Chair Stretch Routine. Seated Fitness Video For Flexibility

Chair stretch

A chair stretch routine to help you maintain flexible muscles and ease pain in your body. Chair stretches are suitable for all levels and especially beneficial for seniors, those recovering from an injury, or those who need non-weight bearing exercise. Get fit and flexible with this easy chair stretch routine that will lengthen your entire body from head to toe.

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Are you looking for a feel good chair stretch routine? I have just what you need. Get ready to flow and let go with this seated total body flexibility video. You’ll move your muscles through dynamic stretches and full range of motion while sitting down in a chair. This routine is appropriate for all ages and abilities. Its great to use after a long work day at the office or while trying to recover from an injury and needing non-weight bearing exercise. All you need to get started is a chair and a positive attitude. Here are the exercises you will do in this chair stretch routine:

Chair Stretch Routine Exercises:

  • Deep breathing reach arms up
  • Side bends
  • Reach arms open and hug
  • Chest opener and twist
  • Arms forward and twist
  • Knee to chest knee pulls circle
  • Hamstring forward fold
  • Lunge back with reach
  • Warrior 2 to reverse warrior
  • Wide leg forward fold
  • Tricep to shoulder stretch
  • Seated pigeon
  • Seated twist
  • Seated wrist stretch

Ready to try this chair stretch routine with me? Grab a seat and press play! This is going to feel amazing!

Chair Stretch Routine. Seated Fitness Video For Flexibility

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  1. Day 2 of workout for hurt foot. Glad I found your site. I am the most unfit person and had a little Health scare. Was using the treadmill for the first time ever in my life for two months lost 25 lb started eating healthier, then broke my foot. Glad I found you, unfortunately I’m finding out how unfit I am. Not sure if I can do it at my age but I’m going to give it a damn good try. Thanks

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