The Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program. Stay Fit With A Foot Or Leg Injury.

Hurt Foot Coaching Program
The Hurt Foot Coaching program will teach you how to live your best life while healing from a foot or lower leg injury. In this comprehensive online lifestyle program you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to be successful in health and healing. With exclusive injury friendly workouts, specific injury nutrition, secrets to staying positive, and more insider insights to recovering from an injury a success, this course is designed to give you everything you need to heal positively and FEEL positively during the process. With the Hurt Foot coaching program you won’t just “survive” an injury, you’ll learn to THRIVE through one and heal a stronger person.

Watch this video to learn everything you need to know about the Hurt Foot Coaching Program

Are you struggling with an injury? If you are in pain or feeling lost, upset, or completely thrown out of your active lifestyle game the Hurt Foot Coaching Program is 100% worth enrolling in. I designed this program with YOU in mind. Ive lived through a serious, life changing foot injury. Ive dealt with all of the ups, downs, and in-betweens. I know intimately what you are experiencing mentally and physically. And I am here to use my experience and expertise to help you transform this injury into a powerful vehicle for self-growth.

Who am I and why do I want to help?
Im Caroline Jordan, a Certified Health and Fitness Coach here to help you heal, grow, and kick butt in life. I specialize in helping people find safe, effective ways to exercise and am here to guide you through the injury recovery process with a proven formula for success. I am here to teach you how to use movement as medicine. I am here to guide you in finding SAFE and effective ways you can stay fit both physically and mentally.
Caroline Jordan Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program
Many people don’t heal from foot and ankle injuries because they simply dont know HOW. There are a world of generic programs out there that give you a bare bones, cookie cutter approach to fixing injury. Don’t waste your time or your money. I am here to be the coach that will guide you through the recovery process. I’ll give you the specific steps to take to heal your foot and get your life back.  I’ve DONE the journey of healing. I’ve researched, worked the best doctors, tried all the exercises to know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve built this coaching program and supportive community to share these insider steps to success with you. I am committed to helping you heal when the doctors just shrug their shoulders and tell you to take Advil. You don’t have to sit around and wallow in self pity praying your injury heals quickly. You can get up, get going, and get moving towards recovery. You CAN take action today to stop waiting and get walking faster to the other side of injury.
You GROW through what you GO through. Everyday you have a choice: to sit at home and focus on your limitations or to GET OUT of negativity and find ways you can live positively no matter WHAT obstacles lie in your path. Injury is hard in every single way. Don’t go at it alone. A coach and community will keep you strong when you feel you just cant go on.
The Hurt Foot Coaching Program is for anyone who needs NON-weight bearing workouts and also would benefit from diet, stress management, and lifestyle tools for ultimate health. The information in the Hurt Foot Program took me YEARS to learn and put together: I want to save you time and give you all the answers you need to healing. The Hurt Foot Program is for anyone struggling to manage an injury and looking for guidance on how to cope mentally, physically, and emotionally. When many people get hurt, they sit on the couch and think “poor me”. They isolate themselves from life. They struggle with feelings of negativity, frustration, and difficult emotions. They are in pain physically and mentally and don’t know a way out. The Hurt Foot Coaching program offers a different path towards coping with physical pain and limitations. It allows members to take positive, powerful, and pro-active approach to healing.
If you like the positivity and energy in my free Youtube workouts, you’ll fall in love with the Hurt Foot Coaching Course. Think of it as moving in with me to my healing apartment and getting an intensive coaching retreat. Heres what members are saying:

Hurt Foot Coaching Program Member Reviews:

“The Hurt Foot Coaching Program is THE support group for injured athletes and active folks. I have no idea what I would have done without this incredible community and program. Sure following the course helped me get fit in ways I never thought I could with an injury – but more importantly, enrolling in the course saved me mentally. Working with Caroline and the Hurt Foot Fitness member community has been game changing in my recovery.”  – Maggie M 

“Never have I met someone so strong and so empowering as Caroline Jordan. While dealing with a seemingly undiagnosable foot injury, I came across Caroline’s Hurt Foot Coaching Program. When I had lost all hope for any sort of recovery, Caroline helped me find beauty in my injury through her holistic coaching program. Her end-to-end online class coupled with individualized virtual coaching sessions allowed me to turn my injury into a way to work on myself. Through our phone calls, I was able to receive guidance tailored to the pieces of recovery with which I struggled most, as well as actionable steps in all aspects of the injury recovery process, including: eating to heal my body, getting over fear of weight gain from injury, dealing with the emotion that comes with the recovery process, and finally, getting back to exercise safely post-injury. Caroline taught me that fitness is not black and white – it is a way of living intentionally in order to nourish your body. Endless thank you’s to Caroline, whose eternal positivity and energy gave me the strength I needed to get through my two years of healing and changed me forever.” – Gabby Z, Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program member
Hurt Foot Coaching Program

“I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for over two years and have tried everything under the sun to get rid of it. About a year ago I found Caroline’s YouTube videos, and I did several of them just watching the channel and finally decided to join her Hurt Foot Fitness Program, because I had to drop all of the exercise I was doing since I ended up in a CAM boot and was restricted to only the stationary bike. Boy was that a blessing in disguise! Since joining the program, I’ve strengthened my core tremendously and have been able to get back some of my fitness. Her exercise videos are up-lifting and a great workout. It has truly been the best $$ I’ve spent since I started dealing with this injury. I have now started physical therapy which is helping significantly, and those exercises in combination with Caroline’s workouts is getting me back on track and healing. I know that I will always go back to her workouts even after I’m totally healed from this injury and plan to work with her one on one, once I am cleared to exercise with less restrictions. Caroline’s energy and positivity has been very impactful in my healing process and I’d recommend her program to anyone struggling with a foot or lower leg injury. I want to thank you for having your Hurt Foot Coaching Program. It has been such a pleasure working through that program and doing the exercise videos. Your energy is contagious and I have to admit I don’t like it when I have to skip days of doing your workouts!” – Kim B, Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program Member 

 “Caroline Jordan Fitness helped me turn my victim story into a victory story. I was given an incredible opportunity to study movement theater in Italy, but broke my foot on the second day of classes and was sent home. I felt lost and angry at the unexpected change of course. However, Caroline’s hurt foot fitness program helped me to gain perspective and to focus on positive, healing energy. She taught me all the things I could do to change how I lived life with an injury to heal better and feel better. I loved all of the diet lectures and stress management tools – I had  I feel great starting my day with her workouts and find myself repeating her affirmations throughout the day, such as “smiling is very advanced.” Hurt or not, her content is quick and effective. I will be logging in even after my injury is healed for uplifting fitness and coaching. Thanks so much Caroline! ” Kiarra Donnelly

Hurt Foot Coaching Program
The Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program is an online course and group support platform specifically designed for foot, ankle, and lower body injuries. Its an incredible great course to give you different tools, resources, and a community of help . There are a variety of foot/ankle injuries within the member base of the program, and  connecting with the group may also be beneficial in giving you ideas for healing. There are also a lot of dedicated athletes and people that can help you keep your head up through the long process of getting back on your feet. It would be so great to have you! Heres what you get when you enroll:

Your One Time Payment will give you LIFETIME access into the exclusive Hurt Foot Fitness program. You will get:

• A constantly growing online hub of new workouts, exercises, nutrition hacks, stress management tools, and resources specifically designed to help with healing.
• How to put together a weekly Hurt Foot Fitness exercise program schedule and workout routine that fits your personal needs
• How to eat to heal faster and feel better
• Foods & supplements to help healing
• Nutrition tools and guidelines to fuel recovery
• How to improve digestion for healing
• Healthy coping strategies for dealing with injury
• How to manage stress for improved healing
• How to overcome the mental and psychological challenges of injury
• How to stay positive with an injury
• How to use injury to transform into a stronger person 

Expect these results when you enroll in the Hurt Foot Coaching Program:

• Maintain lean muscle mass while injured
• A positive outlet to cope with physical and mental recovery challenges
• Coaching, support and guidance to help you take care of yourself through the recovery process
• Fresh ideas for exercises and workouts that will help you maintain lean muscle mass and physical fitness
• Guidance on structuring a weekly workout schedule and fitness plan
• Improved diet and nutrition for optimal healing
• Customized fitness, nutrition, and stress management resources
• Motivation and inspiration to help you stay strong while you heal
• Coaching on how to keep your mindset positive and turn any challenge into an opportunity for powerful personal growth
• The one time membership fee gives you lifetime access to a constantly growing, exclusive online hub of injury specific workouts and content. 
•  You Will: Get fit, be motivated, feel energized, improve the healing process, speed recovery, and grow positively from your injury.
• Join the group of people who are committed to staying strong while they heal. Get accountability, support, and new friends who can ease the healing process and cheer you on! 

You also get facebook live videos and group chats with the other members in the group. We just completed a diet challenge and are about to start another one!

If you are not satisfied with the healing love, information, inspiration, and education of the course you have a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

Ready to get started in healing and feeling GOOD while you do it? CLICK HERE to enroll.

I hope to support you in a positive, successful healing journey!

Here for you.


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