Positively Inspiring Workout Tanks. A Happy Holiday Gift From Caroline Jordan Fitness

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I believe positive thoughts equal positive results and that when your mind is in a good place your life will follow suit. The mind is a funny thing, and just like any muscle needs regular exercise to stay positive. The stress of modern living makes it even more challenging to remain mentally grounded, strong, and grateful.  But when you surround yourself with good people, a healthy environment, and inspiration it’s much easier to keep your mind feeling happy, healthy, and motivated for fearless living.

Sometimes even the smallest act, word, or sign can be the one thing that changes your mindset and turns your day around. I teamed up with local designers Manifesto Print Co to create tee-shirts with positive messages. I believe these tanks can serve as a reminder to train positive and live in gratitude. Even something as simple as a screen print tee can actually signal the mind to move into a more powerful place. Below are the first two “Caroline Jordan Fitness” positive thought workout tops to help you train positive. You can order directly from the links below the photos, they ship nationwide.




manifesto print co. was co-founded by a graphic designer, Lexie, & an illustrator, Kiri. They both work in San Francisco and met at their day job at lululemon. The company started off when they found out their friend, Sossi, lost her bike and needed one in order to complete her Triathlon in a few weeks. So, Kiri & Lexie both designed a shirt and partnered with one of Sossi’s friend Courtney to start a Go Fund Me campaign. Everyone who donated got a handprinted shirt and the design, now known as the “This is Our San Francisco” print, had a bunch of bikes hidden in it in honor of Sossi. After that, Lexie & Kiri decided to create a bunch of designs that they were inspired by. They both design & illustrate everyday and have ongoing projects with fitness instructors, yoga studios and teams at corporate companies. manifesto print co. is all about custom printing unique designs and they handprint every shirt that they make.

Im beyond excited about these tees and believe in the positive intention behind the screen printed messages. Id love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my very first clothing product! Can you imagine yourself seeing one of these tees at the gym? What would you think if you saw one? Would you smile, be inspired, or feel grateful? Please leave your words as a comment below.  Your feedback will help me continue to grow and create content that MOVES you. If you think any of your friends might also enjoy these workout tops, please share this post on Facebooktwitter, or email. Id love to see a positive tee smiling back at me in my next class, workshop, or while walking down the street in SF! 

Yours in gratitude,


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