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ankle strengthening exercises

Ankle Strengthening Exercises No Equipment. Ankle Stability Workout For Injury Prevention + Performance

Keeping your ankles strong and stable is essential, yet many people wait until they get injured to exercise this area. Want to prevent painful problems before they happen? Keep reading. If you need help keeping your ankles strong to prevent injury and perform at the top of your game, I have designed a comprehensive follow …

July 26, 2021
Chair Fitness Live Workouts

Chair Fitness Live Workouts! August 2021 Virtual Program. Join Us!

Are you looking to get fit, lose weight, get strong, improve muscular endurance, and feel energized for life? Maybe you feel stuck or struggle to find workouts that meet your body’s needs or dont make your joints hurt….. You cant jump around or run marathons, but you want to exercise consistently and feel the benefits …

July 21, 2021
dance fitness

Dance Fitness Strength Total Body Fusion Workout 45 Minutes – Low Impact (VERY EXCITING!)

Lengthen, strengthen, and energize your body with this 45 minute dance fitness total body workout! This 45 minute routine fuses low impact dance inspired cardio with floorwork sculpting to leave you feeling amazing. I began dancing at a young age and haven’t stopped since. I grew up in pink tights and leotards, with yearly recitals …

July 12, 2021
daily weight loss workout

Do This Every Day To LOSE WEIGHT! 10 Min Weight Loss Workout Challenge (MUST DO THIS!)

This 10 minute weight loss workout is specifically designed to help you build confidence and create life-long exercise habits for well-being. Done consistently, this routine will help you lose weight and get healthy. You don’t need sweaty, marathon long hard exercise sessions to gain the benefits of physical activity. In fact, easy workouts for beginners …

July 5, 2021
40 Min Full body Low Impact Strength Workout With Weights + Mini Bands

Full body low impact strength workout with weights and mini bands 40 minute routine

Strengthen and define your muscles with this 40 minute full body low impact strength workout with weights. This video was created thanks to the support of Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon members – please help the channel by joining us here! This video uses compound weight training moves (aka strengthening exercises where you’re using more than …

June 28, 2021
diabetes exercise for seniors

Diabetes Exercise For Seniors. Age 60 + Fitness Workout Video Routine.

This Diabetes Exercise For Seniors Video routine will teach the 60 and up healthy fitness moves that can improve their health and mood! Seniors who stay physically fit can control their blood glucose levels more effectively, which can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with diabetes. Physical activity is one of the most important elements …

June 21, 2021
chair workout

Chair Workout with Pilates Ball | Seated Exercise Class (WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS!)

Using a chair workout exercise routine can help you get fit. Many people can benefit from chair exercises, especially those who have been injured, are out of shape, diabetic, or elderly. Could a chair workout program help you? Read on to learn more and press play now. This workout uses a pilates mini ball. Get your …

June 7, 2021
adductor workout

Adductor Workout At Home. Inner Thigh Strength To Prevent Injury

Here is an adductor workout you can do at home to increase flexibility, build strength, and prevent injury. The adductors are the prime movers in each of these exercises. This video was a request from one of the Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon members – thanks to Shelly for requesting this routine, we can all get …

June 1, 2021