Indoor Walk Workout For Stress Relief. Low Impact Exercise Video

indoor walk workout

Feeling stressed? Ive got some movement medicine to help you out with that! Join me for this 25 minute indoor walk workout for stress relief. Together we will cleanse your body of negativity, cultivate positivity, and boost your energy for a calmer mind + body.

This indoor walk workout is low impact and will keep you in the fat burning zone while helping you achieve your daily step goal. This video is designed to be fun and challenge you. If any of the steps are too hard…simply march on the spot or step touch it out. My goal is to keep our feet moving for the duration of the workout.

Next time you feel too stressed to think straight, I want you to MOVE your body for a minute.

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Ready to step your way to less stress? Lace up your tennis shoes and press play on this indoor walk! If you enjoy the video dont forget to leave me a comment and let me know how you feel!

Indoor walk for stress relief workout video

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Keep up the good work – every step you take moves you forward in the direction of health!


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