Core Stability Workout – Workout for Pain Relief Exercises, Better Posture, High Performance (QUICK & EASY!)

core stability workout

Core stability exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis (hips and glutes!). Strong core muscles make it easier to do all your favorite physical activities, improve posture, and help with pain relief. Read on to get the essential core stability workout to help you achieve these results.

Recently I had a new client book a virtual coaching session to address his nagging lower back pain. He didnt have an injury, but since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic was feeling very out of whack in his body. While he was still exercising safely at home, the stress of COVD combined with more sitting had brought about lower back pain that had become very distracting. After trying several stretching and foam rolling youtube videos with no relief, he reached out for guidance and support. I knew exactly how to help. What he needed was body balance, a movement medicine prescription of hip mobility and core stability exercises for pain relief and a return to athletic life.

In his session we discussed his new movement program, a daily dose of mobility and stability exercises. “I want you to do my hip mobility youtube video routine every morning and follow it up with core stability exercises” I advised. “Do you have a video I can follow along with for the core work?” he asked. I stopped for a moment and realized I hadnt filmed one yet!
“This calls for a client request!” I exclaimed, and I got right to work on filming this sequence of core stability exercises for him.

Chances are if you are a human dealing with stress and also wanting to improve your posture, performance, and health you’d also benefit from this video sequence. I get my best Youtube video ideas from working with clients 1-1. They tell me their challenges and I work on finding ways to help them feel better fast. And I’m 100% positive that doing this core stability workout on a regular basis WILL bring you incredible body benefits. I challenge you to test it out for a month and see what kind of miraculous results you experience. Here’s what I suggest:

Every morning (or as often as you can throughout your week) do the Fix Your Hips Mobility Video and follow it with this Core Stability Workout video. The combination of the two will balance your body and set you up to move well in your life and athletic pursuits. I am POSITIVE that if you are consistent with these two videos in sequence you will feel the difference in your whole body. TRY IT. Do it for one month and report back – I cant wait to hear your results.

Here are the exercises we will do together in this quick routine:

Core Stability Workout – Workout for Pain Relief Exercises, Better Posture, High Performance (QUICK & EASY!) Exercises:

  • hip bridge 10-20 reps
  • hollow body hold 30 seconds
  • single leg hip bridge 30 seconds both sides
  • hollow body toe taps 10-20 reps
  • dead bug with arm reach 10-20 reps both sides
  • side plank 30 seconds both sides
  • clam shell 30 seconds hold both sides
  • bird dog crunch 10-12 reps both sides
  • plank 30-60 seconds

Sounds ABSolutely fantastic right? Lets do this. Roll out your mat and enjoy this core stability workout with me!

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Core Stability Workout – Workout for Pain Relief Exercises, Better Posture, High Performance (QUICK & EASY!) video

This core stability workout is a great fitness video routine to do at the BEGINNING of your day to set you up for success. Using this core stability workout regularly will improve your performance, help you alleviate low back pain, reduce the risk of injury (or aid in healing from one), as well as help you feel balanced and strong in your body. Id suggest doing the exercises in this video daily or as often as possible for best results. To get the best bang for your buck, do my morning hip mobility routine FIRST. The combination of the two videos works MAGIC in your body and your life!

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I hope this core stability workout is one that you can use time and time again to feel your best in life. I love sweating with you – keep up the good work!


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