, and celebrate all the beauty in your world. Sending love and best wishes to you and yours…. heres to a spring of you blossoming into more.


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