You got an M.B.A. …… in what exactly?


I am now excited to officially be a Master Balletone Ambassador. What exactly is Balletone and why am I so STOKED to finally be a certified instructor?

Here’s what you need to know about the Balletone: Sole Synthesis program, courtesy of the Balletone Instructor Manual.

“When barefoot training meets strength, cardio, and flexibility in one workout, fitness takes on a whole new meaning. Sole Synthesis is “simplicity through triplicity”… no fancy moves here, the idea is to simple use a movement you’ve done for ages and transform it seamlessly in three different ways with ONE outcome – a proactive workout rooted in functional training that will leave you strong, centered, and actively flexible from the ground up.

Specifically designed to attract three times the crowd, learn to use traditional fitness exercises you know and love and transform them into Balletone phrases and moving Yoga inspired sequences for three times the workout. Begin with fitness moves and MASTER THE MOVEMENT – with no extra equipment work both the upper and lower body with creatively sequenced combinations that will test your strength, endurance, and coordination. Next, transform the fitness element into a complimentary Balletone inspired pattern which adds long lever, dynamic and active flexibility patterns in a variety of phrases with a focus on core integrity all linked together to FLOW THE MOVEMENT. Finally, use a non-traditional approach to Yoga inspired postures to CALM THE MOVEMENT – moving through poses while adding feet exercises and shoulder girdle stabilization techniques meanwhile allowing participants to refocus and recover, readying the body for the next challenge.

Be ready to take your shoes off, learn about the benefits of working without equipment, and the advantages to training barefoot. Sole Synthesis is ‘elevated functional training in the group fitness room that’s sure to make you sweat!”

– Balletone Instructor Mannual 2009

What do I love so much about this Fusion Fitness class?

** Participants from ALL backgrounds (from the Prima Ballerina to the Buff Fitness Divia) can find fun and challenge from the program.

** The FLOW. The class is formatted to seamlessly FLOW from one sequence to the next – connecting the three modalities of fitness, ballet, and yoga without any awkward pause. This format allows the class to move in an organic, strong, and satisfying way.

** BAREFOOT TRAINING. Sole Synthesis introduces participants to mindful moving without shoes. This practice serves to increase the strength, agility, and function of the MOST important part of your body therefore truly training and strengthening you from the ground up. I have become a HUGE fan of barefoot training – and plan on trying to convince you to become one too 🙂 That however is an entirely different blog post…. so keep your eyes open for more!

** The class is built on the principal: “NO JUDGMENTS – JUST AWARENESS” and encourages students to enjoy movement in a beautiful, welcoming way.

Want more information on the Balletone Program? Check out their website for a list of all their programs, videos, instructors, and more!

I am passionate about this program and hope we have a chance to enjoy the class together soon! Until then…. keep up the GREAT training 🙂


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  1. I too, am interested in pursuing this. I often wonder though if I will run out of ideas for new classes each week. I know there is choreography available to buy on the Balletone site, but what happens once you go through all of them? By that time, do you have the knowledge/confidence to make up your own classes?

    1. Yes – by that time I feel you are so well versed in the choreography that you can get creative! Plus the training teaches you other valuable teaching lessons you can take with you OUTSIDE of Balletone. I felt the certification course taught skills that allow you to succeed as an instructor or trainer in the fitness industry. It was WORTH every penny – and not too big of an investment. I say GO FOR IT! 🙂

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