Easy Stretches to Relieve Stress. Exercise for Physical & Mental Health.

Feeling tight, tense, anxious, heavy, negative, or stressed? Try these easy stretches to relieve your stress and feel better fast.

Easy Stretches

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Life moves fast and you feel like you are always running to keep up. The to-do list is endless and the emails never stop. You mind is always racing back and forth, did I check everything off of my list? The fight-or-flight mode lifestyle has become your normal. Deep breaths? Stretching? Who has time for that really?

You do. And in-fact, taking a couple minutes for a few easy stretches will help you keep up with your non-stop schedule.

Not pausing to practice self care will catch up with you. It always does and often comes in a headache, illness, injury, or random meltdown in the office breakroom. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Life isn’t a marathon where you just keep running until you break. It actually can be a series of sprints where you work hard with great focus and then take time to recover for your next burst.  This video of total body stretches is the perfect quick fix when you feel overworked. It will help you ease tight muscles, maintain your sanity, and ground yourself so that you can tackle whatever challenges life hands you next. I know it might feel like you don’t have time, but trust me you do. And taking time to do a few easy stretches now will actually give you more time later. Trust me on this – you will move faster in life if you create space for yourself.

These easy stretches are perfect to use when you are:

  • Training hard. Getting ready for a race or just hitting it hard in the gym? Balance all your high intensity workouts proper recovery and stretching.
  • Traveling. Dealing with the physical and mental stress of jet lag, hotels, and getting from point A to B makes your body cranky. Use these easy stretches in your hotel room to calm yourself down from the stress of traveling.
  • Under pressure. When work is intense, you are getting ready for a big event, or feeling anxious about performing your best, you can use these easy stretches to ground yourself so that you can be fully focused.
  • Feeling upset, depressed, negative, or heavy. 
  • Frazzled. A fight with a loved one, traffic, or any life event that makes you feel nervous or on edge.
  • Stuck with a headache, backache, or ANY ache. 

In this routine you will do the following easy stretches:

  • Cat/cow
  • Twisted child’s pose
  • Puppy pose
  • Laying quad stretch
  • Seated twist
  • Hip opening stretch
  • Spine twist
  • Knees to chest

and more! As always, please check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and do what YOU need to feel your best.

Next time you feel overwhelmed with stress, try these easy stretches and tell me yourself. If your mental and physical energy is better after, I’d say this self care stuff works 😉

Easy Stretches for Stress Relief Exercise Video

Don’t have enough time for all of these easy stretching exercises? Just do a few! Use a move or two when you need just a little moment of calm. You can also start a “watch later” playlist on Youtube to save this routine for when you need it. That way you always have your a video on hand and stress relief is only one click away.

Leave me a comment below when you try these easy stretches and let me know if it helps you relieve stress. And please share this video with someone in your life who could use a  break! Together we can support each other in feeling our best and staying strong so we can SPRINT fast in life.



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2 Replies to “Easy Stretches to Relieve Stress. Exercise for Physical & Mental Health.”

  1. I am suffering from stress and anxiety and sharing these simple exercises will be very helpful. I will try this one tomorrow before I start my day. I always go for the natural ways of managing stress and anxiety as it is healthier compared to taking medications.

    I think exercising and some sunlight really helps us mentally. Everytime I do some stretching in the morning, I just feel peaceful and happy. This site have also helped me manage my anxiety: https://www.zapmystress.com/panic-attacks/panic-away/. Sharing it to others who are still struggling on finding ways to cope with anxiety and stress.

    Hope to see some more helpful articles on anxiety and stress in the future. Thank you.

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