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10 Minute Self Healing Meditation for Relief from Injury, Illness, Pain, and Negative Thoughts

This 10 minute guided Self Healing meditation will support you in manifesting a full physical mind and body healing. Each time you listen, it will initiate a deep healing transformation of every cell in your body. Other benefits include instant relief from physical pain, healing long-term illnesses, finding deep levels of inner peace, an increased amount of energy, and the quieting of mind chatter. This Self Healing Meditation will soothe your body and relieve your mind of any so you can receive a physically transformative healing experience.

Self Healing Meditation

Self Healing Meditation

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Depressed, anxious, scared, frustrated, angry, hurt, resentful, hopeless, hurt, in pain, desperate, emotional…

Dealing with pain can make you unravel. I know. I have been there and I want to help you feel better.

As you know, I have been working through a particularly challenging foot injury. Its taken me out of so many things I love (high heels included) and there have been times when I have felt depressed, hopeless, frustrated, and physically/mentally exhausted. When I feel like this I know that one of the best things I can do to support myself is to meditate. I find that meditation helps me reset and shift my consciousness so that I can find the present moment and view life in a positive light. This in turn eases my depression/anxiety/exhaustion; sometimes, it eradicates it completely.

The endurance and uncertainty of an injury is emotionally exhausting. In those times where I feel lost, upset, drained, hopeless, or scared about what’s next, I have turned to meditation and prayer to help.

When you feel stuck in that place of hopelessness and depression you must find a way to shift your state of being. Remember your thoughts and beliefs affect your body’s ability to heal. If you are caught in a negative thought cycle and obsessed with your pain, you’ll only move downward. What you focus on expands and if you let yourself worry about pain, you are giving more power to it. Both health and illness is a part of life. When you keep that in mind and have a positive state of mind, then illnesses or injury can change.

If you are feeling hopeless, depressed, or stuck in a state of pain, this quick Self Healing meditation can help you shift your mindset to a more positive place. This Self Healing meditation is about establishing a different relationship with your thoughts and affirming your body’s ability to heal itself. You’re training yourself to place your attention where and when you want. This is very powerful. It gives you the ability to direct your thoughts (and mood) in more productive and peaceful directions. This ability has profound self-healing implications for physical and mental health.

The mind is a powerful thing, and our thought and intent are as potent as any medicine.

How this Self Healing Meditation Helps The Body Heal Itself

The body knows how to heal itself. It is equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that repair broken proteins, kill cancer cells, fight infections, prevent aging, and maintain the homeostasis of the body. When the body gets sick, whether from the common cold or something more serious, like heart disease or cancer, it’s almost always because the body’s self-repair mechanisms have broken down, usually because of stress.

When the nervous system is stressed, as it is during the “fight-or-flight” stress response that is so commonly triggered in modern day life, these self-repair mechanisms are disabled and the body is at risk for disease or injury. Only when the counterbalancing relaxation response is activated, when the sympathetic nervous system is turned off and the parasympathetic nervous system is turned on, can the body heal itself.

So how can you turn on that relaxation response so the body can heal itself? My book, Balanced Body Breakthrough, lists many ways, but one of the simplest and most effective is meditation!  Meditation has been scientifically proven to activate the relaxation response, and as a result, almost every health condition improves. Research has shown meditation is effective in treating angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias, allergic skin reactions, anxiety, mild to moderate depression, bronchial asthma, herpes simplex, cough, constipation, diabetes mellitus, duodenal ulcers, dizziness, fatigue, hypertension, infertility, insomnia, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, nervousness, postoperative swelling, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, side effects of cancer, side effects of AIDS, injury and all forms of pain – backaches, headaches, abdominal pain, muscle pain, joint aches, postoperative pain, neck, arm, and leg pain.

Meditation has been shown to decrease stress-related cortisol, reduce respiration and heart rate, reduce the metabolic rate, increase blood flow in the brain, increase activity in the left prefrontal cortex (which is observed in happier people), strengthen the immune system, and lead to a state of relaxation.

Meditation also reduces work stress, anxiety, and depression, promotes cardiovascular health, improves cognitive function, reduces alcohol abuse, improves longevity, promotes healthy weight, improves immune function, and heightens quality of life.

If you are struggling with injury or illness, making a consistent effort to practice Meditation will help your nervous system relax. Doing so will help you heal from injury, pain, illness, or negative stress patterns that hurt your health.

Meditation for Self Healing

Meditation for Self Healing

Guided Meditation For Self Healing. Heal from Injury, Illness, Pain, and Negative Thoughts

This Self Healing Meditation was inspired by what I have experienced during my own journey to healing, and was specially created to assist those of you who are currently going through physical challenges and dealing with pain. I believe in the body’s wisdom and capacity to heal itself. This 10 minute guided meditation will support you in manifesting a full physical mind and body healing. Each time you listen, it will initiate a deep healing transformation of every cell in your body. Other benefits include instant relief from physical pain, healing long-term illnesses, finding deep levels of inner peace, an increased amount of energy, and the quieting of mind chatter. This Self Healing Meditation will soothe your body and relieve your mind of any so you can receive a physically transformative healing experience.

The benefits of practicing this Self Healing Meditation include:

  • Assisting you in releasing your fears by relaxing your mind
  • Giving you more energy to focus toward physical healing
  • Training your mind to support your body and restore wellness
  • Helping your body relax so it can repair itself.

Guided Meditation For Self Healing. Heal from Injury, Illness, Pain, and Negative Thoughts

  1. Begin by creating a peaceful environment free of distractions or disruptions. Some people have rooms exclusively dedicated to meditation.  Even a small closet can be tricked out to become a special space designed to help your body relax and your soul connect. Meditating outside can also be lovely. The point is to create an environment conducive to freeing your mind from its daily clutter and relaxing your body.
  2. Get comfortable. Choose a position where you can feel grounded and relaxed. Use pillows, cushions, and other props that help you feel comfortable. Keep your back straight so you can breathe deeply with ease.
  3. Close your eyes. Closing your eyes minimizes visual distractions, helps you come back into your body, and starts to settle you.
  4. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. 
  5. Release judgment. Most importantly, don’t judge yourself as you learn to meditate. Criticizing yourself for meditating “badly” or beating yourself up because your mind won’t calm down will only stress you out, defeating the purpose of making attempts to help your body relax so it can repair itself. Remain compassionate with yourself, and pat yourself on the back for any progress you make.
  6. Keep in mind that this meditation is not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your medical doctor immediately. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

Ready to get started? Press play now

10 Minute Self Healing Meditation for Relief from Injury, Illness, or Negative Thoughts.

Try this Self Healing Meditation and let me know how you feel afterwards by leaving me a comment below. I hope this serves you in feeling your best.

The most important thing to remember in our efforts to be good to our body is to remember to love it. In order to heal ourselves, it is essential to remove the negative beliefs that contribute to an unhealthy physical condition. We need to give ourselves positive messages all of the time and release negative pain. We don’t have to wait until we become thin or build our muscles or lower our cholesterol or reduce our fat ratio. We need to love ourselves right now and listen with love to the needs of our bodies. We deserve to feel wonderful all of the time and healing is your divine right.

Be well. ♥ Know that you are loved, and that healing is always possible. ♥



My mission is to empower feel good fitness inside and out. I am here to be of service in your wellness and help you get your mind, body, and spirit in shape so you can love your life. Lets work together and live well. Contact me at 

Want to build a balanced body? Check out my book, Balanced Body Breakthrough and get your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life.

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Things to Remember When Life Gets Really Hard.

Here are a few things to remember when life gets really hard. Help yourself stay strong and positive with these uplifting words.

remember when life gets hard

Photo Credit: Kuroda Studios

Is your life feeling hard right now? Read these words and important reminders.

I wrote this article to send strength and faith out into the universe. I hope that wherever this finds you it gives you light and a reminds you to stay positive, stay strong, and keep your head up.

Here are a few things to remember when life gets really hard: 

Everything in life is temporary. Every time it rains, it stops raining. Every time you get hurt, you heal. Your mind might tell you that this will last forever. It won’t. Nothing lasts forever. After darkness there is always light and this too shall pass. 

You are strong enough to rise above this. Life is tough, but you are tougher. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep going. You were given this challenge because you are strong enough to handle it. Use each setback, each disappointment as a cue to push on ahead with more determination than ever before.  Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. 



“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou

Where you are right now is a necessary step. You are not what you have done, you are what you have overcome.  Your struggles are part of your path. No pain comes without a purpose. Pain is part of growing and living a stronger, more meaningful life.  This is important to remember when you’re having a rough day, a bad month, or a crappy year.  When you feel like quitting, remember that sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can go right.  Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to get to your best.


You can’t have happiness without sadness. Its important to understand that you cant know real joy without real sadness. Life’s ups require life’s downs. When you are able to let go and be at peace with the reality of these ups and downs is when you are able to find more meaning from any challenge. 

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine    

Its OK to not be OK all the time. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to have meltdowns. It’s ok to not have it all together. It’s OK and actually, it’s important. If you just “shove it under the rug” and ignore hurt, pain, or upset it stays with you and negatively effects your life. Allow yourself to feel. Give yourself space to be sad. Don’t be afraid to fall apart for a little while. You have to FEEL it to HEAL it. Because when you do that, the situation will open into an opportunity for you to heal from it, grow from it, and rebuild yourself into a stronger person because of it.

“Don’t forget you’re human. It’s okay to have a meltdown, just don’t unpack and live there. Cry it out and then refocus on where you are headed.”

Being kind to yourself is the best medicine. When it feels like everything is going wrong, show yourself some extra TLC.  Simple pleasures and self-love can help alleviate suffering, whether it’s watching a comedy, using your favorite tea cup, being in nature, hanging with animals, listening to your favorite album, or taking a mini retreat to your favorite place. Whatever works for you. Show yourself a little extra kindness, care, and love when life gets hard. 

Sometimes not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. It forces you to reevaluate things, opening new doors to opportunities and information you would have otherwise overlooked.

Don’t stop Believing. Just because life didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy again. Sometimes you have to go through difficulties, breakups, rejections and painful wounds, in order to gradually discover these powerful truths:  1) Life is not exactly how you thought it was.  2) The loss of one wonderful pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true, long-term happiness and well-being. Life rarely turns out exactly the way you want it to, but you always have an opportunity to make it great.


No matter what, today is a priceless gift and its up to you to make the best of it. There is always, always, always, something to be grateful for. Strength comes when you have so much to cry and complain about, but you prefer to smile and appreciate your life instead. 

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene



You are not alone. We’ve all faced loss, fear, heartbreak, and sadness. So many of us are fighting the same exact battle alongside you.  We are all in this together. Letting others in when you’re having a hard time helps. Let yourself lean on your loved ones and open up to them. No, they won’t always be able to pull you out of the challenge you’re in, but they will be able to give you some light and love on your way through. 


Be positive, patient and persistent. Learn to trust the journey even when you don’t understand it.   The strongest people aren’t the people who always win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.

The dots will connect. We’re not going to always understand why everything happens in our lives. There are things that break us, challenge us, and test our limits. There are things that are not removed and situations that take a long time to change. You have to trust that it is what’s best for you. Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. As Steve Jobs so famously said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Trust that your dots will connect. Have faith in yourself and in the future.

The best thing you can do is choose to be positive and keep going. You can’t control everything that happens to you; you can only control the way you respond to what happens.  Your response is your power over whatever challenge you may face. So “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy with everything.  Sometimes it just means you’re strong and smart enough to accept it and make the best of it.

If you can breathe, you can make it through anything.  When fear, anxiety, worry, or stress sets in, stop yourself and take a minute to regroup. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself worrying about what might happen next. You don’t have any control over that. But you DO have the present moment. Take a DEEP breath and stay committed to being right here, right now. Just take it one day at a time and keep breathing. You’ll make it.  

Those are some reminders I’ve used to help myself through challenges and tough times. What is one reminder that helps you stay strong when life gets really hard? Let me know your words of encouragement in the comments below. 

At the end of the day, I hope that whatever you might be going through you know that:

1. You will get through it

2. You will be stronger for it

3. You will find more greatness out of life because of it.

I’m sending you positive energy and love my friends.


My mission is to help you develop a positive relationship to self and exercise that adds to the quality of your life. Check out my list of services, stay connected about upcoming events by subscribing to my email newsletter, or contact me at to discuss ways we can work together and live well.

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Positively Inspiring Workout Tanks. A Happy Holiday Gift From Caroline Jordan Fitness

 photo 3

I believe positive thoughts equal positive results and that when your mind is in a good place your life will follow suit. The mind is a funny thing, and just like any muscle needs regular exercise to stay positive. The stress of modern living makes it even more challenging to remain mentally grounded, strong, and grateful.  But when you surround yourself with good people, a healthy environment, and inspiration it’s much easier to keep your mind feeling happy, healthy, and motivated for fearless living.

Sometimes even the smallest act, word, or sign can be the one thing that changes your mindset and turns your day around. I teamed up with local designers Manifesto Print Co to create tee-shirts with positive messages. I believe these tanks can serve as a reminder to train positive and live in gratitude. Even something as simple as a screen print tee can actually signal the mind to move into a more powerful place. Below are the first two “Caroline Jordan Fitness” positive thought workout tops to help you train positive. You can order directly from the links below the photos, they ship nationwide.



manifesto print co. was co-founded by a graphic designer, Lexie, & an illustrator, Kiri. They both work in San Francisco and met at their day job at lululemon. The company started off when they found out their friend, Sossi, lost her bike and needed one in order to complete her Triathlon in a few weeks. So, Kiri & Lexie both designed a shirt and partnered with one of Sossi’s friend Courtney to start a Go Fund Me campaign. Everyone who donated got a handprinted shirt and the design, now known as the “This is Our San Francisco” print, had a bunch of bikes hidden in it in honor of Sossi. After that, Lexie & Kiri decided to create a bunch of designs that they were inspired by. They both design & illustrate everyday and have ongoing projects with fitness instructors, yoga studios and teams at corporate companies. manifesto print co. is all about custom printing unique designs and they handprint every shirt that they make.

Im beyond excited about these tees and believe in the positive intention behind the screen printed messages. Id love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my very first clothing product! Can you imagine yourself seeing one of these tees at the gym? What would you think if you saw one? Would you smile, be inspired, or feel grateful? Please leave your words as a comment below.  Your feedback will help me continue to grow and create content that MOVES you. If you think any of your friends might also enjoy these workout tops, please share this post on Facebooktwitter, or email. Id love to see a positive tee smiling back at me in my next class, workshop, or while walking down the street in SF! 

Yours in gratitude,


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photo 2

Food for Thought: “Fitspiration”. Motivating or Body Shaming?

I love to read and spend a lot of my free time wrapped up in my kindle (oh how I miss real physical books). While I love books, Im also an avid Blog subscriber and follow many for inspiration, information, and pleasure. I came across this article on “Fitspiration” by Lindsay and Lexie Kite of the Beauty Redefined and found it to be a powerful piece worth sharing. Read their amazing thoughts below on why “Fitspiration isnt so motivational”:

“If you are on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, you have seen fitness inspiration images just in time for “the holidays” or “bikini season” or your “big day” to motivate you to “get fit” – we call them “fitspiration.” They are almost always images of parts of women without heads or faces. They are always very thin, surgically and/or digitally enhanced, tanned, oiled up parts of bodies with text like this:

Look good, feel good.

Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going.

Girls who are naturally skinny are lucky. Girls who have to fight to be skinny are strong.

No matter how slow you’re going, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.

If you haven’t posted one of these pictures on one of your social networking sites, one of your well-intentioned friends has. I promise. Pinterest itself is a site designed to help people collect images that inspire them, for heaven’s sake. And while a slogan and image motivating you to get out and move and live and do is a beautiful thing, so many of these “fitspiration” messages floating across the web must be exposed for what they are: shame-inducing, objectifying, limiting ideals that keep women in their places as objects to be looked at above all else. 

Ever heard of a thing called “thinspo” or “thinspiration?” It’s an online world of thousands — even millions — of females who share and collect pictures of very thin women as inspiration to keep up their eating disorders. It is a saddening and terrifying world of females banding together to literally get thin at any cost, and thousands of girls and women die every year in this pursuit of thinness. But Beauty Redefined is here to reveal truth — to speak about things as they really are — and we echo Charlotte over on The Great Fitness Experiment“Fitspo may be thinspo in a sports bra.”

It is.

So we are here to provide you with a few ways to determine if the fitness inspiration you are viewing is healthy and motivating you toward real health goals or keeping you imprisoned in a body that is to be looked at above anything else. You are capable of so much more than being looked at. And if you believe that, it puts fitness back into focus as a way to improve your physical health first and foremost.

1. Be very aware of any “fitspiration” that is advertising something. Every company that hosts these ads, all profit from these “girl power!” messages that look so empowering on first glance. The problem with so many of these is what Virginia at calls “a lot of big, fancy girl power talk to sell us stretchy pants and sports bras. This is fine if you’re in the market for some new stretchy pants or a sports bra; not fine if you’re hoping their marketing materials will teach you something profound about yourself.”

fitspiration 1See this bit of fitspiration floating around online? It has effectively chopped a woman into just a part of her — without a head as is so often done in objectifying but totally normal and harmless-looking media. This part of her also happens to be sexually alluring to men, which is so often the case in this same objectifying but totally normal and harmless-looking media. Her hand is placed in her pants in a way that looks very reminiscent of a woman about to pull down her pants in a sexually alluring way. Her hip bones, navel, and cleavage are highlighted by the lighting of the shot, which say nothing of fitness or whatever the “it” is spoken of in the text. This text is open for interpretation so the “it” can be a well-meaning physical fitness goal, but the image would lead one to assume it is a look — a vision of oneself — that is the goal. A sexually appealing, “to be looked at” goal that leaves little room for worrying about internal indicators of health or meeting a fitness goal like hiking to the top of that peak or finishing that race or getting your heart rate up every day.

Pay attention to the advertising so often being done in these “fitness inspiration” messages and you will see what is really being sold here. Is it a message of real health and fitness or a message asking you to commodify yourself by buying sports bras, yoga pants, the latest fitness DVD, etc. to appear a certain way. Advertisers are VERY GOOD at framing their messages as an empowering “You Go Girl!” message with their fists in the air cheering you on. But pay attention to their swift move from using that pumping fist to cheer you on, to punching you in the face for not being enough. If you do not have rock hard chiseled abs, the right workout outfit, etc., you are not good enough until you do. These advertisers will make sure you know that, because their profit depends on your wallet and your beliefs about yourself. They’ll make sure you know you must work for “it” every second. Of every day. For the rest of your life.

2. Next time you see one of these “fitspiration” messages, please ask yourself how it makes you feel. If these images and texts motivate you to respect your body as something that can do so much good, make and reach fitness goals, and maintain health that will keep you happy and able, then they are appropriate for you. If they motivate you to worry about being looked at or to improve parts of your body to meet a beauty ideal you see in media, you must be aware of this. Virginia at so concisely says, “Pay attention to how it makes you feel to be ‘inspired’ by lots of photos of a largely unattainable beauty ideal. Because that’s what rock hard abs are, after all. Yes, sure, core strength is important for your health. But pictures of bikini-clad, chiseled muscles beaded with sweat? That’s about pretty, not about health.”

If these images and messages categorized as “fitness inspiration” actually inspire body shame — you feel ashamed of the beauty ideals you cannot reach and want to hide or judge your body or covet other women’s bodies — then these messages are not inspirational at all. They trigger you to feel anxiety, hopelessness, and ask you to resort to extremes to get somewhere largely unattainable for healthy people. I just finished writing 150 pages of my best work to date to culminate my Ph.D. competency examinations on all these issues Beauty Redefined brings to light, and the most powerful quote struck me hard. It has everything to do with the fitness inspiration we are discussing here:

Taught from infancy that beauty is woman’s scepter, the mind shapes itself to the body and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison.” (Wollstonecraft, 1792)

This woman hundreds of years ago described what girls and women growing up today are asked to do every second of every day for the rest of their lives. We are asked to believe our power, our very identities, our worth, all lie in our bodies because we ARE our bodies. So we are asked to fix every part of our bodies – from the wrong-colored roots of our hair to the scratchy bottoms of our feet and every new flaw in between (baggy fitspiration 3eyelids, insufficient eyelashes, saggy knees, cellulite, stretch marks, and every other sign of life). Men are not asked to fix these “flaws” because this is women’s work — a work that must last a lifetime. We are advertised in media to ourselves as parts of ourselves to encourage us to view ourselves as simply parts in need of constant maintenance and perfection. We are asked to believe we are our bodies and nothing more, and we are asked to adorn the prison that we must reside in every second. Of every day. For the rest of our lives.

Now look again at those “inspirational” fitness messages. Are those messages carefully crafted to appear to be health and fitness inspired, only to sell you a product, keep you fixated on parts of yourself that have nothing to do with your actual health and physical fitness, and keep you roaming around your prison? Our bodies are not prisons — they are gifts that allow us to live and breathe and act and do and be. But when we believe we are only bodies, and health is simply making those parts look presentable and beautiful to people looking at us, we are at once prisoners and the prison guards.

3. We borrow from the fantastic Virginia Sole-Smith again for our last very important point: “Any motivational statement that has to diss another type of body in order to make you feel good about your body? Not. Helping. Anyone.” You’ve seen those photos of Marilyn Monroe vs. Nicole Richie with the words: “When did this become hotter than this?” or some variation. Ugh. When we pit female against female, we get nowhere fast. We continue minimizing each other to our bodies EVERY TIME we judge each others’ bodies, comment on them, even compliment each other.

fitspiration 4One thing Lindsay and I mention at every speaking engagement is this: We have been taught from a young age that girls are to be looked at. So we compliment little girls on how pretty they are and little boys on how funny/rambunctious/smart/anything else they are. When we greet another female, we so often compliment her on her appearance: “Have you lost weight?” “I love your hair!” “Is that a new outfit?” But reverse that scenario. When guys greet each other, how often do you hear them minimize each other to their bodies and appearance? I almost NEVER hear a man say “Is that a new outfit?” or “Your hair looks great today!” to another man, because they do not learn they ARE their bodies like females do. We are capable of so much more than being looked at, but when our dialogue revolves around our bodies and we judge other women’s bodies, we are not getting anywhere progressive or happy or healthy. So next time you see a “fitspiration” post that pits one woman’s body type against another, please comment on it and link to this post!

So where do you turn for fitness information and happy inspiration?! If you are seeking positive inspiration to get fit and healthy and respect your body as something so powerful and capable of more than being looked at, we can help. That’s why Beauty Redefined is here! Check out our in-fitspiration 5depth look at the Body Mass Index (BMI) that has a shocking history and completely flawed present status. Get going on making 2012 the year of the Body Hate Apocalypse by setting real health and fitness goals. We’ve got a fantastic list of them here. Read why fat shaming and focusing on numbers on the scale won’t get us anywhere in terms of real health here.

You are capable of much more than being looked at. When you believe that, you break free from the prison walls that keep you confined to your body, pitted against every other woman/prisoner in her own individual cell, always monitored by a gaze that controls your beliefs about yourself and your actions. Beauty Redefined is here to shine a light in on that lonely prison cell and remind you what you are capable of in a world so badly in need of you — not a vision of you — but all of you. Thank you for joining the fight!

This post originally appeared on Beauty Redefined.”

I connected with Lindsay to thank her for writing this piece and ask to share her thoughts in this space.  In the image obsessed world we live in today,  having a positive, confident body image and healthy relationship to exercise is extremely challenging. You are constantly surrounded by the message that if you just had “six pack abs”,  “worked harder for it”, or a “drowned yourself in sweat” you’d be happy and successful. Well we all know thats NOT true, but if you are around anything enough it influences you. I am grateful to Lindsay and Lexie for writing this piece and reminding us to be a critical viewer of social and media messages.  Its so important to have regular reminders to be a conscious consumer and protect your mental health from images that make you feel negatively about yourself. SHARE this post with anyone you feel could benefit from a little awareness on this subject or body image boost on Facebooktwitter, or emailA healthier, happier world starts with a healthier, happier mind. You are the change. Thank you for being amazing!

Where do you stand, how do you feel? Do these images motivate you towards health or make you feel badly about yourself? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, Id love to hear your opinion! 

Yours in gratitude,


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Buff up your Body Image With This Body Love Strength Workout.

Want to build a stronger body image? Buff up your body image with this body love strength workout.

positive body image

Every time i look in the mirror I choose to celebrate what I’ve got vs. hate what Im not. Its a constant work in progress and somedays are easier than others. Love it what we are born with, self-criticism is what we’ve learned here. The only challenge greater than learning to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, is learning to walk a lifetime comfortably in your own.

In the body image obsessed world we live in today,  having a positive, confident body image is extremely challenging. You are constantly surrounded by the message that if you just had “six pack abs”, a “lean toned physique”, or a “brazillian booty” you’d be happy and successful. Well we all know thats NOT true, but if you are around anything enough it influences you.

You gotta work hard every day to choose self-love over self-hate. By accepting and loving yourself you can inspire others to do the same. Body confidence and self-love is a muscle, the more you work on it the stronger it gets. There’s no better time than right now — yep, right this very minute! — to get started on some serious body-love. Here are my “body love muscle” strength workout tips. Do a self-love mental pushup with these suggestions for success and REPEAT!

Buff up your Body Image with this Body Love Strength Workout (to be done daily times one million reps)

  • Stop the comparison or body bashing when it starts. Stay alert to fighting negative self-talk. Catch yourself when you find yourself saying, “I wish I had her this” or “Id rather look like that”. Nip it at the bud. Don’t build a habit of comparing yourself to others. You are you and that is that. Work to be the best possible YOU vs trying to be a second rate version of someone else. When that little voice of doom pops up in your mind trying to remind you how horrible you think you are, have a strategy for turning those negatives to positives. No one is perfect! When you find yourself being self critical immediately stop and turn your talk around.
  • Talk it out. Feeling bummed about your body? Talk to a friend, coach, or kind ear about it! Getting your feelings out in the open will help you 1. realize they are just thoughts and 2. work to do something positive about them. Thoughts become things – when you bring them out in the open by talking them out with a friend you can help them grow into positive things vs. allowing them to drive you crazy keeping them inside.
  • Become a critical viewer of social and media messages.  Pay attention to images, slogans, or attitudes that make you feel bad about yourself or your body. You have to learn to shield yourself from the constant negative media and culture messages. Look at magazines, tv, fitness images, and other sources of “social image pressure” that make you feel badly about your body image and GET RID of your exposure to them! If you can’t get rid of them, put your blinders on. Be a conscious consumer at all times and protect your mental health with the images you choose to be around.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.  It is easier to feel good about yourself and your body when you are around others who are supportive and who recognize the importance of liking yourself just as you naturally are. Friends don’t let friends engage in “fat talk” or “body shaming”. If you catch your social circle obsessing or stressing about image in a negative way, bring attention to it and ask to STOP it. That talk is toxic.
  • MOVE your body. Exercise not only changes your BODY. It changes your MIND, your ATTITUDE and your MOOD. Movement therapy is something that helps improve everyone’s sense of being. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. Move to generate positive energy, sweat out negative energy, and to be healthy. Being active is one of the best ways to support your health and enjoy life!
  • STOP defining yourself with numbers. You are not your weight. You are not your body fat percentage. You are not your mile speed. You are not your bra size. You are SO SO much more than a number. Don’t give power to or allow numbers to define you. Remember: the scale LIES anyway so why trust it’s judgement or give it’s values power over your mental health, emotional health, and life?? At the end of your life are you really going to remember the numbers? NO. You are going to remember the quality of your life based off how you lived it. And being obsessed with the scale is not a happy way spend your days.
  • Work the Gratitude. Snap out of a negative body funk by giving THANKS for your body. YOUR BODY IS AMAZING. Its a miracle. Its a gift. Stop focusing on the one thing its not and start celebrating all the wonderful things it IS. Appreciate all that your body can do.  Every day your body carries you closer to your dreams.  Celebrate all of the amazing things your body does for you—running, dancing, breathing, laughing, dreaming, etc. Appreciating all that you have to be grateful for is one the very best ways to remember that you’re so very lucky to be uniquely YOU. Your body is the most incredible instrument you will ever own, stay thankful always.
  • Do Some GOOD. Use the time and energy that you might have spent worrying about food, calories, and your weight to do something to help others.  Sometimes reaching out to other people can help you feel better about yourself and can make a positive change in our world.
  • Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue what you want. I do believe it is possible to love yourself and work on self improvement, when the intention for change comes from a compassionate place vs a place of criticism or self hate. When you accept and love yourself and your body, you know that whatever healthy changes you are making isn’t to change a part of you. It isn’t coming from a place of, “There’s something wrong with me, and I need to fix it.” It’s coming from a place of, “I’m enhancing my life. This healthy choice is good for my mind, body, and spirit.”
  • Look at yourself as a whole person.  When you see yourself in a mirror or in your mind, choose not to focus on specific body parts.  See yourself as you want others to see you–as a whole person with a healthy mind, heart, and soul <3
  • Remind yourself that “true beauty” is not simply skin deep.  When you feel good about yourself and who you are, you carry yourself with a sense of confidence, self-acceptance, and openness that makes you beautiful regardless of whether you physically look like a supermodel.  Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of your body.

Do you work on your positive body image, self-confidence, and self-esteem? Leave a comment below and let me know one way you strengthen your body love muscle.

Be the change in a world full of body-hate. Lead by example. BE YOURSELF, ACCEPT YOURSELF, VALUE YOURSELF, FORGIVE YOURSELF, BLESS YOURSELF, EXPRESS YOURSELF, TRUST YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, EMPOWER YOURSELF. You are you and that is that – no apologies or regrets. You get one body and one life – work to love it and have a healthy relationship with it (imperfections included!). Be positive, be present, this is your LIFE. Don’t wait. Love your body now and live every second in gratitude, health, and happiness. You can’t be real if you are trying to be perfect, and you can’t be authentically YOU either. Be you, be real, be amazing.

Sending you love and light. Keep working those body image push-ups, you’re doing great.


Want more help on loving yourself inside and out? Check out my book, Balanced Body Breakthrough . I’ve got chapters worth of content on body image, body confidence, self love, self-esteem, and self-care. It will help you take action and love yourself so you can love your life.

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Self Care is the secret to a Wealthy Life. Happiness and Health is PRICELESS.


Making YOURSELF a sacred priority is one of the smartest moves you can make. The April theme of “self-care” has been a powerful reminder of that.

In week one, I provided a few powerful questions to help you define what self care means to YOU and personalize your approach to making it a part of your life. Week 2 listed many creative ways to practice physical self care and “take care of your body when you don’t have time to take care of your body”. Week three was internal health, the mental, emotional, and spiritual self care that can transform your life. It has been a month full of information and inspiration and I hope some of the articles allowed you to define, refine, and practice self care in your day to day life. Was there a suggestion or part of the month that helped or inspired you? Leave me a comment below and let me know one of your experiences or learning lessons from the month of self-care.


Wellness is a natural state of being and it is something that I hold as a high priority in my life. I realized as a young woman that in order to be successful in any aspect of my life I must be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. It is something that I work for every day, the road to self-care is a constant work in progress. My desire for wellness motivates me as I view it as the foundation for true wealth and joy. I have seen how loving myself first has positively TRANSFORMED my life and continues to work wonders in the world.  And let me tell you, it feels SO good to live a life in which your happiness and health comes first.

I believe that success isn’t the secret to happiness but that HAPPINESS is the secret to success. Love yourself and love your life and you will be successful.

I also believe that health is the ultimate WEALTH and that through self care and self love you can live an abundant life. If you aren’t physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually healthy then you can’t live your life fully. Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy or healthy. At the end of the day, sacrificing your health or happiness is a waste of the BEST gift on earth, the gift of living life to the fullest and sharing that full life with others. You were given this one life to LIVE it. Your health and your happiness is PRICELESS.

When you are at your healthiest, you are at your most helpful to the world. We should all strive to thrive and do those things that make us happy, every day. Don’t feel guilty about it, you are able to show up more for others when you start showing up for yourself first.

Self care is about learning to value yourself and learning to fight for your health and happiness. With so many limiting cultural beliefs working against us we all need support. In order to see a change you must BE THE CHANGE. Join me in working towards a world that encourages others to live happy, healthy, lives through self-care. The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others, the self-care revolution starts with YOU.

While the month of April’s theme of self-care may be over, its an ongoing process that takes consistent dedication, faith, work, and sweat. Let’s make a commitment to love ourselves by practicing self-preservation through self-care. For now, I’ll leave you with this affirmation. Speak it, think it, live it: “My health is my wealth. When I take care of my health it is like depositing money in the bank of Abundant Life!”

 In Happiness and health,


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How to Get Lucky



Some have it. Some dont. Some of us use four leaf clovers trying to get it. And some of us don’t believe in it.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word luck means “a force that brings good fortune or adversity; the events or circumstances that operate for or against and individual; or a favoring chance.” Im one to believe that the “force” that brings good luck into your life could be YOU. Many people have studied luck to investigate if it’s self-created or just for the lucky. Psychologist Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K., did a 10-year study of 400 men and women who considered themselves either extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. He found that lucky people might seem to get all the breaks, but it’s not because they lead magically charmed lives. It’s because they “generate their own good fortune.” Their luck comes from their attitude and behavior—more specifically, their positive thinking and positive actions. Wiseman also discovered that it’s possible to change your luck. When he trained the unlucky people to act and think positive, like the lucky ones, they noticed results within a month: They were happier and had more good things happen for them.

Is Wiseman right? Is luck just something you are born with or can you grow your own garden of four leaf clovers? Here are my thoughts on how to “get lucky” in your life.

How to Get Lucky.

Think Positive. Having a positive outlook on life is a must if you want to become a luckier person. When you dwell on the negative events in your life, you will experience only the negative.  But when you concentrate on positive events, you will begin to feel much happier and luckier. The world is often a mirror of ourselves. By keeping a positive attitude most people will react to you in a similar manner. When you keep a positive attitude towards other people they will be more positive towards you and offer you far more opportunities and help than if you keep a negative attitude. Positive thinking allows you to see the silver lining and create stronger relationships with others who can help you towards your goals.

Don’t wait for your dreams. CHASE them. Don’t wait for opportunities to fall into your lap. Go out and proactively seek the solutions and opportunities you need. Sure what you want might fall into your lap some time in the future. But you if you are proactive then you can find some of them today. Don’t waste any time. Get out there.

Work Hard. The harder you work, the luckier you will become.  Stop waiting around for things to work out on their own. If you want good luck in your life, you’ve got to be willing to give it 100% every day.  No slacking off!  Take some advice from one of America’s most influential founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson,   “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Achieving your goals and dreams can be a lot of work – and you are worth all of it.  Be ready to put in some sweat.

Focus on your Long Term Goals – not how you get there. Plans can and will change. But long term goals don’t.  Happy marriage, talented kids, meaningful work and a successful career – these usually remain constant but how we get there can change over time. Success is never a straight line but a path full of curves and side roads.  If you can learn to zig zag your  way through and swim in uncharted waters, you will be successful.

Surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and support you towards your goals. Energy is contagious and you will catch the vibes of those around you whether its positive or negative. Make sure you hang with people who spread feel good energy instead of toxicity!

Keep an open mind. Being open to new people, places, or things. You never know when a chance meeting or new experience could lead to getting lucky.

Take risks and Try NEW things! “If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” If you want more luck, mix it up.  Unlucky people tend to be creatures of habit.  They take the same route to and from work every single day, talk to the same types of people at social functions, and live out the same routine day in and day out.  In contrast, lucky people try to introduce variety into their lives.  They are adventurous.  They take calculated risks.  They are consistently taking action in the face of uncertainty. When you take small risks, either you succeed or you learn something.  Win-Win.  Take the leap even when you can’t see every last detail coming over the horizon.  Remember, if you never act, you will never know for sure, and you will be left standing in the same unlucky spot forever.

Trust Your Gut. Lucky people make effective decisions by listening to their intuition and gut feelings. They take steps to actively boost their intuitive abilities like meditating , journaling, and clearing their mind of other thoughts. When you take time to listen to yourself, its easier to hear what your gut is saying. Practice tuning in and trusting your intuitive thoughts.

Help Others. It’s impossible to help someone else and not get a little help for yourself in the process. The old saying “what goes around comes around” is definitely true in all walks of life, and it comes around when you least expect it.  In life, you get what you put in.  Remember, luck often comes in the form of help when you need it most, and the best way to ‘grease the rails’ for help when you’ll eventually need it is by helping others right now. When you help others, don’t expect something in return.  Just enjoy the experience of helping that person and building a stronger personal relationship.  That stronger relationship will likely be there for you in your moments of challenge.

Look for the opportunity in adversity. You make your own luck when you look at adversity as a source of opportunity. In this world, life cannot hand you a negative moment without a positive lesson hidden deep inside. This isn’t to say that you should be in denial when negative moments happen. But when you can look beyond the negative and see the positive in every challenge, that’s the beginning of a lucky moment. Lucky people employ various  techniques to cope with, and often even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes their way. Don’t let life’s challenges bring out the stress in you, let them bring out the BEST in you.

Make the Best of The Hand Your Dealt. There are many things in life that our out of our control, but there are also many, many things we can do to make the most of the life we’ve been given. We’re all uniquely awesome and we all have the ability to do amazing things. Sometimes it can be hard to remember this (especially when we’re feeling down in the dumps), but we really do all have the ability to make our own luck. Some of us have a lot more to overcome than others, but we all have the ability to work hard and seek out opportunities. Making your own luck is difficult; it’s much easier to sit back and hope luck comes your way, but if you don’t go out there and go after it, you could spend your whole life waiting.

BELIEVE in yourself. This is not arrogance, its the secret to success. You must believe in yourself in order to create the life you want. In all walks of life, positive beliefs have the power to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Lucky people believe they CAN be successful. Live each day believing in yourself and in your ability to be successful, and over time you will be.

Do you think luck is something you are born with or something you create? To me, luck is so much more than a four-leaf clover or a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Luck is something we can act on, something we can create, and even something we can share with others. Luck is so many things and it can even be something that’s unique for everyone. Even if we never fully understand luck there is one thing I know for sure: If you followed all the tips above your life would be lucky and blessed.

May the road rise to meet you,


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The Positive Thought Diet.


Have you been eating too many negative thoughts lately?? Are they causing you to feel defeated, tired, stressed, upset, or unhappy? Are they creating adverse reactions like overeating, random acts of anger, apathy, sleeplessness, or lack of interest in your life? Why do you keep eating them if they make you feel SICK??

Studies have shown that 75% to 95% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thoughts. We know that what we think about affects us physically and emotionally and the average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day. If most of those 30,000 daily thoughts are negative or fearful, that’s like eating poison!

Research shows that fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different hormones. Toxic waste generated by toxic thoughts causes the following illnesses: diabetes, cancer, asthma, skin problems and allergies to name just a few. And you know it’s true: Negative self-talk is limiting, crippling and harmful. Your words and thoughts carry the toxic energies of fear, shame, criticism, judgment, fear, blame, and doubt. As a result, you feel depressed, depleted and dispirited….. and well…. not in love with your life.

I believe the only diet you ever need to be on is a positive thought diet. Detox your mind from thoughts that make you feel sick and take away your ability to fully enjoy your life. Take out the trash talk and your life will eventually clean up the way you want. No one is perfect, we all struggle with this. But simply building an awareness over the thoughts that control your life can help you be more mindful over the thoughts you choose to cultivate. You mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds : you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Want to get rid of the weeds and grow flowers instead? ?? Get on the positive thought diet. 110% results guaranteed.  Here’s how :


Time to cook up some positive!

Detox your life! Caroline’s positive thought diet. I eat positive for breakfast!!

  • Clean out the criticism cabinet. Look in your head cabinet and clean out all criticism! Criticism never changes a thing. Refuse to criticize yourself, throw all the trash talk in the TRASH. Accept yourself exactly as you are. Everybody changes. When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative. When you approve of yourself, your changes are positive.
  • Feed yourself forgiveness on a weekly basis. Let the past go. You did the best you could at the time with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge that you had. Now you are growing and changing, and you will live life differently. Its a process! Forgive regularly and keep moving forward.
  • Don’t believe scary, false packaging. Stop scaring yourself with fearful, terrorizing thoughts. It’s an awful way to live. Remember FEAR stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Have any of your fears EVER come true? Yea I thought so. Don’t waste your life spending time hanging out with your fearful thoughts. Acknowledge them and call them out. Then throw them in the trash along with the self criticism and take it OUT.
  • Marinate the mind with positive juices. Our mind is a sponge. It absorbs almost everything it encounters. From the negative comment a work colleague made a year ago to some awful things we heard on the news, we can’t but help internalizing all the things our senses pick up. Sadly there is a LOT of negative out there in the world. Positive thinking isn’t about ignoring the negative, its about overcoming it. And to do this, you must marinate the mind with positive influences on a daily basis. From surrounding yourself with positive people, reading inspirational blogs, or watching TED talks, do what it takes to be more proactive about what you put into your mind rather than just allow others to influence it. Regularly putting positive things (words, messages, conversations, stories, pictures, etc.) into the mind will help you overcome the negative influences of the world with optimism.
  • Take a daily dose of gentleness morning, noon, and night. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself as you learn how to follow the positive diet and eat new ways of thinking. Treat yourself as you would someone you really loved. Feed yourself with compassion and care regularly throughout your day.
  • Be Kind to Your Mind at all Meals. Self-hatred is only hating your own thoughts. Don’t hate yourself for having the thoughts. We are all human – we ALL struggle with this! Gently change your thoughts and be kind to yourself in the process.
  • Dish out meals on plates of praise. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit. Praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can – at every meal and snack. Tell yourself how well you are doing with every little thing. Celebrate your progress.
  • Serve yourself with support. Find ways to support yourself at every opportunity. Reach out to friends and allow them to help you. Set boundaries and honor your commitments to yourself. Strong means practicing self care,  asking for help when you need it, and finding ways to support yourself towards living the life you want.
  • Learn everything you can about positive life fueling. Don’t let the positive diet be a quick fix or fad in your life. Learn everything you can about living your best life and KEEP learning! Learn about nutrition. What kind of fuel does your body need in order to have optimum energy and vitality? Learn about exercise. What kind of exercise do you enjoy? Learn about self-care. What do you need to feel balanced and well? Cherish and revere the body and soul you were blessed to live in and never stop.
  • Sip on self-love 24-7. Don’t wait until you get well, or lose the weight, or get the new job, or find the new relationship. Begin now—and do the best you can. I have found that there is only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to love yourself. When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. They get the jobs they want. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or the negative ones dissolve and new ones begin. Loving yourself is a lifetime of learning and practice – you get better at it but you never stop practicing. Just like a muscle you work out in the gym if you don’t use it you will lose it. And just like drinking water, self-love is key for flourishing in life. Start now. Drink it it up!

Watch the thoughts you are feeding yourself. You cant live a happy, healthy life with an unhappy, unhealthy mind. Happiness and health is an inside out process and I believe that by following the positive thought diet you will THINK WELL, live well, and be well in your life.

Have you struggled with negative thoughts that have hurt your health? Whats one thing you ate that helped? 😉 If you liked this post or found it useful in your life, please share it with your friends on Facebookpinteresttwitter, or email. Id love to help others eat the positive diet too 😉 Thanks for all your support and till next time, keep smiling.


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Don’t Seek Love, Live in Love. 70 ways to Fall in Love with your Life!

Don’t Seek Love, Live in Love


When Valentine’s Day approaches, we all start looking for signs of love outside of ourselves—chocolate, cards, phone calls, flowers, gifts or other sweet sentiments.  Its all to easy to connect our happiness to these external factors and use these things to define the level of love in our lives.

Yet it’s important to remember that happiness is not really determined by the external world, but by the world found inside of you. No amount of flowers, gifts, or love from someone else can fill a void created by a lack of internal happiness. Love is an inside job—and the irony of it is, in order to receive it, we have to already have it. So with Valentine’s Day coming up, Id like to invite you to look at your relationship with yourself and your life. Are you in love with it?

Love takes work. Relationships take work. And the love you have for yourself and your life – yes you guessed it – takes work. Just like anything worth working for, great love doesn’t happen over night. It takes time, sweat, dedication, patience, practice, persistence, and a positive attitude. Learning to love life and all that life has to bring you is a sure way to bring more happiness into your world. One small intentional action a day can create a big changes in creating a life you love. Here are my thoughts on 70 different ways you can create a positive, powerful relationship to your life, and fall in love with it…. every minute of it.

70 Ways to create a positive, powerful relationship to your life. 

  1. Love yourself first.
  2. Live in the present moment.
  3. Don’t ignore the past.
  4. Look for the good in everyone.
  5. Don’t believe everything you think.
  6. Be honest with yourself.
  7. Do what you enjoy doing.
  8. Eat foods that nourish you from the inside out.
  9. Travel. As often as possible.
  10. Give back to others.
  11. Practice patience.
  12. Don’t avoid conflict.
  13. Know what really matters.
  14. Learn to say no.
  15. Learn to say yes.
  16. Create positive rituals.
  17. Find something to believe in.
  18. Accept what you cannot change.
  19. Don’t try to change others.
  20. Let go, forgive, and move forward.
  21. Stand up for yourself.
  22. Be grateful for what you have.
  23. Avoid judgments, stereotypes, and assumptions.
  24. Expect good things.
  25. Be open-minded.
  26. Find a positive outlet.
  27. Use positive language (especially when talking to yourself).
  28. Take chances.
  29. Don’t sabotage your happiness. Get out of your own way.
  30. Find your voice and listen to it.
  31. Surround yourself with positive people.
  32. Believe in your ability to change your life.
  33. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  34. Ask for help.
  35. Take life one day at a time.
  36. Treat others how they want to be treated. Golden rule people!
  37. Don’t let fear hold you back. Feel the fear. Do it anyway.
  38. Avoid complaining.
  39. Don’t create unnecessary drama. Don’t put up with people that do.
  40. Stop making excuses.
  41. Get rid of mental clutter.
  42. Get rid of physical clutter.
  43. Set up clear boundaries.
  44. Seek out opportunities.
  45. Don’t take things personally.
  46. Celebrate the little things.
  47. Trust your intuition.
  48. Help others help themselves.
  49. Be a good listener.
  50. Don’t take life so seriously.
  51. Pick your battles.
  52. Highlight your strengths.
  53. Look for beauty everywhere.
  54. Let go of what you don’t need.
  55. Work hard and play hard.
  56. Know your life has a purpose.
  57. Greet yourself with love.
  58. Pay attention to what your body is saying.
  59. Take calming time-outs.
  60. Don’t wait for someday.
  61. Look for learning opportunities.
  62. Make time to play.
  63. Don’t settle. Ever.
  64. Don’t waste time on hate and envy.
  65. Handle stress positively.
  66. Inspire yourself – and others.
  67. Try your best in everything.
  68. Turn your face to the sun.
  69. Stop wanting to be what you’re not.
  70. Be your own hero.

“If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.” Give yourself permission to fall in love with your life, no matter what’s missing or what you wish could be different. It’s your life and like it or not, you are married to it. You might as well make it the relationship of a lifetime and find all the beauty in it. Love is a choice. No one can take that choice away from you and no darkness is bold enough to extinguish it. Go ahead… you have nothing to lose. Fall head over heels with your life. Every minute of it.

Till next time…. live in love,


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Life Lessons From 2013: “The Year Of Yes”


As a health and wellness coach, Im sure it comes as no surprise to you that New Years is one of my favorite holidays. Dreaming, defining, and discovering life goals is  a passion of mine and a new year brings so much positive potential it’s beyond exciting. I’m like a kid on Christmas come January first.

As some of you know I am a fan of creating a “theme” for a New Year. I believe this sets a strong, powerful intention for a desired outcome and allows you to stay consistent in taking action towards a year congruent with that theme. For example, 2012 for me was the “year of self love”  where I dedicated time, energy, and effort towards loving myself first. It was an incredible year (highly recommend the theme!) full of health, happiness, and getting strong in every area of my life. At the end of the year I was a completely different woman, self-love had allowed me to spread my wings and start flying.  I felt more alive than ever and was ready to explore everything life had to offer. It seemed only appropriate that the following year, 2013, should be the year of discovery with a brand new set of eyes. It was then the theme “Year of Yes” was born.

My challenge for the Year was this:

  1. Define my priorities, values, goals, and dreams for 2013.
  2. Think of one thing to say yes to everyday that would contribute to the growth and potential of those goals. “Do one thing a day that scares you” in the best possible way.
  3. Use the year of yes as an opportunity to stretch in areas where in the past saying no  created limits.
  4. Use YES as a way past fears and into fearless living.
  5. Discover the outcome of what happens by being open to the infinite possibilities of life by saying “YES”.
Year of YES vision board January 2013

Year of YES vision board January 2013

Quick clarifications on the “Year of Yes” theme:

  • There is a big difference between being a “doormat” and saying yes to your life. Doormats say yes to everyone else’s needs first. Successfully living in the year of yes to me means knowing yourself and evaluating requests to see if they are in line with what you want and need first.  When you’re crystal clear about your goals, you can painlessly arrange new activities and opportunities in the right order and turn down the ones that do not support the outcomes you want for your year. Often times the thing keeping you from reaching your dreams is simply sitting down and knowing what exactly is important to you and what you WANT. If you don’t know yourself it makes it harder to say yes to things inline with that doesn’t it??
  • If you are a people pleaser the year of yes will challenge you to truly get to know yourself,  your desires,  and to learn to prioritize those without feeling guilty. It will also challenge you to set boundaries so that you can enjoy the things you say yes to fully.
  • Of course there are appropriate times to say no and you must honor your intuition and respect those times. This is also a great opportunity to learn to trust your gut (and to learn what happens when you don’t 🙂
At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want.

At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are and you know what you want.

Without further ado, here are a few valuable lessons I learned in 2013,

“The Year of Yes”


Life Lessons From My “Year Of Yes”

  • Life really does begin outside your comfort zone. That feeling you get when you try something for the first time. When you learn something new. When you don’t know what to expect. When you surprise yourself. Wonder, awe, excitement – those feelings fuel your “aliveness”. And while we all love a saturday night in watching movies, living in the comfort zone too often eventually leads to boredom, ruts, depression, and feeling “stuck”. After all, “If You Do What You’ve Always Done You’ll Get What You’ve Always gotten.” In order to live freely and happily, you must sacrifice the comfort zone, and this is not always an easy sacrifice. Making the conscious effort to continually challenge yourself, be a lifetime learner, and be uncomfortable when experiencing something new is the fuel that will keep you feeling alive. You will get a rush of life when you jump in… and not with a single toe, but with your whole self. Get your hair wet!970862_10151657477265100_341081919_n
  • Your fears are really so much bigger in your head. Have you ever done something you were afraid of and realized, “wow that totally wasn’t bad at all??”. Yea I thought so. Thats because the things you feel scared or uncomfortable by are much bigger in your mind. Taking action is the best way to overcome the over thinking or dramatizing the mind likes to create. If conquering the fear and saying YES will help you grow towards your goals,  ask yourself, “whats the worst that can happen?” and then feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY. You’ll find the things you thought were scary are actually not all that bad in reality. And once you start facing fears it gets SO much easier to face more.

    feel the fear and JUMP anyway!!

    feel the fear and JUMP anyway!!

  • Sometimes you dont know what you need. Think you always know what’s best for you? Think again. People and experiences can teach you something about yourself you never knew if you give them a chance.
  • Flexibility is a muscle that if you workout will help your life be stronger. Have you ever heard the saying, “blessed are the flexible for they will never be bent out of shape”? Well it’s true. The more flexible you are with life, the easier life is for you. Change is the only constant, yet most of us resist it. Learning to let go, accept, adapt, and go with the flow is vital to our happiness and general success. Saying yes to new experiences challenges you to exercise your flexibility muscle allowing you to grow and begin to see a world you never knew was possible.
  • You are stronger than you think and braver than you believe. When you start to test your limits you uncover you don’t have as many as you once thought. Remember, FEAR stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real” . Challenge your fears.  You owe it to yourself to try and find out just how limitless you are.
  • Sometimes you might not like what you said yes to. And that’s totally ok. This is really the only way to learn and grow vs staying stuck in the world of no.
  • Saying YES means you have to be willing to let yourself be vulnerable. Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience fully living life. If you play it too safe you miss all the good parts. Allowing yourself to feel scared, to learn, to experience, to grow is one of the gifts saying yes will bring you.532502_10101877009330083_538977864_n
  • Saying yes to life is actually a practice in self-care and self-love. Defining what you want in YOUR life is the first step – going after it is the hard part. The experience of saying yes as an act of self-nurturing can be transformative. For me the year was about saying YES to myself, yes to my life, and yes to what excites my spirit. And that is self-love. And let me tell you – saying YES to living a life I love feels great.

So the question you have is this: after ALL of this, has the year of YES helped me reach the New Years resolution outcomes I had hoped for?? YES, YES, YES a million times over. There is a lot of power in using this one little word intentionally to reach your goals. And even though the year is over I continue to trust, love, and respect myself by saying YES to living my life to the fullest. And so far, life has been responding with an overwhelming YES to me. At the end of this year, there is one thing I know for sure:

The best things in life don’t happen when you say no. They happen when you have the guts to say yes.

With love and lots of YES to you,


“Find a way to say yes to things. Say yes to invitations to a new country, say yes to meet new friends, say yes to learn something new. Yes is how you get your first job, and your next job, and your spouse, and even your kids. Even if it’s a bit edgy, a bit out of your comfort zone, saying yes means that you will do something new, meet someone new, and make a difference. Yes lets you stand out in a crowd, be the optimist, see the glass full, be the one everyone comes to. Yes is what keeps us all young.” Eric Schmidt

These words are my own and were written from my heart to yours. Copyright Caroline Jordan Fitness <3