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I’m hosting my biggest giveaway EVER November 16-24th 2017 where you’ll have a chance to win your choice of fresh New Balance outfit (shoes included¬†ūüĎüūüĎü!!) along with other super sweet prizes from my partners.¬†


It’s time for a makeover.

Join me to celebrate the launch of a bright new with this special online giveaway November 16-24 2017.

Running your own business isn‚Äôt a walk in the park.¬†What’s my #1 motivation to keep going when it gets tough? It’s You. My community, my clients,¬†my tribe. You move me to keep going. You are the reason I wake up every day with the fire to keep creating.

Your support over the years has meant everything to me and I want to say THANK you by gifting you with products I love. 

That’s why I am hosting my biggest online giveaway EVER. To celebrate YOU and all the healthy memories we’ve shared. While everyone else is asking you to SPEND money for the holidays, I want to give you gifts for free. Here’s what you can win in this launch day giveaway:

Launch Day Giveaway Prizes:

  • Fitbit Charge HR
  • Saje Wellness¬†essential oils
  • Your choice of one top, one bottom, AND one shoe at¬†New Balance! THAT IS SUCH A SWEET DEAL. I want that lol.
  • 4¬†entries can win a¬†NuNaturals¬†goodie basket full of one bottle of the Vanilla Alcohol Free NuStevia Liquid, a bottle of NEW SUGAR-FREE COCOA SYRUP, & a bottle of the NEW PUMPKIN SPICE SYRUP, PLUS a 50 pkt. box of NuStevia NO-CARBS Stevia Packets.¬†¬†The total retail value of each package is $ 70.00.
  • 4 FREE 3 day passes to EQUINOX Fitness Clubs¬†

Yes you read that right…. I’m giving THIS away:


huge giveaway



and all of these…..

biggest giveaway ever


Ready to win? Here’s how¬†you can enter:

  1. Put your email in the box below
  2. Share this giveaway on facebook or instagram any time through November 16-24th and tag with someone who also loves fitness + health by using the @ symbol
  3. 8 people will win Рget those entries IN!

12 people can WIN! Giveaway winners will be announced on November 25, 2017. Stay tuned on the newsletter to find out if you won! Until then, here’s a fun round-up of the top posts from¬†our past 8 years together online.

Top posts on :

Thank you for being the heart of my work. Let the adventures continue!! I can’t wait to celebrate a new chapter with you and am sending you gratitude.¬†



Best Gifts For Health and Fitness Fanatics 2016

Looking for the perfect gift for your fitness fanatic family member? Or ultra zen girlfriend? Or super sporty sister? I’ve rounded up my top holiday gift picks for everyone on your list! Read on for the best¬†gifts to give your health and fitness nuts.


Help someone start their New Years resolutions strong and give the gift of balance with my book, Balanced Body Breakthrough. 278 pages full support to help readers clarify values, create a plan and set smart goals, manage time, feel healthy, get fit, and enjoy life. The perfect resource for a new year full of wellness. Paperback on amazon or Inkshares.


High quality, delicious protein powder! Vega is my personal favorite, an all natural plant based protein that tastes amazing. A Vega shake a day keeps the doctor away! Try Vega Greens in french vanilla or Vega sport in chocolate. I gift my brother a tub every year.


Fashionable, functional, feel good flats for your Fitnessista friend. Give the gift of happy feet with a super chic pair of Rothy’s the seamless lifestyle flat¬†made from 100% recycled water bottles. The soft fiber becomes a breathable upper that won‚Äôt lose its shape and wicks away moisture. Also big plus: they are machine washable! I have four pairs (when you know what works you buy them all right?!) and they keep my feet looking good on the go without getting sore. Check out the point in camo red¬†or the flat in black. Use CJordan10 for 10% off at:¬†


THE MAT.¬†It’s the only yoga mat you’ll ever need. Reversible and designed with extra cushion, this high quality yoga mat will last you for years of sweaty yoga class. I’ve had mine since 2011 and it’s still just as fabulous.¬†The Reversible Mat 5mm at¬†

Epsom Salt Bath Kit. I take an epsom salt bath multiple times a week to soothe sore muscles and de-stress. This Grace and Stella kit is the perfect price and has so many delightful scents. Read how to take an epsom salt bath here. 

Blender to Go. I’ve had a magic bullet blender for 4 years and it is my life saver! Perfect to whip up a quick smoothie or pack with you to stay healthy on the go (totally travelable!) Try my simple apple protein smoothie or get festive¬†with my pumpkin pie protein smoothie.

Yoga Toes. Treat your feet with yoga toes, my latest obsession. Yoga toes fit between and beneath toes; gently spreading them apart and away from the balls of your feet Рproviding even more benefit than walking barefoot. By improving toes and feet, Yoga Toes bring better balance and posture to the entire body. When you put them on it feels like a massage РI wear mine every night in my pajamas.

Fitbit. Help your friends start 2017 on the right foot. Check out the new Blaze and Alta which receive text and call notifications. Shop all styles and steps at:

San Francisco Fitbit local ambassadors: Jeremy Falk and Caroline Jordan

San Francisco Fitbit local ambassadors: Jeremy Falk and Caroline Jordan

Candle set. I love receiving candles as gifts! One of those things I always want but never want to spent money on. This spa set would go great with that bubble bath.

A new pair of New Balance light weight running shoes. New Balance is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals. It’s been their mission for more than a century to focus on research and development. It’s why they don’t design products to fit an image. They design them to fit. New Balance is driven to make the finest shoes for the same reason athletes lace them up: to achieve the very best. And thats exactly what these shoes have done for me. So light I feel like I’m walking¬†on sunshine.

Spa day at Solage in Calistoga. Treat a loved one with a retreat to this heavenly resort. Gift a massage, facial, day at the spa, or overnight stay. Read about my past adventures relaxing in Calistoga here.  Reservations and booking at:

You can do it coffee mug. Ok this is too cute. I want this in my morning cup!

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls.¬†Because everybody needs a pair ūüėČ Then you and your friends can join me for all my rolling videos on youtube! PARTY.

Compression Socks.¬†An active person will love receiving a pair of high performance compression socks.¬†Why? The faster they can recover, the faster they’ll be back at it again! I have hot pink – they are the best!

Wireless Headphones. These sweat-proof, lightweight, wireless headphones will let you blast motivational tunes from the cardio machines to weight room, without that annoying wire getting in the way.

Kale Sweatshirt. For the health nut kale lover in your world.

Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller. Perfect for your parent friends who want to keep up with their walking/jogging routine. 


If you have someone in your life who LOVES to workout outside of the gym (at home, in the park or in hotels while traveling), consider gifting them a personal TRX. It comes in a handy travel pouch along with instructions and workout suggestions. It’s light weight and compact enough to throw into a purse, book bag or carryon.

Membership or Healthy Grocery Products from Thrive Market. Im obsessed with this website and it keeps me well fueled in the best way. Thrive Market is an online retailer offering thousands of the best-selling healthy, natural products from your favorite brands at wholesale prices. For every paying member, a membership is given to a low-income American family. Check them out here. 

What’s one gift you love giving to that fitness fanatic in your life? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for being such a gift in my life.¬†I am wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed holiday season.



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Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and What I’m Grateful For.


The last 2 years have been quite the adventure….

On October 18th, 2016 I published my first book, Balanced Body Breakthrough, my wellness coaching guide to getting your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life.

The journey was filled with ups and downs, challenges, lessons, a whole lot of personal growth, and took me 2 years to complete from start to finish. One of the hardest things I’ve done in my life and also one of the most rewarding. In fact, I’m already starting to want to write a book again…

I vividly¬†remember the day I got the inspiration for¬†Balanced Body Breakthrough in my head. I had the idea during an acupuncture treatment (great things come from those tiny needles) and I remember jumping off the table excited, “I am going to write a book!” I told all my friends and family. I started writing right away. From that point on I couldn’t stop. I put aside nonnegotiable time each day to work on it. Exclusive “book only time”. No phone, no email, no meetings,¬†no facebooking, or innocent instagram checking. Just me and writing. I loved it.¬†

I completed the first draft within 6 months. 278 pages. I was pumped, I had finished writing my book! Then I started to research the next step: getting it published. I read, watched Youtube videos, interviewed authors, put out queries, googled, googled some more… and then I started to get really discouraged. Damn, publishing a book is expensive and hard. Like really hard. Unless you are famous, rich, or Kim Kardashian, getting a book published will take some blood, sweat, and unicorn magic. I spent about 4 months researching¬†to figure out the best course. I didn’t want to go bankrupt in trying to publish it, but strongly believed in the book’s purpose and powerful content.

The truth is: stress and burnout have become extreme health problems in our world today, and exercise, nutrition, sleep, meditation, and relaxation dramatically help. According to the World Health Organization, the cost of stress to American businesses is as high as $300 billion and unless we change course, this will only get worse. Over the last 30 years, self-reported levels of stress have increased 18% for women and 25% for men. This has tremendous consequences because of the role stress plays in a wide array of illnesses; like high blood pressure, which afflicts nearly 70 million, and which costs $130 billion a year to treat. Or diabetes, which 25 million Americans have.

I know firsthand¬†the negative impact of stress. I’ve been burnout, depressed, lost, overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, sleepless, and broken. I recovered my life and rediscovered the joy in it. ¬†I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a world where people are getting sick from stress. I wrote¬†Balanced Body Breakthrough¬†because I wanted to share my story and help people beat¬†burnout to¬†find success through health.¬†Getting sick and burnout should not be an expected side effect of life.

I knew I couldn’t give up. This work was needed, I had to make¬†this book come to life.¬†Then I came across Inkshares, a reader based crowd funding publisher that works off book pre-orders. I decided to go for it and¬†run a pre-order kickstarter campaign on the platform. I had to sell 250 pre-order copies of my book to get it published. I hustled hard. I asked for support from my community online and off. My friends and family generously donated their time and help. I started the campaign at the end of September 2015 and reached my goal January 2016 (great start to the year!). From there,¬†the publishing process began with Inkshares. I worked with their editing team on the manuscript through a million structural, copy, digital, and interior¬†edits (did you know how many versions¬†a book goes through before it becomes real? a LOT). I worked endlessly¬†on edits and took regular walks¬†to give myself computer breaks. I shot book¬†images with Mark Kuroda of Kuroda Studios¬†and designed the book cover with graphic designer Lexie Tiogngson. ¬†

Then all of a sudden it was time to set a¬†date to¬†publish the book. I planned a launch party on the official book “Pub Date” and Equinox generously opened their doors to host. Everyone was invited, my¬†community of clients, colleagues, and friends from all walks of life. We sampled treats from my generous partners including Suja Juice, PurePharma, Zico Coconut water, Clearly Kombucha, Perfect Bar, Vega, NuNaturals, Fitbit, and Rothy’s. The event was a night full of love. I walked around with stars in my eyes and happiness in my heart. When I see the book on the shelf I think of all the people who¬†made the dream possible and fill my world. To share a publish date party with¬†my community was a memory I’ll always hold close to my heart. ¬†








View all of the book launch images on the Balanced Body Book Party photo album here.

I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to see this long term dream¬†come to life. It’s like climbing to the top of a huge mountain, admiring at how far you’ve climbed, how much stronger you are, and sitting back to savor the view. One of those, “Wow I did it!” kind of moments where you recognize that all the effort¬†was worth it and are renewed with a deep sense of purpose and appreciation for life.¬†

Today one of my biggest goals is to use the book as another platform to support my corporate and public wellness work. I want to see it succeed as a tool and resource for company + individual health. I also plan to host events that incorporate the book’s content of mind, body, and spirit wellness. I am on a mission to help people develop a positive relationship to self and exercise that adds quality to their lives. This book is a tool that helps me empower others to create a life that feels good on the inside and to live every moment with wisdom, well-being, and gratitude.

I am so excited to share this book with you and support you in beating stress, finding health, and LOVING life. You can order your copy of Balanced Body Breakthrough here.

If you feel so inclined and would be so kind to leave your review of the book on Amazon, I’d greatly appreciate it! Amazon reviews are a key ingredient in having the most successful book launch possible and helping others live a balanced life they love :

That’s where I’ve been over the past two years and where I’m going next. Now, what am I most grateful for? YOU. You are my community, my tribe, my people! You join me in living a positive life, making moments that count, and enjoying health. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love¬†and support. I want you to know how¬†much I appreciate you and how excited I am to share more adventures with you in the future.¬†

An adventure I will always cherish shared¬†with people I’ll never forget. Thank you. I love you. Here’s to you and here’s to loving life.


Share this with your friends on Facebook, twitter, or email. Everyone deserves to be healthy and live a life they love. 

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BOOTYcamp June 2016 Event Recap.

Teaching BOOTYcamp. What a BOOTYlicious night!

Teaching BOOTYcamp. What a BOOTYlicious night!

I am still coming down from the high of¬†such an incredible BOOTYcamp. ¬†The entire event was so much fun to host from start to finish. I began planning the experience with the intention of creating a one of a kind night where guests¬†could bond over fitness. ¬†As a fitness professional¬†for over 16 years (omg! getting old! ūüėČ ), I’ve seen the magic that can happen in group exercise.¬†I believe fitness¬†is¬†one of the most powerful¬†ways to¬†bring people together and bring joy to people’s lives.¬†

Booty Tooch with BOOCH at BOOTYcamp

Booty Tooch with BOOCH at BOOTYcamp

The day of BOOTYcamp I didn’t need an alarm to wake up. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to go out, dance, squat, plank, and socialize¬†with friends. 6pm couldn’t come fast enough.

I arrived an hour early to set up at City Night Club in SF. The venue is¬†right across the street from one of my favorite San Francisco Whole Foods locations (which in my book is a really good sign ;). I met with the City Night’s event crew, the¬†MoveWith team, and the product vendors to set up. I was impressed by the cleanliness and layout¬†of the City Nights club space.¬†It’s a perfect venue to host a workout class. As I was setting up the music and micraphone, I invited the staff to join us in the class. The club manager seemed unsure about the experience (I get it. It’s not always easy to trust a bubbly blond wearing pink pants).¬†“I don’t have workout clothes on me, but I hope to take the class next time” she said. “Ok!” I replied with a smile, “Just know you are always welcome to join in if you change your mind.”

Guests started to arrive at 5:45pm and were greeted by the MoveWith team with glow sticks as fun fitness accessories for the class. The first room of the club was set up with treats. Guests were invited to enjoy ZICO Coconut Water mocktails, ALOHA daily greens, and cold Clearly Kombucha drinks.


The second room held the workout space: a large dance floor with three levels. Guests set up their exercise mats along the first two levels underneath the neon lights and disco ball. We supplied extra¬†red MoveWith and blue ZICO yoga mats for guests who didn’t bring¬†their own. People trickled in and started socializing. There were selfies, smiles, and lots of new introductions.

The turnout was great (around 62 people). It was a good size for the club, the space felt full but everyone had enough room to move. There were participants of a wide range of fitness levels and experience: everything from advanced athletes, two pregnant women (4 and 7 months), straight men (smart guys ;), and even a mother and daughter team (love). 

At 6:15 I welcomed¬†everyone and introduced the evening. “This event is different and I LOVE it. I want to invite you to have fun, move at your own pace, and focus on feeling good. Our goal tonight is to sweat, squat, smile, and repeat!”

My friend Ray Kang is a talented¬†DJ who created a special music mix for the class. I gave him some of my all time favorite butt themed songs and he blended them together in a non-stop mash-up mix of fun. “My Humps”, “Bubble Butt”, “Drop It Low”, “Rump Shaker”, and more. The music was a huge highlight of the night.


The workout involved a low-impact hour of effective butt shaping, total body exercises. It was a seamless series that flowed from one sequence to the next and worked with the music. Guests ranged in fitness level,  so the workout was structured in a way that everyone could find their own unique challenge and set the pace.

In-fact it was such an inviting challenge, I looked over half-way through the class¬†to find the club manager, dressed in her street clothes, on a mat and moving through the workout with us! She later told me that mid-way through the class it looked like so much fun she had to join. “Thanks for inviting me, Im really glad I changed my mind! Now my energy is pumped up for the rest of my night, and thats a gift that makes getting my work¬†clothes sweaty worth it.”

Yes. I’d agree with that ūüôā

One of the coolest things about an¬†event¬†like BOOTYcamp¬†is that it invites each participant¬†to be completely in the moment. Because you are in a unique enviornment, surrounded by new people, and actively engaged in following a new workout format, you to become completely present. It is not your average “plug in and go” workout. The BOOTYcamp class felt connected and the energy was through the roof.

We finished our class¬†with a cool-down and¬†simple¬†yoga stretch¬†flow. I congratulated the room¬†on a workout well done. I took a moment to¬†acknowledge the participants, “I am proud of you for coming out tonight. It takes real courage to step out of your comfort zone and attend a class like this. ¬†I am inspired by your willingness to try something new, to have fun with fitness, and to stretch yourself. I am so grateful to have shared this BOOTYlicious night out with you.¬†My butt loves you. I hope you know how BOOTYful you are inside and out.”

Post class butt photos were a must…. all smiles after squats ūüôā

Sweaty smiles post BOOTYcamp class

Sweaty smiles post BOOTYcamp class


Some of the PopSugar Fitness team came out to take class too! They created this fun little video Instagram post below. It makes me smile. 


I am so thankful to the product sponsors ZICO Coconut Water, ALOHA , and Clearly Kombucha for participating. It’s always nice to work with companies/people who believe in what you’re doing and want to genuinely be a part of a cool experience.

This year I’ve hosted 2 unique MoveWith events. Each one is so special to me and I love you so much. Thank you for making each experience one of the best. You can follow my teaching profile on MoveWith for upcoming events here. If you guys ever have any suggestions for making these events an even better time please let me know in the comments.

It’s a good sign when the only hangover you have from a night out is a sore butt and a happy heart. It was night out I’ll always remember with people I’ll never forget.

Miss the June event but want to make it to our next monthly meetup? Next BOOTYcamp is going down July 20th ! Space is limited. Grab a friend, register, and get ready for a night out your BUTT will love you for. Reserve your spot here:

Stay in touch on this and other upcoming events via my email newsletter:

I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the booty lifting night out.¬†Remember to find and tag yourself on the facebook album. And don’t forget to upload your photos if we took one together! I wanna see!
Love and Squats,


Healthy Rainbow Recipes To Celebrate Pride.


Healthy Rainbow Recipes

To Celebrate Pride!

Hi Friends,

How’s your weekend going? I hope its been fun and fulfilling. I am still high on life after such an incredible BOOTYcamp event last week. ¬†Big thank you to the product sponsors ZICO Coconut Water,¬†ALOHA¬†, and Clearly Kombucha for your generosity.¬†It‚Äôs always nice to work with companies/people who believe in what you‚Äôre doing and want to genuinely be a part of a cool experience.

So grateful to everyone who took part in making the event such a¬†success and an uplifting, BOOTYlicious experience.¬†My butt loves you. I hope you know how BOOTYful you are inside and out. I’ll be posting an event recap with fun photos (and even funnier stories) on the blog soon, so stay tuned. And even though I‚Äôm sore, I already want some more‚Ķ‚Ķ. For upcoming events, healthy hour monthly meet ups, and training tips to keep your BUTT happy for life, SUBSCRIBE to my email newsletter below:

Since the month of June is LGBT Pride month, I thought it would be fun to share some delicious rainbow recipes with you to celebrate. San Francisco is decked out in rainbow and it’s awesome to live in a city that supports LOVE and equality. June became¬†LGBT pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred in late June of 1969. More recently, the landmark Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges was decided on June 26, 2015, which granted marriage equality to same-sex couples. Try out these healthy rainbow-colored detox recipes to show your support and pride for this historic month.

Rainbow Protein Smoothie

Spring Celebration Smoothie

Recipe from Vega

Serves one



  1. Blend 1 serving of Vega One with 1 banana, ¬Ĺ cup ice, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, until smooth
  2. Pour half of smoothie into a glass, keeping the other half in the blender
  3. Add raspberries and blend until smooth
  4. Pour half of remaining smoothie on top of 1stlayer in glass
  5. Add blueberries to remaining smoothie in blender, and blend until smooth
  6. Top off the glass with your final layer of smoothie
  7. Enjoy!

Rainbow Detox Salad

Try this healthy rainbow detox salad when you are looking for a tasty and filling lunch. Low in calories, rich in vitamins, low in carbohydrates, vegan, gluten-free, with plant based protein, and fiber to keep you going throughout the day.

Recipe from ALOHA

Makes 2-4 servings, based on portion size (you will have dressing leftover).


Lemon & Olive Oil Superfood Dressing

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 small clove garlic, finely chopped

1 packet of ALOHA Daily Good Greens

1 teaspoon honey


2 cups chopped kale

1/8 cup chopped mint

1/4 cup cooked quinoa

1/4 cup grilled garbanzo beans

1/4 cup grilled corn

1/4 cup chopped cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup chopped red pepper

1 tablespoon of olive oil


In a medium saucepan bring 1/4 cup water to a soft boil. Add 1/8 cup uncooked quinoa. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the water has boiled off, and then set aside.

Heat a frying pan on medium. Add the olive oil, beans, and corn. Grill them until seared. Set aside.

In a large to medium mixing bowl add the kale, mint, tomatoes, and red bell pepper. Top with the grilled quinoa, corn, and garbanzo beans. Serve with the Lemon & Olive Oil Superfood Dressing and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite healthy rainbow recipe? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know how you eat the rainbow ūüôā

Wishing you a happy pride weekend. Here’s to living life in color and supporting others in doing the same.

In Pride,


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GIVEAWAY. “Thrive Fitness. The Program for Peak Mental and Physical Strength‚ÄĒFueled by Clean, Plant-Based, Whole Food Recipes.”

Thrive Fitness. Clean, plant based nutrition

Thrive Fitness. Clean, plant based nutrition

I am a partner and brand ambassador for Vega: a premium, clean, plant based nutrition company. Im so grateful to have found Vega whole food plant based nutrition products and thankful for the strength they’ve added to my life. Over the years Ive learned nutrition absolutely has to be a priority if you want to look, feel, and perform your best longterm. When you are working, working out, and living a busy life you absolutely need the right nutritional support.  It can be hard to eat naturally without the right resources. Vega makes it easy to get the REAL FOOD fuel you need to live your best life.

Born from the belief that one should not have to compromise between whole food goodness and fast food convenience, Vega products are developed with Alkaline-forming, plant-based whole foods which help build a platform for optimal health. All of their products are dairy, gluten and soy free, and contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. The nutrient-dense, high net-gain, alkaline-forming nutrition found in plant-based whole foods and natural health products like those offered by Vega is truly the best building material available for your body.

I love working¬†with the company and love that all of the VEGA products are in sync with my whole food-based, clean eating nutritional philosophy. I feel good knowing¬†I am¬†eating real food when investing in Vega products and getting the most value from my eating¬†as a result. I believe in the company and believe in its mission to¬†support a healthier world¬†through it’s clean, all natural products.¬†

I also totally have a huge career crush on Vega creator and co-founder Brendan Brazier . Brendan is a former professional Ironman triathlete, a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, the creator the Vega award-winning line of whole food nutritional products, and the bestselling author of Thrive. He is also the creator and host of Thrive Forward, a web series he developed to help people take health into their own hands and boost their performance.

Brendan recently published the Second edition of his best selling book, “Thrive Fitness” and Vega sent me a copy to read. The book is¬†fantastic. I’ve highlighted page after page, tried out Brendan’s workouts and exercises, and cooked up some of his delicious performance enhancing recipes. It’s an incredible resource for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, energy, and health. Here‚Äôs a little more information and the inside scoop on Brendan’s book from the publishers:

Thrive Fitness

The Program for Peak Mental and Physical Strength‚ÄĒFueled by Clean, Plant-Based, Whole Food Recipes

Second Edition

By Brendan Brazier

I am forever grateful to Brendan‚ĶI have noticed increased energy and more-restful sleep. My desire for sugar and salt is waning.‚ÄĒHugh Jackman

The Thrive diet feeds your body all the nutrients it needs without empty calories and with minimal stress.‚ÄĒChicago Tribune

‚ÄúVegan‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúathlete‚ÄĚ are not terms that people generally think of together, but as professional Ironman triathlete and longtime vegan Brendan Brazier shows in Thrive Fitness, a vegan diet can help enhance performance at any level. In fact, vegan athletes are top competitors in their sports, living healthy and productive lives on‚ÄĒand off‚ÄĒthe playing field.

 In the second edition with a foreword by American professional tennis player Venus Williams, Brazier presents his own easy system for total health and fitness, complete with new photos and step-by-step exercises. Since its first publication, Brazier has made significant developments, specifically to training structure and efficiency. He completely reworked the program to be more dynamic, resulting in gains achieved in less time; and, unlike in the first edition, this program can be performed without any gym equipment and can be done at home.

Whether you’re a time-crunched beginner or an experienced athlete, Thrive Fitness will help you:

  • Sculpt strong, lean muscles
  • Reduce body fat
  • Prevent disease and injuries
  • Increase energy
  • Cut sugar cravings
  • Sharpen mental clarity

Thrive Fitness features a complete six-week workout plan and training log, illustrated exercises with step-by-step instructions, the top fifteen foods to fuel workouts, and strategies to boost creativity, productivity, and mental sharpness. Brazier also includes thirty vegan, performance-enhancing recipes like Coconut Lime Curry Chickpea Stir-Fry, Collard Greens Buckwheat Wrap, Pumpkin Seed Pesto, and Frozen Chocolate Brittle, as well as sample menu plans and shopping lists.

Ive read the book cover to cover and loved every word. Its a refreshing read¬†full of resources to support living a vibrant life. Want to know the BEST part? Vega is sponsoring a book giveaway for the Caroline Jordan Fitness community. Enter the giveaway below to¬†win a free copy of Brendan Brazier’s “Thrive Fitness”¬†mailed straight to you.

Heres How To Enter:

  1. Visit and LIKE the Vega Fan page and the Caroline Jordan Fitness Facebook page. 
  2. Leave me a comment below and tell me why you want to¬†win¬†a copy of Brendan Brazier’s book “Thrive Fitness:¬†The Program for Peak Mental and Physical Strength‚ÄĒFueled by Clean, Plant-Based, Whole Food Recipes
  3. BONUS POINTS: Share this blog post on twitter¬†or¬†facebook with a tag to¬†@Caroline Jordan Fitness¬†and @vegafanpage¬†In your post or tweet¬†tell me¬†why¬†you want to win¬†a copy of Brendan Brazier’s book “Thrive Fitness:¬†The Program for Peak Mental and Physical Strength‚ÄĒFueled by Clean, Plant-Based, Whole Food Recipes

The winner will be randomly selected by March 18th and receive their free copy of Thrive Fitness. SHARE this blog post with your friends on Facebook, twitter, or email to increase your chances of winning your free copy of Thrive Fitness. 

Its YOUR time to THRIVE. I believe that with the right resources, information, encouragement, and support you can fulfill your vision of living well. Thank you Vega for helping me fuel a vibrant, healthy, life. Looking forward to¬†sharing some of the workouts and recipes from “Thrive Fitness” with my community and rewarding one lucky reader with a free copy!

Heres to learning, growing, and fueling our full potential now and always. Till next time, keep moving my friends. 


Want to learn more about Vega Sport and Vega products? Check them out on the web, like their page on facebook, or follow them on twitter!

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Get Together, Sweat Together. Fitbit Local Launch in San Francisco!

Get Together Sweat Together with Fitbit Local San Francisco

Get Together Sweat Together with Fitbit Local San Francisco

I’m so pumped to announce my new role as a Fitbit Local Ambassador! #FitbitLocal is a new series of FREE monthly workouts around the nation, and we’re kicking off in San Francisco this month! 

Get together. Sweat together. Reach your goals at our first #FitbitLocal event in San Francisco: Bootcamp + Yoga on Dec.13 led by yours truly! 

Say hello to Fitbit Local, a series of free monthly workouts in your city led by fitness ambassadors from your community. We’re kicking things off in San Francisco on Dec. 13, and we couldn’t be more pumped!

Grab a friend and join us as we launch in the City by the Bay. Fitbit Local Ambassadors Caroline Jordan and Jeremy Falk will lead an energizing, all-levels workout that combines a body weight bootcamp and yoga cooldown. We’ll have a live DJ to keep you pumped and lots of excitement afterwards, including healthy snacks, free t-shirts and a raffle with product giveaways. And the first 150 people to arrive will go home with a Fitbit yoga mat! You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind workout experience!

Sunday, December 13, 2015
9:30 a.m. ‚Äď 12:00 p.m.

The Innovation Hangar at the Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, CA

Schedule of events:
9:30 a.m. ‚Äď 10:00 a.m.: Welcome and check-in
10:00 a.m. ‚Äď 10:15 a.m.: Meet and greet Fitbit Local Ambassadors Caroline Jordan and Jeremy Falk and hear their favorite ways to stay motivated and fit with Fitbit.
10:15 a.m. ‚Äď 10:45 a.m.: Kick start your Fitness with Fitbit motivational moment. All levels Bodyweight bootcamp. Squat, lunge, pushup, and crunch your way to a happy endorphin high
10:45 a.m. ‚Äď 11:15 a.m.: Feel good yoga flow, followed by an intention setting meditation to create nourishing energy for all.
11:15 a.m. ‚Äď 11:30 a.m.: Intention setting meditation
11:30 a.m. ‚Äď 12:00 p.m.: Enjoy healthy treats and make a new fitness friend while you cool down from your awesome workout.¬†We‚Äôll keep the fun going with a raffle, healthy snacks, plus free t-shirts and yoga mats while they last!

Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter hashtag, #FitbitLocal!

RSVP now with this link:

I am so excited to join forces with Fitbit and represent the company as an ambassador. I believe our brands fit well together in empowering the world to live in health. I know our Fitbit Local program will provide another opportunity to have a positive impact on the community. I hope you can join us for our special launch event December 13th and be a part of our mission to get the world moving.

See you December 13th at the Palace?

Yours in health,


Healthy and Fit Holiday Gift Ideas 2015


Gift ideas for everyone on your list who’s into staying fit and feeling fabulous. Here are my top picks from every price range so that you can¬†give the gift of health and happiness this holiday season. You have the power to help someone FEEL good inside and out. And that is something that lasts long past New Years ūüôā

Balanced Body Breakthrough Book.

Give the gift inspiration, encouragement, and self-care support with my¬†Caroline Jordan Fitness coaching book “Balanced Body Breakthrough”. This book is the in depth guide to getting¬†your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so that you can LOVE your life. I believe this book will be a great resource in¬†empowering personal and community wellness. It¬†makes a great holiday gift,¬†and by pre-ordering your copy, you can help me reach the 250 pre-order goal to gain publishing (currently¬†at 180 copies sold ‚Äď 70 copies away from making this dream a reality.)

Please visit:…/balanced-body-breakthrough to pre-order your copy and give the gift of wellness this holiday. 

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how obsessed I am with my balls ūüėČ Created by Jill Miller the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls measure at about 2 1/2″ in diameter each and are made of a special rubber that grips at your skin, grabs at multiple layers of muscles, and rubs out adhesions and tension, providing a deep tissue massage. Jill created¬†Yoga Tune Up¬ģ as a simple way to restore her¬†body and mind to keep balanced and free of pain. And its TRUE: through¬†regular self massage¬†you too can LIVE BETTER IN YOUR BODY. If you havent experienced the yoga tune up balls you are doing your body a disservice. I travel with them everywhere and pull them out whenever I feel a muscle get cranky. Want to get rid of pain but dont know where to start? Ive created a whole YouTube video playlist to help you learn how to recover, restore, and renew your body with strategic self massage.

Yoga Tune Up Self Massage Videos

Tsuya by Kristi Yamaguchi  fitness apparel


Mckenna Skirt and Madison Pullover by Tsuya by Kristi Yamaguchi

Tsu.ya (pronounced tsoo-ya) is designed to feel good and deliver style that fits every part of an active lifestyle. Influenced by Kristi’s years as an international athlete traveling to fashion capitals around the world, Tsu.ya, offers modern designs, on-trend colors and sophisticated style, plus ultra comfortable fabrics.

My favorite Tsu.ya pieces: Alli Cami Tank, Penelope Capri, and the Whitney Wrap Jacket. Plus the Mica jacket is the perfect little black jacket for a casual day in the city or office. 

Best part of all is if you give Tsuya as a gift, YOU are giving back! A portion of the proceeds from all Tsu.ya sales goes to the Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation, which inspires underserved children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy.

Mica Jacket by Tsuya by Kristi Yammaguchi

Mica Jacket by Tsuya by Kristi Yamaguchi

Vega Protein

Everyone loves to fuel right, they just dont always love paying the price. However the question shouldnt be why is healthy food so expensive, it should be why is unhealthy food is so cheap. When you choose to invest in the best, you reap the benefits. I’ve been a Vega product user for years and truly believe in the products and the quality of health they supply. I’ve learned how to fuel BETTER through experimenting with the Vega line in my healthy lifestyle.¬†From¬†Vega One All in One Nutritional Shake¬†to Vega Protein & Greens¬†there is a perfect product for every lifestyle and diet. For your athletic friends, the¬†company just upgraded their¬†Vega Sport Performance Protein¬†line¬†which now has:

  • Increased Protein, BCAAs, and glutamine: 30 grams of GMO-project certified, complete-plant based protein per serving and 6 grams each BCAAs and glutamine
  • Added Performance Ingredients: turmeric, tart cherry, black pepper, probiotics (1 billion CFUs), and bromelain
  • New Non-GMO Project certified Protein Blend: from pea, pumpkin seed, organic sunflower seed and alfalfa protein

Just like always, Vega products are made without dairy, soy, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Its my go-to choice for fueling right. You can check out my simple protein smoothie and pumpkin spice smoothie for simple ideas on how to fuel better with Vega. 

Having too much fun living spreading the Vega love.

Having too much fun living spreading the Vega love.

Fitbit Charge or Fitbit Flex

Unbeatable technology, the largest fitness community, and a family of fitness products for everyone.¬†Fitbit is on a¬†mission to empower people to lead healthier, more active lives by providing them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals.¬†The Fitbit platform enables users be more active, exercise more, eat smarter, sleep better and help manage their weight to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Fitbit knows that¬†one size does not fit all so they¬†continue to offer the widest range of all-day trackers (6) and price points ($60-250) to fit consumers’ varying needs and lifestyles.

Their¬†products help motivate millions of people to achieve their goals both individually and within the large community of Fitbit users they choose. Whether you want to inspire Aunt Sally to join your 10,000 steps a day walking challenge or help your friend marathon Matt stay on track with his running goals, there is a Fitbit fitness gift to perfectly fit their lifestyle. I have the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch¬†and many of my friends enjoy their Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband¬†. Check out their website at:¬†¬†¬†to view all of their products. Maybe a fitbit for everyone in the family? After all, a family that sweats together stays together ūüôā

Positively Inspiring Workout Tanks

I teamed up with local designers¬†Manifesto Print Co to create¬†tee-shirts with positive¬†messages. I believe these tanks¬†can serve as a reminder to train positive and live in gratitude. Even something as simple as a screen print tee¬†can actually signal the¬†mind to move into a more powerful place. Below are two ‚ÄúCaroline Jordan Fitness‚ÄĚ positive thought workout tops to help you train positive. You can order directly from the links below the photos, they ship nationwide.



I believe positive thoughts equal positive results and that when your mind is in a good place your life will follow suit. Would you smile if you saw one of these tees in the gym? Yea I thought so…. I would too ūüôā¬†
Aloha Good Greens Collection

Aloha Good Greens Collection Photo Credit 

Aloha Healthy Good Greens Collection

Post holiday season, everyone has one thing on their mind. DETOX. What better way to do it than with power packed portable greens powders from Aloha? with clean-ingredient whole foods, high-quality superfoods, and an excellent source of naturally occurring Vitamin D, the Aloha greens are an easy and simple way to get a full serving of fruits and vegetables‚ÄĒall in one convenient on-the-go pouch! I mix the packets into smoothies and oatmeal when Im at home and use on the road to stay regular (was that too much information? ***blushing now). The good greens collection¬†makes for a great gift, use the code “carolinejordanfitness” for %20 percent off your order. Yes, I love helping other people feel good for less $$ ūüôā

ALOHA table at my most recent "Healthy Hour" event in San Francisco

ALOHA table at my most recent “Healthy Hour” event in San Francisco


Fabiola Molina Athletic Swimwear

Do you have goals to learn how to swim in the New Year or a friend who’s a fiend in the pool? Ive been a swimmer since 2004 and it is one of my favorite ways to stay fit and well. But as you know, sports swim suits arent always cute. Thats why when I met the¬†Fabiola Molina line of swim wear I fell in love. Made by Brazilian olympic swimmer, Fabiola Molina, her colorful collection of sports swimsuits are designed to look cute while you train your butt off. I’ve tested out her two piece sunkini in the pool, ocean, and even diving off a 50 foot cliff jump in Hawaii and can tell you – these suits are designed to stay put and get compliments. The best part is the affordable price – one two piece costs less than 1/2 of a American suit….. for quality that lasts longer and looks better, Fabiola Molina is where its at. Designs for both¬†men & women, check out their international store online at:¬†¬†

Anything Lululemon. 

You really cant go wrong with anything lululemon as a gift. Its simply the BEST. On a tight budget? How about some socks? For $14 bucks, they make the perfect stocking stuffer and I can guarantee you anytime the recipient puts them on their feet they will smile.

Spiritual Gangster Clothing

We sell this line at EQUINOX fitness clubs and Im in love with all of their clever tees and sweatshirts. Perfect for that yogi in your life. Check out this cute “wake up and live” sweatshirt below and¬†You can see their entire line of cute yoga wear here.¬†

Healthy Holiday Hostess Gift

Headed to a holiday party? People’s houses are packed with sweets and champagne. Bring something different! Something they will remember you with. Pack a basket full of merry and bright healthy treat delights! Fill it with Clearly Kombucha, KIND Snacks, or even some¬†Superfood Chocolate.¬†Pretty much anything from the Whole Foods whole body section is also always a win. When everyone else is bringing sugar, you can bring the stuff that really feels good. Now that is a sweet treat to the host.¬†

What are you excited to give this year? Leave me a comment with your favorite fitness gift idea below, it might inspire a fun present for my favorite people as well ūüôā

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday full of joy,


Other Things To Check Out This Week:

Words to Live By: Making others Better.


Photo Credit Mark Kuroda

I’ve got exciting news to share with you! I recently started working with Kristi Yamaguchi¬†as an ambassador for her clothing line: Tsu.ya .¬†Tsu.ya (pronounced tsoo-ya) is designed to feel good and deliver style that fits every part of an¬†active lifestyle.¬†Influenced by Kristi’s years as an international athlete traveling to fashion capitals around the world, Tsu.ya, offers modern designs, on-trend colors and sophisticated style, plus ultra comfortable fabrics.

Tsuya has four core beliefs that describe who the ‚ÄúTsuya Woman‚ÄĚ is:

  1. The Tsuya Woman strives to make others better (MOB). She works towards excellence in all that she does and sets a positive example for colleagues, peers, family and community. By doing so, she inspires and enriches others’ daily lives.
  2. The Tsuya Woman is active. Exercise is a part of her lifestyle, which she balances between life and work in order to remain healthy.
  3. The Tsuya Woman is stylish. She likes to feel beautiful in what she wears and seeks style that is both fashionable and comfortable enough to take her through her day.
  4. The Tsuya Woman is philanthropic. She cherishes the feeling of giving back and looks for ways to make a difference in her community. There’s nothing more fulfilling than lending your shoulders to help someone else stand taller to reach their dreams!
Hosting a Tsuya trunk show at my most recent wellness event: Healthy Hour at Studiomix in San Francisco

Hosting a Tsuya trunk show at my most recent wellness event: Healthy Hour at Studiomix in San Francisco

A¬†portion of the proceeds from all Tsu.ya sales goes to the Kristi¬†Yamaguchi’s¬†Always Dream Foundation, which inspires underserved children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy.

“Always Dream is my motto – to dream big, never lose sight of my goals, and strive to become a better person. While I have been supported in the pursuit of my dreams, I realize that support does not exist for all children. My desire is to inspire and embrace the hopes and dreams of children.”
– Kristi Yamaguchi

It is a huge honor to accept the ambassadorship and represent the stylish, active, philanthropic Tsuya woman who strives to “make others better” through her life.

How do I aspire to live in a way that is #makingothersbetter ? I work as a corporate wellness consultant and health coach. My goal is to help people take care of themselves so that they can live their lives fully. We get one life and I work to enable others to make the most of it.

Over¬†the years, my work has evolved and I morphed into a¬†unique¬†combination of corporate wellness consultant, health coach, and community spokesperson¬†with one mission: get the world moving in a positive direction. Fitness and Health¬†is something I love and strongly believe in. I work¬†to shift perspectives and allow others to adopt a healthier life not because it makes them ‚Äúlook good‚ÄĚ or fit into a cultural mold, but instead to live their best lives and fulfill their greatest potential.¬†I want to help people¬†develop a positive relationship to exercise, to health, and to themselves. My work in wellness¬†has been a¬†powerful¬†pathway to get my message¬†out into the world. I know that the¬†work that I am doing is¬†serving a purpose and I believe we all need each other to be better¬†and live¬†well.¬†

Is it true that we all live to serve and that by helping others we fulfill our own destiny? The answer is a simple YES. When you make a positive impact on someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life. Thats why I find the Tsuya #makingothersbetter campaign so awesome. Because by making others better, you also make the very best version of you.

This video was filmed and produced by Mark Kuroda for the Tsuya #makingothersbetter campaign. Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m so excited to see all the possibilities unfold from this partnership and look forward to #makingothersbetter through this work.

How do you live your life in a way that is #makingothersbetter ? Let me know in the comments below.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you dear friend for reading and for joining me in this journey. You make me better and I strive to do the same for you.


Other Things To Check Out This Week: 

  • Its getting CLOSE! Inkshares has changed their platform and I only need to sell 250 copies of my Caroline Jordan Fitness coaching book in order to receive publishing. So far Im at 160 copies sold – 90 copies away from making this dream a reality.¬†With your support, I know this book baby can come to life! I aspire to be a wellness coach that helps you keep your mind, body, and spirit in great shape so that you can LOVE your life. I believe this book will be a great resource inempowering personal and community wellness. A little bit of love goes a long way, please visit:‚Ķ/balanced-body-breakthrough to pre-order your copy. I hope to share “Balanced Body Breakthrough” with you in 2016 and am SO grateful for your belief in this project and in me.
  • Dec. 5th 2015 at Uforia Studios San Francisco: Spin4 Crohn‚Äôs & Colitis Cures. A 2-hour indoor cycling relay. Teams are made up of 4 people and funds raised go straight to curing the millions¬†How Does it Work? Reserve 1 bike at for 2 hours of pedaling with purpose. Grab 3 teammates & raise funds to Spin4 Crohn‚Äôs & Colitis Cures¬†Event date is December 5 and will be hosted at Uforia in San Francisco. Let‚Äôs represent!¬†Be a leader, and reserve your team‚Äôs spot today at We Spin4 Crohn‚Äôs & Colitis Cures. What do you Spin4?¬†Questions? Contact Angela Giganti, at
  • Healthy, Fast, and Easy Breakfast Ideas. Energy for Busy Days.
  • I work with a variety of companies to create, write, and develop wellness programming designed to enhance the success and health of their staff. I have hosted corporate wellness workshops and offsite events across the United States. Some of my past presentations include:‚ÄúThrive: Wellbeing At Work‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúThrive Wellbeing on the Road‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúDigital Detox. Healthy Tech Wellness‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúReboot at Work! Simple Strategies for improved energy.‚ÄĚ
    ‚ÄúRX Series. Stress Relief Strategies that Work‚ÄĚ

    I have consulted for leading companies including: Genentech, Google, RMC Water and Environment, Credit Karma, TaskRabbit, Litekey Technology, ReedSmith LLP,  and Hines. I work to customize each program to meet the unique needs of your team. My goal is to make each offering engaging and provide resources participants can immediately use to improve their wellness and life. I believe that self-care is health care and the secret to thriving in work, wellness, and life. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss ways we can work with together, please contact me at .