Month: June 2022

Get Swimmer Abs With This Swimmer Abs Workout (TOTAL AB BURN!!!)

Have you always wanted to get swimmer abs? Well then you are in for a treat! In this 10 minute dry land workout, I welcome expert guest, elite swimmer, and swimming performance coach Neil Franka onto the channel to share with us the top 10 best ab strengthening exercises for optimal swimming performance. Learn the …

June 27, 2022
Get Rid Of Knee Pain Foam Rolling 10 minutes Quads and Hamstrings

Get Rid Of Knee Pain Foam Rolling | 10 Minutes Quads and Hamstrings

Did you know that when your quads, hamstrings and inner thighs get tight it can cause…. knee pain? Well that is what we will be addressing in this 10 minute follow along foam rolling routine, addressing the tightness in your legs to help your knees feel better. Know that foam rolling might feel uncomfortable at …

June 20, 2022