Month: July 2020

Low impact cardio and strength workout for Plus Size, Overweight, Beginners (100kg above!)

♥ No matter how where you are in your health and fitness, you CAN start losing weight and improving your life! Start this workout with me ♥ Snap & Share pictures of your progress. Tag me @carolinejordanfitness I want you to achieve a healthy & happy weight. =) ♥ LIKE, SHARE this video & SUBSCRIBE. …

July 20, 2020
hurt foot total body workout

Hurt Foot Total Body Workout. 30 minute Non Weight Bearing Exercise Class (safe and effective!)

This Hurt Foot Total Body Workout is a Non-Weight Bearing fitness class full of Exercises You Can safely Do With A Foot, Ankle, Or Leg Injury. Stay fit and stay positive with this at home routine guaranteed to get you sweating and smiling! Having a foot or ankle injury is challenging in every way. But …

July 13, 2020
core stability workout

Core Stability Workout – Workout for Pain Relief Exercises, Better Posture, High Performance (QUICK & EASY!)

Core stability exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis (hips and glutes!). Strong core muscles make it easier to do all your favorite physical activities, improve posture, and help with pain relief. Read on to get the essential core stability workout to help you achieve …

July 6, 2020