Hip Mobility Strength Exercises. Lower Injury Risk Increased Performance

hip mobility strength exercises

Follow along with this free hip mobility strength exercises workout video to learn how to unlock your full athletic potential.

This hip mobility strength exercises routine will help you build stronger hips, prevent injuries, improve posture, enhance performance, and keep you active for life. Do this quick routine 2-4 times a week for optimal results.

Did you know, tight hips can lead to compensatory patterns, which cause muscle imbalances and injuries? Thats because a tight muscle will not allow you to produce the same amount of force, or absorb it. Joints need to be strong enough to handle repetitive stress. If you can’t flex your hip when you exercise, for example, that movement and flexion will come from somewhere else in your body, potentially causing an injury. When your hips are healthy, you’ll experience less pain and lower your chances of injury. The key is to keep them moving properly through consistent practice of mobility and strength exercises.

This hip mobility strength routine is designed to mobilize the hip joints based on the ways (and movement patterns) you might use them most: running, strength training or… sitting at your desk. All of the exercises in this routine are geared toward improving the hips’ range of motion while activating and strengthening surrounding muscles to help control the movement.

Perform the following hip mobility strength routine at the beginning of your day to feel better in your body or before a workout as a warm-up to increase your ability to move properly. Here are the exercises youll perform in this hip mobility strength video:

Hip Mobility Strength Exercises

  • Table top hip circles right
  • Table top hip circles left
  • Worlds greatest stretch alternating lunge
  • Hip bridge
  • Internally rotated hip bridge
  • Externally rotated hip bridge
  • Elevated clam shell lift right
  • Elevated clam shell lift left
  • Squat
  • Single leg hinge right
  • Single leg hinge left
  • Plie squat
  • Wall/Table kick back
  • Flat back hinge

Hip Mobility Strength Exercises Video

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I hope this hip mobility strength exercises routine keeps you and your hips happy for life.


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