Chair Cardio Workout with Triple Amputee. Seated Workouts for Injury or Disability.

Seated Workouts for Injury Or Disability

Join us for a special Seated Workouts for Injury or Disability chair cardio class featuring triple amputee Linda Olson!


It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a VERY special friend, colleague, and personal coaching client Linda Olson. Linda K. Olson, MD, FACR, is an author and motivational speaker with a Get Out and Go message. She has been a triple amputee since 1979 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2015. A Professor Emeritus of Radiology at University of California, San Diego, Linda is committed to empowering Parkinson’s patients and families to live life as fully as possible in spite of their disabilities. Linda and her husband, David Hodgens, MD, raised two children and now live in San Diego with their black lab, Sally. Linda Olson’s Book “Gone: A Memoir Of Love, Body, And Taking Back My Life” was published in 2020 and is a beautifully written story of her life.

Linda Olson has been a 1-1 personal coaching client for over 6 years. We’ve primarily shared weekly workouts via ZOOM because shes such a world traveler (and in demand Parkinsons speaker!). Its been a long time goal to have her as a guest on the Youtube channel for a workout. Finally the stars aligned and we were able to film in real life! Ive shared many wonderful workouts with Linda and we decided it was time to show you some of what we do behind the scenes in her sessions. Please join us for a Chair Cardio Interval Workout where we move through Linda’s favorite exercises that keep her fit and healthy as a triple amputee with Parkinsons.

Linda has and always will be one of my #1 inspirations in life. She is proof that people CAN overcome unexpected challenges and find JOY in life. I hope you enjoy joining us for this chair cardio interval workout. Press play on the video below and dont forget to also go check out Linda here:

Chair Cardio Workout with Triple Amputee. Seated Workouts for Injury or Disability Video

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Im so thankful for Linda for coming onto the channel for this uplifting Chair Cardio Video! I hope you enjoyed working out with us and I hope to see you on Youtube soon for another great workout!


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  1. I am 76 years old and have been doing your routines for at least 6 weeks. I have not been able to lift my knees up in the knee tuck exercise. Today I could bring up my knees and do it for 45 seconds with you. I am still tweaking some of your exercises as I realized my form was not just right. I thank you for your videos and am going to join. Donna, Maine

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