Month: April 2022

body scan meditation for pain relief

How To Meditate Without Pain. Body scan meditation for pain relief (10 Minutes)

In this guided body scan meditation for pain relief, I invite you to take a few moments of mindful attention so you can center yourself in the face of stress. Over the course of the next 10 minutes, I will guide you in calm, controlled breathing and a guided body scan to release physical tension. …

April 21, 2022

Knee Strength Exercises Level 2. Build Strong Knees with this routine – really works!

Welcome to knee strength exercises level 2. I am Caroline Jordan your certified health and fitness coach, and this video is part of my 3 part series to help you re-align and strengthen the muscles around the knee for injury recovery and injury prevention. You will need a pilates mini ball or a pillow for …

April 18, 2022