Month: January 2021

posture stretch routine

Posture Stretch Routine. No Equipment Workout to help fix poor posture.

Poor posture happens so gradually that it may be hard to notice you are starting to hunch over. But you may notice that you are starting to experience neck or back pain or stiffness. Fortunately, you can help correct your poor posture by doing this posture stretch routine. This video combines specific exercises to help …

January 18, 2021
hip mobility strength exercises

Hip Mobility Strength Exercises. Lower Injury Risk Increased Performance

Follow along with this free hip mobility strength exercises workout video to learn how to unlock your full athletic potential. This hip mobility strength exercises routine will help you build stronger hips, prevent injuries, improve posture, enhance performance, and keep you active for life. Do this quick routine 2-4 times a week for optimal results. …

January 4, 2021