Month: December 2021

Knee Arthritis Stretches and Exercises

Knee Arthritis Stretches and Exercises Knee Arthritis Workout

This knee arthritis stretches and exercises video is simple to do and should provide some relief from knee arthritis pain. It is also great for keeping your knees healthy and fit. Our exercises will target calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes – the muscles that contribute to healthy knee function and help prevent injury. By strengthening …

December 23, 2021

Mini Loop Band Leg Exercises 20 Minute Workout (No Repeats Low Impact)

Tone, shape and sculpt stronger legs with this quick, at home lower body mini band workout! The mini bands are small continuously-looped bands that you can use to add resistance to your workout, engage the right muscles, enhance your performance, and reduce your risk for injury. Get mini loop bands here: I’m excited for …

December 20, 2021

10 minute total body strength no equipment workout (low impact!!)

If you’ve only got ten minutes to squeeze in a workout, don’t worry: My 10 minute total body strength workout is super-effective at building muscle and slimming down because it targets every major muscle group. Done right, it will burn fat, elevate your heart rate, and rev your metabolism. I know sometimes it can feel …

December 6, 2021