Full body low impact strength workout with weights and mini bands 40 minute routine

40 Min Full body Low Impact Strength Workout With Weights + Mini Bands

Strengthen and define your muscles with this 40 minute full body low impact strength workout with weights. This video was created thanks to the support of Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon members – please help the channel by joining us here!

This video uses compound weight training moves (aka strengthening exercises where you’re using more than one muscle group at the same time) for a effective, functional full body routine. Its what I call a “get the best bang for your buck” workout – we will make every second of your time count so you get you the results you want. In this 40 minute workout expect to:

  • Build lean muscles (read about the power packed effects of strength training here)
  • Boost your metabolism (because more lean muscle mass on your body = more calorie burn during exercise AND rest!)
  • Gain functional fitness (taking the stairs or picking up heavy grocery bags wont feel as tough)
  • Reduce injury risk (stronger glutes + core muscles = better movement patterns and less chances for aches and pains).
  • Enhance performance in sport and life (greater strength and improved movement patterns = you hitting PR’s and feeling your best in daily life)
  • Feel greater confidence and improve your body image. Yes, there is something about challenging yourself to do hard things and get STRONGER that makes you feel like a superhero. So chances are youll leave this workout feeling on top of the world.

This workout uses dumbbells and mini loop bands. Here is where you can get my preferred brands:

You can absolutely still do the workout without equipment. Its open to ALL. But to really get the most effective use of your time, I highly encourage you to invest in these affordable pieces of home exercise equipment. They will dramatically impact your results and your life!

Ready to get started? Grab your equipment, roll out your mat, and lets DO this!

Full body low impact strength workout with weights and mini bands 40 minute routine

I had so much fun filming this low impact strength training class. Special thanks to Caroline Jordan Fitness PATREON members who helped request and create this full body workout with weights and mini loop bands. This one goes out to Jessica, who had the bright idea to ask for a video that uses mini bands and dumbbells. Thanks to the monthly donations that the Patreons contribute, I am here to bring to you that very thing!

please consider becoming a PATREON at https://www.patreon.com/carolinejordanfitness so that you can enjoy exclusive community benefits and that I can continue to create more feel good fitness content for you for years to come!

I cant wait to hear what you think of this Full body low impact strength workout with weights! Comment and tell me about it!

Keep moving my friend. Till next time,


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