Month: April 2014

Self Care is the secret to a Wealthy Life. Happiness and Health is PRICELESS.

Making YOURSELF a sacred priority is one of the smartest moves you can make. The April theme of “self-care” has been a powerful reminder of that. In week one, I provided a few powerful questions to help you define what self care means to YOU and personalize your approach to making it a part of your …

April 27, 2014
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It’s whats on the INSIDE that counts. Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Self-Care.

We all know what it means to “take care” of our health. Eat right, exercise,  get good sleep and eat nutrient-dense foods. But, there is something deeper that is essential to self-care.  Just as important as nurturing our physical well-being is the care and feeding of our hearts.  Your spiritual state has the ultimate influence over …

April 20, 2014
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Physical Self Care: How to Take Care Of Yourself when you Just Don’t Have Time To Take Care Of Yourself

“People always say: ‘I’m too busy to exercise,’ ‘I have to be there for the kids,’ ‘I’ve got too much work.’ You know what? These are little lies you’re telling yourself, and the go against the laws of self-preservation, because the more WHOLE and HEALTHY you are, the more fully you can give to other …

April 13, 2014
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Month of Self Care. Join Me.

Self care is a hot topic in our world. So much so that I believe  it’s begun to lose its meaning and importance. We’ve all heard the “oxygen mask” analogy in nauseum and we are beginning to block it all out. Self-care isn’t just about putting on an “oxygen mask” or just taking a hot bath. It’s so much more than that. …

April 6, 2014
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