Month: June 2021

diabetes exercise for seniors

Diabetes Exercise For Seniors. Age 60 + Fitness Workout Video Routine.

This Diabetes Exercise For Seniors Video routine will teach the 60 and up healthy fitness moves that can improve their health and mood! Seniors who stay physically fit can control their blood glucose levels more effectively, which can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with diabetes. Physical activity is one of the most important elements …

June 21, 2021
chair workout

Chair Workout with Pilates Ball | Seated Exercise Class (WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS!)

Using a chair workout exercise routine can help you get fit. Many people can benefit from chair exercises, especially those who have been injured, are out of shape, diabetic, or elderly. Could a chair workout program help you? Read on to learn more and press play now. This workout uses a pilates mini ball. Get your …

June 7, 2021
adductor workout

Adductor Workout At Home. Inner Thigh Strength To Prevent Injury

Here is an adductor workout you can do at home to increase flexibility, build strength, and prevent injury. The adductors are the prime movers in each of these exercises. This video was a request from one of the Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon members – thanks to Shelly for requesting this routine, we can all get …

June 1, 2021