Month: January 2024

workout for breast cancer patients and survivors (15 Minute Full Body Routine)

Empowering Strength: A Workout for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

This workout for breast cancer patients and survivors incorporates movements that enhance strength, flexibility, and overall health. Each year in the United States, about 240,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women and about 2,100 in men. About 42,000 women and 500 men in the U.S. die each year from breast cancer. Ive worked …

January 29, 2024
best workout for stress and anxiety follow along

Best Workout For Stress And Anxiety Follow Along (10 Min LOW Impact!!)

Use this uplifting low impact routine to combat anxiety. This is the best workout for stress and its only 10 minutes! Life can get hectic, and it’s important to take care of both our physical and mental well-being. Which is exactly why I’ve created this follow along workout routine. If you are feeling anxious, tired, …

January 22, 2024
Get rid of bicep tendonitis exercises

Relieve Bicep Tendonitis Pain with These Essential Exercises and Stretches

Get Rid of Bicep Tendonitis with these essential exercises for pain relief and shoulder health. Bicep tendonitis can be a real pain, literally. Whether you’re an avid lifter, swimmer, a fitness enthusiast, or just dealing with the wear and tear of daily life, this condition can affect anyone. I’ve personally had bicep tendonitis and used …

January 17, 2024
After Meal Walking Workout 10 Minutes

The Power of Post-Meal Walking: Elevate Your Wellness with this low impact after meal walking workout video

Use this low impact after meal walking workout video to lower your blood sugar after eating and improve your well-being. The minutes following a meal are typically a time of rest or, in some cases, reaching for a post-meal dessert. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging occasionally, a post-meal walk can do wonders for your …

January 15, 2024
Workout To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly. 5 Minute routine

Boost Your Health in Just 5 Minutes: A Quick Workout to Lower Blood Sugar

Improve your insulin sensitivity with this quick workout to lower blood sugar that can be done at home for improved health. If you’ve been searching for a way to manage your blood sugar levels efficiently or simply want a brief, energizing exercise routine, I’m so glad we’ve met. In my 5 minute workout to lower …

January 8, 2024
Pre Run Warm Up Follow along

Warm Up to Win: Your Essential Pre-Run Warm Up Follow Along Routine

Get your body ready for exercise success with this essential pre-run warm up follow along video. Whether you’re gearing up for a run or any other form of exercise, properly preparing your body is key to a successful and safe fitness journey. In this post, we’ll discuss why warm-ups matter, what they should include, and …

January 1, 2024