Month: October 2013

Healthy, Happy Halloween. Frightfully fierce workout circuit and Spooktacular Playlist!

One of the reasons I think so many people struggle with their weight over the holidays is because of an “all or nothing mindset”. They have the best of intentions, but with one piece of candy or a missed workout, throw their goals in the trash can. Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, …

October 27, 2013
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Healthy, Green Juice Detox Recipes. Drink your Greens For More Energy!

Give your diet a healthy boost with these simple green juice detox recipes! I like to be busy, so its important to make sure I get the nutrients I need to function at full speed. Thats why I drink my greens. Full of raw, seasonal produce, green juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino …

October 20, 2013
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How To Become A Group Fitness Instructor. Everything You Need To Know About Teaching Group Fitness.

Want to become a group fitness instructor? Here is everything you need to know about teaching group fitness and working in the fitness industry. I get a lot of emails and messages from people interested in becoming a group fitness instructor and teaching group fitness full or part time. Since there is such a demand …

October 13, 2013
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All Natural Ways to PUMP up your energy.

Have you ever suffered from an ENERGY SHORTAGE? Maintaining healthy energy levels and conquering drowsiness before it overwhelms your mind can be  a challenge without the help of caffeine, taurine and drugs.  And with the abundance of energy drinks and coffee shops conveniently located all around us, finding an unnatural, unhealthy energy boost is easy.  Taking …

October 5, 2013
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