Month: November 2021

Pilates Exercises For Beginners at Home Workout Video

If you’ve never done Pilates before this pilates exercises for beginners at home workout will teach you the fundamentals. Pilates can benefit every single type of athlete out there (yes—even if you prefer more “hard-core” workouts). That’s because it’s low impact and gentle on the body as it boosts your posture, strength, and flexibility. The …

November 22, 2021

What I do In A Day When Injured. How to come back fast and stronger with Green Chef!

For $125 off across your first 4 Green Chef boxes, go to and enter code CJFITSQUAD125! Injury. Sh**t happens. But can you find ways to be good to yourself and accelerate the injury recovery process? You bet! And Im here to show you what I do in a day when injured, a behind the …

November 18, 2021

10 Minute Standing Arms Workout No Equipment (UPPER BODY BURN!)

Get ready to achieve fit, strong, sculpted arms without any equipment in this standing arms workout. Using body weight exercises designed to give you the ultimate upper body burn, this 10 minute workout will help you target all the major muscles of your upper body including your chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This at …

November 15, 2021
rotator cuff exercises

Rotator Cuff exercises for injury recovery and injury prevention shoulder strengthening workout

Today we are talking about rotator cuff exercises for injury recovery and injury prevention! Every year, over 13 million Americans see a physician for shoulder pain, with over 1-in-5 people having a tear in their rotator cuff. Rotator Cuff injuries often occur from a single traumatic event, sports, but even more commonly arise from everyday …

November 8, 2021
total body cardio and strength workout

Total Body Cardio and Strength Workout for Weight Loss (BOOST YOUR METABOLISM)!!!

Strengthen and define your muscles with this 30-minute total-body cardio and strength workout with weights. This low impact video uses compound weight training moves (aka strengthening exercises where you’re using more than one muscle group at the same time) for an effective, functional full-body routine. It’s what I call a “get the best bang for …

November 1, 2021