Month: June 2023

workout for insulin resistance

Workout for Insulin Resistance. Follow along (10 Minutes)

 Follow along in this workout for insulin resistance to manage your blood sugar and improve your health. Exercise not only helps lower your blood glucose, it helps you manage your weight, strengthen your heart, and reduce stress. When people think about exercise, they often associate it with weight loss or muscle gain. But there are …

June 21, 2023
hurt foot bike workout

Hurt Foot Bike Workout With Lit Bike By Freebeat (15 Min Low Impact Ride)

If you’re a beginner healing from a foot injury or just got a stationary bike or exercise bike, this 20 minute hurt foot low impact bike workout is for YOU! When medically cleared for partial non-weight bearing exercise, this hurt foot low impact bike workout will help you stay fit on the road to recovery. …

June 5, 2023