Abs for Bad Back Workout – Pain-Free Core Strength Class! (CHALLENGE!)

abs for bad back

Do you get lower back pain when doing abs exercises? Are you frustrated that every time you take pilates or group fitness classes your back aches afterwards? You want to achieve a strong core but dont know how because every time you try to train your abs, you feel your lower back and hip flexors. What will it take to get a stronger six pack without hurting your back?

Dont worry, I am here to help. As a fitness expert with over 17 years of experience, I know exactly how to teach you to build your core safely so that the next time you go to pilates you can feel all the right muscles working (and not end up in pain). Done consistently the abs for back back workout below will help you build a foundation of core strength. Building a stronger set of abs though this workout will help you eliminate lower back pain and get you ready to attend your favorite activities pain free.

As always you want to check with your doctor or health care team before doing this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and stop if you feel any pain. If you have a history of lower back injuries or disc problems, always see your doctor before trying any new exercise.

Here are the exercises we will be doing in this video:

Abs for bad back workout exercises:

  • Warm up: imprint to neutral – flat back hold
  • Warm up hip bridge
  • Warm up alt knee hug
  • Warm up cat cow
  • alt bird dog
  • bear crawl
  • dead bug iso hold
  • reverse curl
  • heel taps
  • flat back crunch hold
  • side plank
  • side plank
  • superman
  • plank

Abs for bad back workout video

Im positive that if you practice these ab exercises consistently 3-4 times a week you WILL see positive benefits like reduced lower back pain, improved posture, enhanced performance, and increased confidence performing exercises in group fitness classes. In fact, I challenge you to try this video for 30 days STRAIGHT and report back on how your lower back (and abs!) feel after a month of consistent training. I would love to hear how fabulous you feel. Challenge yourself to do this quick abs for bad back workout and transform lower back into a stronger, resilient core and body!

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Remember no matter what, every day life gives you a chance to kick butt. Love sweating with you, keep up the good work!

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