Calorie Burning Workout 10 Minutes!

calorie burning workout

10 Minute Full Body Calorie Burning Home Interval Workout. You dont need any equipment for this home calorie burning workout and I show you both low impact and high impact options. And as you qualified online trainer Caroline Jordan I know how to get you the best results at home.

Low-impact cardio workout exercise is easier on the joints and you can do it more frequently, regardless of your age or fitness level. Low-impact cardio workout is a good choice if you’re a beginner building up your strength and endurance, or if you’re recovering from injury. The most effective form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise is that which you do consistently. With this 10 minute low impact calorie burning workout you can see great results and feel your best! Ready to get moving with me? Press play on the video routine below.

10 minute calorie burning workout video

How do you feel after taking 10 minutes to get moving? Movement is MEDICINE right? Im so proud of you for taking the time to take care of yourself. I suggest doing this 10 minute calorie burning workout a few times a week in addition to your balanced fitness programming to see results. As always check with your doctor before starting any new fitness routine.

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