Month: January 2022

low impact indoor walking interval workout 45 minutes

45 Minute Walk At Home. Low Impact Indoor Walking Interval Workout (Fat Burning Cardio!!!)

Walking is one of the best forms of cardio you can do for fitness because it’s low-impact and easy to do anywhere — even indoors! Join me for a low impact indoor walking workout that combines cardio with strength training for maximum fitness results. In this low impact indoor walking workout we will alternate indoor …

January 24, 2022

Full Body Mobility Flow Workout Follow Along (Intermediate / Advanced)

Get ready to open and strengthen your entire body in this full body mobility flow. Using moves designed improve your joints ability to move actively through a range of motion, this workout video will improve your movement quality, performance in athletic activities, functional fitness (aka your ability to perform well in life) and your body …

January 17, 2022
Warm up exercises

Full body warm up exercises before workout at home video routine (QUICK & EFFECTIVE!)

I have put together this quick and effective warm up routine full of low impact exercises that you can do every time before you start working out to prevent injury and improve performance. We will move through each exercise for 30 seconds with no break between exercises. Feel free to move at your own pace …

January 10, 2022
15 min DANCER LEG SCULPT Workout (Toned Glutes, Inner & Outer Thighs No Equipment)

15 min DANCER LEG SCULPT Workout (Toned Glutes, Inner & Outer Thighs No Equipment)

Strengthen and shape your lower half in this dancer leg sculpt ballet inspired workout. Do you love clamshells and Jane Fonda leg lifts as much as I do? Well get ready to work your legs with this dancer leg sculpt workout. This routine is done all on the floor with mat based exercises that will …

January 3, 2022