Adductor Workout At Home. Inner Thigh Strength To Prevent Injury

adductor workout

Here is an adductor workout you can do at home to increase flexibility, build strength, and prevent injury. The adductors are the prime movers in each of these exercises. This video was a request from one of the Caroline Jordan Fitness Patreon members – thanks to Shelly for requesting this routine, we can all get stronger inner thighs!

WHY should you strengthen your hip adductors?

Hip adductors are the muscles in your inner thigh that support balance and alignment. These stabilizing muscles are used to adduct the hips and thighs or move them toward the midline of your body.

To improve athletic performance and prevent injury, it’s important that you tone, strengthen, and stretch all your hip muscles, including your hip adductors.

Adductor Workout At Home. Inner Thigh Strength To Prevent Injury Video

Take care of your body, especially in this sensitive area. Perform these exercises a few times a week to build strength, improve flexibility, and prevent injury.

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Stay strong and keep those adductor’s healthy my friend!


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