Healthy and Fit Holiday Gift Ideas 2015


Gift ideas for everyone on your list who’s into staying fit and feeling fabulous. Here are my top picks from every price range so that you can¬†give the gift of health and happiness this holiday season. You have the power to help someone FEEL good inside and out. And that is something that lasts long past New Years ūüôā

Balanced Body Breakthrough Book.

Give the gift inspiration, encouragement, and self-care support with my¬†Caroline Jordan Fitness coaching book “Balanced Body Breakthrough”. This book is the in depth guide to getting¬†your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so that you can LOVE your life. I believe this book will be a great resource in¬†empowering personal and community wellness. It¬†makes a great holiday gift,¬†and by pre-ordering your copy, you can help me reach the 250 pre-order goal to gain publishing (currently¬†at 180 copies sold ‚Äď 70 copies away from making this dream a reality.)

Please visit:…/balanced-body-breakthrough to pre-order your copy and give the gift of wellness this holiday. 

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how obsessed I am with my balls ūüėČ Created by Jill Miller the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls measure at about 2 1/2″ in diameter each and are made of a special rubber that grips at your skin, grabs at multiple layers of muscles, and rubs out adhesions and tension, providing a deep tissue massage. Jill created¬†Yoga Tune Up¬ģ as a simple way to restore her¬†body and mind to keep balanced and free of pain. And its TRUE: through¬†regular self massage¬†you too can LIVE BETTER IN YOUR BODY. If you havent experienced the yoga tune up balls you are doing your body a disservice. I travel with them everywhere and pull them out whenever I feel a muscle get cranky. Want to get rid of pain but dont know where to start? Ive created a whole YouTube video playlist to help you learn how to recover, restore, and renew your body with strategic self massage.

Yoga Tune Up Self Massage Videos

Tsuya by Kristi Yamaguchi  fitness apparel


Mckenna Skirt and Madison Pullover by Tsuya by Kristi Yamaguchi

Tsu.ya (pronounced tsoo-ya) is designed to feel good and deliver style that fits every part of an active lifestyle. Influenced by Kristi’s years as an international athlete traveling to fashion capitals around the world, Tsu.ya, offers modern designs, on-trend colors and sophisticated style, plus ultra comfortable fabrics.

My favorite Tsu.ya pieces: Alli Cami Tank, Penelope Capri, and the Whitney Wrap Jacket. Plus the Mica jacket is the perfect little black jacket for a casual day in the city or office. 

Best part of all is if you give Tsuya as a gift, YOU are giving back! A portion of the proceeds from all Tsu.ya sales goes to the Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation, which inspires underserved children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy.

Mica Jacket by Tsuya by Kristi Yammaguchi

Mica Jacket by Tsuya by Kristi Yamaguchi

Vega Protein

Everyone loves to fuel right, they just dont always love paying the price. However the question shouldnt be why is healthy food so expensive, it should be why is unhealthy food is so cheap. When you choose to invest in the best, you reap the benefits. I’ve been a Vega product user for years and truly believe in the products and the quality of health they supply. I’ve learned how to fuel BETTER through experimenting with the Vega line in my healthy lifestyle.¬†From¬†Vega One All in One Nutritional Shake¬†to Vega Protein & Greens¬†there is a perfect product for every lifestyle and diet. For your athletic friends, the¬†company just upgraded their¬†Vega Sport Performance Protein¬†line¬†which now has:

  • Increased Protein, BCAAs, and glutamine: 30 grams of GMO-project certified, complete-plant based protein per serving and 6 grams each BCAAs and glutamine
  • Added Performance Ingredients: turmeric, tart cherry, black pepper, probiotics (1 billion CFUs), and bromelain
  • New Non-GMO Project certified Protein Blend: from pea, pumpkin seed, organic sunflower seed and alfalfa protein

Just like always, Vega products are made without dairy, soy, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Its my go-to choice for fueling right. You can check out my simple protein smoothie and pumpkin spice smoothie for simple ideas on how to fuel better with Vega. 

Having too much fun living spreading the Vega love.

Having too much fun living spreading the Vega love.

Fitbit Charge or Fitbit Flex

Unbeatable technology, the largest fitness community, and a family of fitness products for everyone.¬†Fitbit is on a¬†mission to empower people to lead healthier, more active lives by providing them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals.¬†The Fitbit platform enables users be more active, exercise more, eat smarter, sleep better and help manage their weight to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Fitbit knows that¬†one size does not fit all so they¬†continue to offer the widest range of all-day trackers (6) and price points ($60-250) to fit consumers’ varying needs and lifestyles.

Their¬†products help motivate millions of people to achieve their goals both individually and within the large community of Fitbit users they choose. Whether you want to inspire Aunt Sally to join your 10,000 steps a day walking challenge or help your friend marathon Matt stay on track with his running goals, there is a Fitbit fitness gift to perfectly fit their lifestyle. I have the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch¬†and many of my friends enjoy their Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband¬†. Check out their website at:¬†¬†¬†to view all of their products. Maybe a fitbit for everyone in the family? After all, a family that sweats together stays together ūüôā

Positively Inspiring Workout Tanks

I teamed up with local designers¬†Manifesto Print Co to create¬†tee-shirts with positive¬†messages. I believe these tanks¬†can serve as a reminder to train positive and live in gratitude. Even something as simple as a screen print tee¬†can actually signal the¬†mind to move into a more powerful place. Below are two ‚ÄúCaroline Jordan Fitness‚ÄĚ positive thought workout tops to help you train positive. You can order directly from the links below the photos, they ship nationwide.



I believe positive thoughts equal positive results and that when your mind is in a good place your life will follow suit. Would you smile if you saw one of these tees in the gym? Yea I thought so…. I would too ūüôā¬†
Aloha Good Greens Collection

Aloha Good Greens Collection Photo Credit 

Aloha Healthy Good Greens Collection

Post holiday season, everyone has one thing on their mind. DETOX. What better way to do it than with power packed portable greens powders from Aloha? with clean-ingredient whole foods, high-quality superfoods, and an excellent source of naturally occurring Vitamin D, the Aloha greens are an easy and simple way to get a full serving of fruits and vegetables‚ÄĒall in one convenient on-the-go pouch! I mix the packets into smoothies and oatmeal when Im at home and use on the road to stay regular (was that too much information? ***blushing now). The good greens collection¬†makes for a great gift, use the code “carolinejordanfitness” for %20 percent off your order. Yes, I love helping other people feel good for less $$ ūüôā

ALOHA table at my most recent "Healthy Hour" event in San Francisco

ALOHA table at my most recent “Healthy Hour” event in San Francisco


Fabiola Molina Athletic Swimwear

Do you have goals to learn how to swim in the New Year or a friend who’s a fiend in the pool? Ive been a swimmer since 2004 and it is one of my favorite ways to stay fit and well. But as you know, sports swim suits arent always cute. Thats why when I met the¬†Fabiola Molina line of swim wear I fell in love. Made by Brazilian olympic swimmer, Fabiola Molina, her colorful collection of sports swimsuits are designed to look cute while you train your butt off. I’ve tested out her two piece sunkini in the pool, ocean, and even diving off a 50 foot cliff jump in Hawaii and can tell you – these suits are designed to stay put and get compliments. The best part is the affordable price – one two piece costs less than 1/2 of a American suit….. for quality that lasts longer and looks better, Fabiola Molina is where its at. Designs for both¬†men & women, check out their international store online at:¬†¬†

Anything Lululemon. 

You really cant go wrong with anything lululemon as a gift. Its simply the BEST. On a tight budget? How about some socks? For $14 bucks, they make the perfect stocking stuffer and I can guarantee you anytime the recipient puts them on their feet they will smile.

Spiritual Gangster Clothing

We sell this line at EQUINOX fitness clubs and Im in love with all of their clever tees and sweatshirts. Perfect for that yogi in your life. Check out this cute “wake up and live” sweatshirt below and¬†You can see their entire line of cute yoga wear here.¬†

Healthy Holiday Hostess Gift

Headed to a holiday party? People’s houses are packed with sweets and champagne. Bring something different! Something they will remember you with. Pack a basket full of merry and bright healthy treat delights! Fill it with Clearly Kombucha, KIND Snacks, or even some¬†Superfood Chocolate.¬†Pretty much anything from the Whole Foods whole body section is also always a win. When everyone else is bringing sugar, you can bring the stuff that really feels good. Now that is a sweet treat to the host.¬†

What are you excited to give this year? Leave me a comment with your favorite fitness gift idea below, it might inspire a fun present for my favorite people as well ūüôā

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday full of joy,


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My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

My brother and I cooking up the Turkey on Thanksgiving.

My brother and I cooking up the Turkey on Thanksgiving.

Before we dive into my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, I have a quick announcement:¬†Its getting CLOSE! I only need to sell 250 copies of my Caroline Jordan Fitness coaching book in order to receive publishing. So far Im at 170 copies sold ‚Äď 80 copies away from making this dream a reality.¬†With your support, I know this book baby can come to life! I aspire to be a wellness coach that helps you keep your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so that you can LOVE your life. I believe this book will be a great resource in¬†empowering personal and community wellness. Plus, this book makes a great holiday gift, the gift of wellness! Please visit:¬†‚Ķ/balanced-body-breakthrough to pre-order your copy. I know this book will help readers live a healthier happier life. I hope to share ‚ÄúBalanced Body Breakthrough‚ÄĚ with you in 2016 and am so¬†grateful for your¬†support.¬†

Cousin Jacque, Sister and Law Amber, and I on Thanksgiving

Cousin Jacque, Sister and Law Amber, and I on Thanksgiving

This weekend Im excited to host a very special “Friendsgiving” with some of my favorite people. Its an opportunity to come together, to celebrate friendship, and to share our personal favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Food tells a story. From¬†childhood memories to holiday celebrations, from the happy moments to the challenging, the food that fills your life with both savory and sweet is part of the recipe that makes you unique. And when you share those recipes with someone, you are in someway sharing a part of yourself.

These recipes are a part of me. They were present at every family Thanksgiving and made with love. My mother’s glazed carrots were my all time favorite and everyone went for seconds on her sweet potato dish. And even though we might only know each other through this blog,¬†I wanted to share them with you dear reader. Because YOU are part of my family. You are what motivates me to keep writing, to keep creating, and to keep doing work with purpose. I want you to know how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for you. Thank you for being a part of my family. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving.

Caroline’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes (memories made with love)

Making Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole for the Holidays

Making Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole for the Holidays

Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole
Serves 8. Gluten + Dairy Free. Delicious.


Cooking spray
3 1/2 pounds sweet potatoes (about 5 medium), peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
1/3 cup honey
1 large egg
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon ground ginger
Kosher salt
1 tablespoon packed dark brown sugar
1/3 cup finely chopped pecans


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Mist an 8-inch square baking dish with cooking spray.

Bring a few inches of water to a boil in a pot with a large steamer basket in place. Put the sweet potatoes in the basket, cover and steam until tender, 20 to 25 minutes. Transfer the potatoes to a bowl and let cool slightly. Add the honey, egg, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, the nutmeg, ginger and 1/2 teaspoon salt; whip with an electric mixer until smooth. Spread the sweet potato mixture in the prepared baking dish.

Mix the brown sugar, pecans and the remaining 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon in a bowl; sprinkle over the potatoes. Bake until hot and beginning to brown around the edges, 40 to 45 minutes.

Nutritional Info Per serving: Calories 160; Fat 4 g (Saturated 1 g); Cholesterol 25 mg; Sodium 180 mg; Carbohydrate 31 g; Fiber 3 g; Protein 3 g

Pomegranate Glazed Carrots

My mom’s famous carrot dish. Sometimes we even serve it at special occasions throughout the year because waiting just for Thanksgiving is too hard. Serves 6. Gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, low sodium


  • 1 cup pomegranate juice
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 pound carrots, peeled, cut into 1-inch diagonal slices
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper, freshly ground
  • 1/2 cup California walnuts, coarsely chopped
  • 1/4 cup cranberries, dried
  • 1 tablespoon thyme, fresh, chopped


  1. Place juice in a small saucepan over medium-high heat. Cook for 15 minutes or until juice is reduced to 1/4 cup; stir in honey. (Mixture may be prepared several days ahead and stored tightly covered in the refrigerator.)
  2. While glaze is cooking, preheat oven to 400¬įF. Place carrots, oil, salt, and pepper on a small baking sheet; stir well to coat. Bake for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Drizzle glaze over carrots and stir to coat. Bake for 10 minutes more, stirring once or twice.
  3. Stir in walnuts and cranberries and cook for 5 minutes or until carrots are nicely glazed and reach desired tenderness. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with thyme. Recipe may be doubled.

Nutritional Info:

Per Serving: Calories: 259, Fat: 9g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 133mg, Carbohydrates: 48g, Dietary Fiber: 3g, Protein: 2g

Pear, Pecan, and Cranberry¬†Salad with Maple Vinaigrette. This is my all time favorite festive fall salad. My family makes it every year and I look forward to it more than dessert! (And thats saying a lot ūüėČ )¬†

Serves 6. Gluten free, Dairy Free, HAPPY.



  • ¬ľ cup real maple syrup or maple-flavored syrup
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • ¬Ĺ teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • ¬ľ teaspoon salt
  • ¬ľ teaspoon pepper
  • ¬ľ cup canola or vegetable oil


  • ‚Öď cup pecan halves
  • 8 cups torn mixed salad greens
  • 3 medium pears, peeled, cut into wedges
  • ‚Öď cup sweetened dried cranberries


  1. In small bowl, mix all vinaigrette ingredients except oil with wire whisk. Beat in oil until blended.
  2. Place pecans in 1-cup glass measuring cup. Microwave on High 2 minutes to 2 minutes 30 seconds, stirring every 30 seconds, until browned.
  3. Divide salad greens among 6 serving plates. Arrange pear wedges on greens; sprinkle with pecans and cranberries. Drizzle vinaigrette over salads.

Nutrition Information Per Serving: Calories: 240 Calories from Fat: 120 Total Fat: 14g  Saturated Fat: 1g Trans Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 130mg Total Carbohydrate: 26g  Dietary Fiber: 5g Sugars: 18g  Protein: 2g

There you go! My all time favorite Thanksgiving recipes and an inside look at the food that tells my story. What recipes will you be bringing to Thanksgiving this year? Leave your favorite dish as a comment below, Id love to learn what ingredients make you YOU. 

If you liked this post, please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook, twitter, or email. More great content is headed your way every week to help you live a happy, healthy life!  Thanks for your support and for being a part of the healthy, happy, community online.

Sending lots of gratitude and all my love for a happy, healthy, Thanksgiving,


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Words to Live By: Making others Better.


Photo Credit Mark Kuroda

I’ve got exciting news to share with you! I recently started working with Kristi Yamaguchi¬†as an ambassador for her clothing line: Tsu.ya .¬†Tsu.ya (pronounced tsoo-ya) is designed to feel good and deliver style that fits every part of an¬†active lifestyle.¬†Influenced by Kristi’s years as an international athlete traveling to fashion capitals around the world, Tsu.ya, offers modern designs, on-trend colors and sophisticated style, plus ultra comfortable fabrics.

Tsuya has four core beliefs that describe who the ‚ÄúTsuya Woman‚ÄĚ is:

  1. The Tsuya Woman strives to make others better (MOB). She works towards excellence in all that she does and sets a positive example for colleagues, peers, family and community. By doing so, she inspires and enriches others’ daily lives.
  2. The Tsuya Woman is active. Exercise is a part of her lifestyle, which she balances between life and work in order to remain healthy.
  3. The Tsuya Woman is stylish. She likes to feel beautiful in what she wears and seeks style that is both fashionable and comfortable enough to take her through her day.
  4. The Tsuya Woman is philanthropic. She cherishes the feeling of giving back and looks for ways to make a difference in her community. There’s nothing more fulfilling than lending your shoulders to help someone else stand taller to reach their dreams!
Hosting a Tsuya trunk show at my most recent wellness event: Healthy Hour at Studiomix in San Francisco

Hosting a Tsuya trunk show at my most recent wellness event: Healthy Hour at Studiomix in San Francisco

A¬†portion of the proceeds from all Tsu.ya sales goes to the Kristi¬†Yamaguchi’s¬†Always Dream Foundation, which inspires underserved children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy.

“Always Dream is my motto – to dream big, never lose sight of my goals, and strive to become a better person. While I have been supported in the pursuit of my dreams, I realize that support does not exist for all children. My desire is to inspire and embrace the hopes and dreams of children.”
– Kristi Yamaguchi

It is a huge honor to accept the ambassadorship and represent the stylish, active, philanthropic Tsuya woman who strives to “make others better” through her life.

How do I aspire to live in a way that is #makingothersbetter ? I work as a corporate wellness consultant and health coach. My goal is to help people take care of themselves so that they can live their lives fully. We get one life and I work to enable others to make the most of it.

Over¬†the years, my work has evolved and I morphed into a¬†unique¬†combination of corporate wellness consultant, health coach, and community spokesperson¬†with one mission: get the world moving in a positive direction. Fitness and Health¬†is something I love and strongly believe in. I work¬†to shift perspectives and allow others to adopt a healthier life not because it makes them ‚Äúlook good‚ÄĚ or fit into a cultural mold, but instead to live their best lives and fulfill their greatest potential.¬†I want to help people¬†develop a positive relationship to exercise, to health, and to themselves. My work in wellness¬†has been a¬†powerful¬†pathway to get my message¬†out into the world. I know that the¬†work that I am doing is¬†serving a purpose and I believe we all need each other to be better¬†and live¬†well.¬†

Is it true that we all live to serve and that by helping others we fulfill our own destiny? The answer is a simple YES. When you make a positive impact on someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Thats why I find the Tsuya #makingothersbetter campaign so awesome. Because by making others better, you also make the very best version of you.

This video was filmed and produced by Mark Kuroda for the Tsuya #makingothersbetter campaign. Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m so excited to see all the possibilities unfold from this partnership and look forward to #makingothersbetter through this work.

How do you live your life in a way that is #makingothersbetter ? Let me know in the comments below.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you dear friend for reading and for joining me in this journey. You make me better and I strive to do the same for you.


Other Things To Check Out This Week: 

  • Its getting CLOSE! Inkshares has changed their platform and I only need to sell 250 copies of my Caroline Jordan Fitness coaching book in order to receive publishing. So far Im at 160 copies sold – 90 copies away from making this dream a reality.¬†With your support, I know this book baby can come to life! I aspire to be a wellness coach that helps you keep your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so that you can LOVE your life. I believe this book will be a great resource inempowering personal and community wellness. A little bit of love goes a long way, please visit:‚Ķ/balanced-body-breakthrough to pre-order your copy. I hope to share “Balanced Body Breakthrough” with you in 2016 and am SO grateful for your belief in this project and in me.
  • Dec. 5th 2015 at Uforia Studios San Francisco: Spin4 Crohn‚Äôs & Colitis Cures. A 2-hour indoor cycling relay. Teams are made up of 4 people and funds raised go straight to curing the millions¬†How Does it Work? Reserve 1 bike at for 2 hours of pedaling with purpose. Grab 3 teammates & raise funds to Spin4 Crohn‚Äôs & Colitis Cures¬†Event date is December 5 and will be hosted at Uforia in San Francisco. Let‚Äôs represent!¬†Be a leader, and reserve your team‚Äôs spot today at We Spin4 Crohn‚Äôs & Colitis Cures. What do you Spin4?¬†Questions? Contact Angela Giganti, at
  • Healthy, Fast, and Easy Breakfast Ideas. Energy for Busy Days.
  • I work with a variety of companies to create, write, and develop wellness programming designed to enhance the success and health of their staff. I have hosted corporate wellness workshops and offsite events across the United States. Some of my past presentations include:‚ÄúThrive: Wellbeing At Work‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThrive Wellbeing on the Road‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúDigital Detox. Healthy Tech Wellness‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúReboot at Work! Simple Strategies for improved energy.‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúRX Series. Stress Relief Strategies that Work‚ÄĚ

    I have consulted for leading companies including: Genentech, Google, RMC Water and Environment, Credit Karma, TaskRabbit, Litekey Technology, ReedSmith LLP,  and Hines. I work to customize each program to meet the unique needs of your team. My goal is to make each offering engaging and provide resources participants can immediately use to improve their wellness and life. I believe that self-care is health care and the secret to thriving in work, wellness, and life. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss ways we can work with together, please contact me at . 


Balanced Body Healthy Holiday Drink Recipes + A Giveaway

CJordan_9999_215-1Photo Credit Toni Alejandria 

I am a wellness coach and an advocate for BALANCE. I believe in living fully and savoring all the joys life brings. I don’t believe¬†in deprivation diets, quick fixes, extremes, or “surviving” through life with strict regulations.¬†Depriving yourself to an extreme isn‚Äôt sustainable long-term and neither is indulging 24-7. When you don‚Äôt let yourself enjoy the things you love, you end up craving them more. You want to find a healthy diet that keeps your body nourished and your spirit satisfied. A way of eating¬†that¬†doesn’t just allow you¬†to achieve a one time goal, but keeps you fueled with energy for a¬†long and vibrant life. This is where learning the practice of¬†moderation comes in. Moderation allows you to enjoy some of the sweeter (or more savory) things in life without overdoing it so you don‚Äôt sabotage your efforts to maintain healthy habits. By indulging wisely and treating yourself once in a while, it actually makes it easier to stay on track and maintain balance.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and¬†personalizing ways of enjoying your life¬†in health¬†will allow you to thrive. Sometimes all you need is a little coaching on different ways you can remix your health habits to have them help you. In my coaching book, “Balanced Body Breakthrough”, I work with you to customize your approach to living well and adopt healthy habits that help you stay on track, find moderation + balance, and maintain a feel-good life.¬†

Are you an “all or nothing” type of eater? Have you tried every diet out there only to find yourself right back where you started (or worse, 5 pounds heavier)? Do you feel¬†frustrated, confused, or defeated? Are you exhausted from the fight of trying to¬†eat well and exercise “right”? It doesn’t need to be a struggle, you can find a healthy balance¬†that works for you.¬†In my book I give you strategies for success and help you¬†customize your wellness to work with you to¬†enable you to reach your full potential.

The “Body” section of my book, provides you with many of my favorite feel good recipes that will satisfy cravings and give¬†energy for your life. I want¬†to share a few of the book beverage recipes with you, so you can decide if you are hungry for more. These recipes are the perfect healthy indulgences for the upcoming holiday season. Whip up a few of these balanced body¬†beverages in your kitchen and let me know what you think. Notice¬†what happens in your life when you make the choice to feel good.

Sample Balanced Body Breakthrough Beverage Recipes

Vega Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. Enjoy pumpkin pie flavors all year round with this pumpkin pie smoothie recipe. Beautifully smooth and creamy rich, this is a healthy smoothie recipe to keep in your arsenal every day of the year! Who said that dessert can’t be part of a healthy diet?



  1. Add all ingredients to blender, blend until smooth and enjoy! Tip: Freeze extra pumpkin puree in mounds on wax paper ahead of time, then place in bags and store in the freezer for pumpkin pie smoothies all year long.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 cup Calories: 341.9 Fat: 8.1g Saturated fat: .1g Unsaturated fat: 2.6g Carbohydrates: 51.1g Sugar: 18.6g Sodium: 363.4mg Fiber: 16.6g Protein: 20g
Healthy Hot Chocolate and Healthy Chocolate Milk (Serves 1)
A sugar free way to curb your sweet tooth in a healthy way
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond¬†milk (or milk of choice)
  • 1 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Stevia to taste (I use 10 drops of NuNaturals liquid stevia)
Hot Chocolate Directions:

Heat milk in the microwave in a microwave safe mug for 2 – 2 1/2 minutes (depending on your preference) or place in a small pot on the stove on medium and heat slowly until it starts to bubble. In the mug of milk, add cocoa powder and stevia. Use a spoon to stir quickly until cocoa has dissolved. Add more stevia if desired. Enjoy immediately.

Chocolate Milk Directions:

Place milk, cocoa powder, and stevia in a blender. Blend on high for 15 seconds. If you like a lot of froth, blend for as much as 30 seconds (no longer or milk will get warm). Pour into a glass and add more stevia if desired. Enjoy immediately.

Nutrition Information:
Serving size: 1 cup Calories: 52  Fat: 4.2 Saturated fat: 0.7 Carbohydrates: 4.9  Sodium: 181 mg Fiber: 2.8  Protein: 2.1

To help you stay healthy during the holidays, I am hosting a Balanced Body Breakthrough GIVEAWAY! Entering the giveaway will allow you to cook up the recipes above and try the NuNaturals high quality ALL NATURAL stevia sweetener for FREE. The Vanilla flavored stevia makes GREAT smoothies and baked goods, and the hot cocoa is the perfect treat for the holidays that wont pack on extra pounds. The to-go packets are perfect to throw in your purse for on the go use for if you find yourself out at work, or coffee with a friend and don’t have a healthy sweetener choice. Just pop out a packet and you’re good to go.

As a healthy holiday¬†gift to you and to support the “Balanced Body Breakthrough” kickstart campaign, NuNaturals¬†has generously offered a sweet giveaway package for Caroline Jordan Fitness readers.¬†I‚Äôm able to award FOUR winners who will each receive the following:

You can read more about NuNaturals in this post. Ive done my research – this sweet treat IS actually good for you! I want to help you savor the sweetness of the holidays. Heres how you can enter:

How To Enter the Super Sweet Holiday Giveaway:

  1. Visit and LIKE the NuNaturals Facebook page and the Caroline Jordan Fitness Facebook page.
  2. Support my “Balanced Body Breakthrough” book kickstart campaign by visiting my InkShares page and pre-ordering your copy for $9.99 :¬†
  3. I need to reach the goal of 750 pre-order copies to have my book published! Im almost to 200…. I SO appreciate your support!¬†
  4. Share your “Balanced Body Breakthrough” book purchase¬†on twitter¬†or¬†facebook with a tag to¬†@Caroline Jordan Fitness.¬†In your post or tweet¬†tell me one way you practice¬†BALANCE in your life and why¬†you want to win ‚ÄúCaroline Jordan Fitness‚Äôs Super Sweet Holiday giveaway‚ÄĚ!

THATS IT! Spend $9.99 and get $54.00 worth of goodies in return. Super Sweet Giveaway! So what are you waiting for? Get those entries in! FOUR of you will win!

Giveaway Rules:
* Contest is entry to contestants WORLDWIDE. Be aware no PO boxes are acceptable for shipping, so if you enter, please have a physical location where it can be shipped if you win. All ages welcome. Contest ends Sunday November 15th, 2015  at 11:59 p.m. PST. Four winners will be randomly chosen and announced Monday, November 16th, 2015 by 9 a.m. PST. Winners will also be notified via email by Monday, November 16th, 2015 by 9 a.m. PST*

Your body wants you to eat well. My “Balanced Body Breakthrough” book will give you the tools (and recipes!) to¬†personalize your diet and have it HELP you instead of frustrate you.¬†¬†Eating healthy foods makes you feel better and have more energy, along with reducing digestion problems and mood swings. Healthy eating doesn‚Äôt mean deprivation, tasteless, or time consuming. It can be delicious, nourishing, and balanced with foods you love. Eating for energy means eating clean, eating regularly, and eating light. Be moderate with alcohol, stay away from emotional eating, and MOVE more! Within a short period of time your days and nights will not only be filled but fulfilled. Take action now: whip up one of the recipes above. Satisfy your holiday beverage sweet tooth with a nutritious and delicious choice.

Cheers to your health,


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Exercise Your Spiritual Side for a More Fulfilling Life


Photo Credit Mark Kuroda

‚ÄúAutumn, the year‚Äôs last, loveliest smile.‚ÄĚ
(William Cullen Bryant)

Each season brings fresh starts and new inspiration. I love the energy of fall, that magical feeling of transition between summer and winter. Autumn brings sweater weather, pumpkin everything, and even more opportunities to spend quality time cozying up with those you love.

It feels like its been a busy¬†fall for everyone and I hope by simply reading this¬†post you have the opportunity to¬†slow down, pause, and check in. Do you ever feel like life moves too fast? I mean somehow its already November… where did the year go? It’s hard not to¬†get caught up in the hustle of the day to day. To find time to¬†slow down and appreciate the journey. But sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see things clearly. Never let your life become so filled with work, your mind become so crammed with worry, or your heart become so jammed with old hurts or anger, that there‚Äôs no room left in them for fun, for awe, or for joy.

“Sometimes the best way to love¬†your life is not figuring out how to work harder, but taking time to slow down and enjoy life more. I believe that living a fit life isnt just about having a strong body, but also having a strong mind and spirit. To me, spiritual fitness is the constant evolution of creating a ¬†better version of yourself so that you can make a difference in your life and the lives around you. ¬†In fact, the word ‚Äúspirituality‚ÄĚ comes from the latin root spiritis, meaning breath and referring to the breath of life. Spirituality deals with the transcendent, intangible dimension of existence, that gives us more life in the body and mind. Most people value or desire a spiritual element in their lives, but perhaps not in a traditional religious format. Spiritual fitness means maintaining the health of your soul so that you can live with clarity and purpose. I wouldnt¬†worry if your spiritual fitness isnt something you can easily sum up or define. ¬†You are spiritual if you are invested in doing the daily work to live consciously and experience your life from a deeper place.

Keeping your spirit in great shape¬†isnt always a walk in the park. It’s often hard, scary, challenging, vulnerable, and dark. But that is part of the journey. It will often be tough. You will find strength through choosing to persevere and stay the course. Your commitment to your spiritual fitness will allow you to grasp and to gain control of life‚Äôs ups and downs. It will allow you to live purely in the mindset of growth and change. It will fuel your ability to grow better even when life becomes challenging and it will empower you to leave negativity¬†behind.

Remember: happiness is not a destination but a manner of traveling. Your course is not defined. Its not a path on a map that you follow. Instead it’s waking up daily with the intention to be better than the day before. You are a constantly evolving work in progress and keeping your spirit in shape will help keep you on course in living a meaningful life.

When you nurture the health of your spirit, you can steer your life forward towards positive results. You can feel centered, grounded, intentional, powerful, and focused. This takes consistent commitment and work, but it IS possible and you can start now.

What do you do to take care of yourself and to keep yourself centered? What do you do to find meaning and stay connected to the world you live in? In my book, “Balanced Body Breakthrough”, I‚Äôll be giving you my top exercises for a healthier spirit. There are so many different ways to nurture your spiritual health. I want to give you¬†a few suggestions to help you to connect to yourself in a way that fills you up and gives you the strength to climb out of challenges and stress. Through these exercises,¬†I believe you will develop a spiritual workout plan that will enable you to live with intention, purpose, and fulfilment. Get ready to re-discover what makes you feel alive.”

The above is an excerpt from the Spirit¬†section of ‚ÄúBalanced Body Breakthrough‚ÄĚ. This book is my coaching resource guide to getting your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life. It¬†contains real, usable, resources and tools that you can immediately use to find the feel good life you deserve. I‚Äôve seen this¬†information work¬†like magic in clients lives and I want to share the secrets to success with you.

The book is written and ready to help you, but in order to do that, I need to find the funds to make this book into a real product. After all of my research, I chose to kickstart the project through a platform called InkShares. InkShares is reader based crowd funding that works off book pre-orders. *** In October 2015, InkShares changed their pre-order requirement to 750 pre-orders for all books. That means, if readers believe in your book and 750 pre-order copies are sold, the book gets published through InkShares. They handle editing, design, marketing, and publishing of the book from start to finish. If 750 pre-orders are NOT sold, the book does not get published (insert sad trombone sound here).  I have less than 90 days to get reader support and reach 750 pre-orders of the book to get published. If you pre-order copies of the book, not only will you help me reach this goal, you’ll get 225 pages of high quality self-care content to support you in living a life you love at the incredible price of $9.99 (such a steal!)

Do you want to keep reading? Do you want the tools to unlock balance, wellness, and sustainable self-care in your life? Do you want my Balanced Body Breakthrough Fitness program to train smart? Pre-order your copy of Balanced Body Breakthrough and let’s make this book come true here: 

So far I have sold 159 pre-order copies and have to hit 250 for a light publishing goal and 750 for full publishing. Id be so grateful if you wanted to share this post and encourage your friends to purchase their copy of Balanced Body Breakthrough on Facebook, twitter, or email.  Sharing is caring and everyone deserves to feel amazing long-term. 

Consider for a moment that the real purpose of your life is to be fully involved in living. The exercises in my coaching book will allow you to be present for the journey and fully embrace it. I believe if you strengthen your spiritual fitness, soon you will be overflowing with passion, purpose, and fulfilment. You’ll feel strong and inspired to enjoy the journey into your own awesome life.

Love sharing this journey with you,


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