Floor Based Full Body Workout | Low Impact Mat Based Strength Training (NO EQUIPMENT + NO IMPACT!)

floor based full body workout

Who needs a gym when there’s the living room floor? Floor based full body workouts are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without gym machines or equipment. Get moving at home with these fun, uplifting floor exercises for a total body tone.

Are you ready to get sweaty? My Youtube floor based workouts have been such a fan favorite, I thought it was time to film another round of feel good fitness moves just for you. This exercise routine is perfect to be done at home when you are short on time and need a workout that is fast, effective, and well rounded.

Have you subscribed to the Youtube channel yet? Make sure you do it and hit that notification bell so we stay connected every time I upload new content that’s just for you. I love floor based workouts because you can do them anywhere and they feel SO good on the body. Anytime you need a little bit of movement, you can roll out your exercise mat and press PLAY: at the gym, at home, or while traveling. I have a floor exercise playlist on youtube here. Check it out! 

Wheres your favorite place to workout? Do you have a spot in your house you like to sweat? I love my living room floor – its the perfect size for home workouts like this routine of floor based full body workout exercises. I had so much fun creating this workout for you! I hope you have fun doing this workout too. When you are ready to get started, roll out your mat and press play on the video below!

Floor Based Full Body Workout | Low Impact Mat Based Strength Training (NO EQUIPMENT + NO IMPACT!) Video

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Great job with that workout! I hope to see you on the Youtube channel again soon.


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