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“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
(William Cullen Bryant)

Each season brings fresh starts and new inspiration. I love the energy of fall, that magical feeling of transition between summer and winter. Autumn brings sweater weather, pumpkin everything, and even more opportunities to spend quality time cozying up with those you love.

It feels like its been a busy fall for everyone and I hope by simply reading this post you have the opportunity to slow down, pause, and check in. Do you ever feel like life moves too fast? I mean somehow its already November… where did the year go? It’s hard not to get caught up in the hustle of the day to day. To find time to slow down and appreciate the journey. But sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see things clearly. Never let your life become so filled with work, your mind become so crammed with worry, or your heart become so jammed with old hurts or anger, that there’s no room left in them for fun, for awe, or for joy.

“Sometimes the best way to love your life is not figuring out how to work harder, but taking time to slow down and enjoy life more. I believe that living a fit life isnt just about having a strong body, but also having a strong mind and spirit. To me, spiritual fitness is the constant evolution of creating a  better version of yourself so that you can make a difference in your life and the lives around you.  In fact, the word “spirituality” comes from the latin root spiritis, meaning breath and referring to the breath of life. Spirituality deals with the transcendent, intangible dimension of existence, that gives us more life in the body and mind. Most people value or desire a spiritual element in their lives, but perhaps not in a traditional religious format. Spiritual fitness means maintaining the health of your soul so that you can live with clarity and purpose. I wouldnt worry if your spiritual fitness isnt something you can easily sum up or define.  You are spiritual if you are invested in doing the daily work to live consciously and experience your life from a deeper place.

Keeping your spirit in great shape isnt always a walk in the park. It’s often hard, scary, challenging, vulnerable, and dark. But that is part of the journey. It will often be tough. You will find strength through choosing to persevere and stay the course. Your commitment to your spiritual fitness will allow you to grasp and to gain control of life’s ups and downs. It will allow you to live purely in the mindset of growth and change. It will fuel your ability to grow better even when life becomes challenging and it will empower you to leave negativity behind.

Remember: happiness is not a destination but a manner of traveling. Your course is not defined. Its not a path on a map that you follow. Instead it’s waking up daily with the intention to be better than the day before. You are a constantly evolving work in progress and keeping your spirit in shape will help keep you on course in living a meaningful life.

When you nurture the health of your spirit, you can steer your life forward towards positive results. You can feel centered, grounded, intentional, powerful, and focused. This takes consistent commitment and work, but it IS possible and you can start now.

What do you do to take care of yourself and to keep yourself centered? What do you do to find meaning and stay connected to the world you live in? In my book, “Balanced Body Breakthrough”, I’ll be giving you my top exercises for a healthier spirit. There are so many different ways to nurture your spiritual health. I want to give you a few suggestions to help you to connect to yourself in a way that fills you up and gives you the strength to climb out of challenges and stress. Through these exercises, I believe you will develop a spiritual workout plan that will enable you to live with intention, purpose, and fulfilment. Get ready to re-discover what makes you feel alive.”

The above is an excerpt from the Spirit section of “Balanced Body Breakthrough”. This book is my coaching resource guide to getting your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life. It contains real, usable, resources and tools that you can immediately use to find the feel good life you deserve. I’ve seen this information work like magic in clients lives and I want to share the secrets to success with you.

The book is written and ready to help you, but in order to do that, I need to find the funds to make this book into a real product. After all of my research, I chose to kickstart the project through a platform called InkShares. InkShares is reader based crowd funding that works off book pre-orders. *** In October 2015, InkShares changed their pre-order requirement to 750 pre-orders for all books. That means, if readers believe in your book and 750 pre-order copies are sold, the book gets published through InkShares. They handle editing, design, marketing, and publishing of the book from start to finish. If 750 pre-orders are NOT sold, the book does not get published (insert sad trombone sound here).  I have less than 90 days to get reader support and reach 750 pre-orders of the book to get published. If you pre-order copies of the book, not only will you help me reach this goal, you’ll get 225 pages of high quality self-care content to support you in living a life you love at the incredible price of $9.99 (such a steal!)

Do you want to keep reading? Do you want the tools to unlock balance, wellness, and sustainable self-care in your life? Do you want my Balanced Body Breakthrough Fitness program to train smart? Pre-order your copy of Balanced Body Breakthrough and let’s make this book come true here: 


So far I have sold 159 pre-order copies and have to hit 250 for a light publishing goal and 750 for full publishing. Id be so grateful if you wanted to share this post and encourage your friends to purchase their copy of Balanced Body Breakthrough on Facebooktwitter, or email.  Sharing is caring and everyone deserves to feel amazing long-term. 

Consider for a moment that the real purpose of your life is to be fully involved in living. The exercises in my coaching book will allow you to be present for the journey and fully embrace it. I believe if you strengthen your spiritual fitness, soon you will be overflowing with passion, purpose, and fulfilment. You’ll feel strong and inspired to enjoy the journey into your own awesome life.

Love sharing this journey with you,


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