Daily Stretching Routine. Full Body Flexibility Video


A daily stretching routine will help you stay flexible, mobile, prevent injuries, promote longevity, and help you feel good in your body. Get moving with this 10 minute total body stretch for optimal health.

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Are you feeling tight? stiff? achy? cranky? Then I have just the remedy. Let go of tight muscles and a tense mindset with this full body stretching routine. In just 10 minutes you’ll move your body and mind into a  happier state of being. Its a stretching video you can use daily to maintain flexible, mobile, and healthy muscles. Take it with you to the gym, use it after a run, or turn it on after a long day of traveling in your hotel room. In this quick, total body stretching sequence you will move through the following exercises:

Daily Stretching Routine Exercises:

  • Deep Breathing Arms up
  • Forward fold
  • Side stretch and reach
  • Worlds Greatest stretch
  • Hip Flexor Reach
  • Cat cow
  • Puppy pose chest stretch with hip opener
  • Scorpion stretch
  • Table Top bridge reach
  • Figure four with twist
  • Knees to chest
  • total body reach

What are the benefits to daily stretching?

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved mobility
  • Less physical pain
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury recovery
  • Stress relief
  • Mental health
  • Positive mindset

Among others! If you try this daily stretching routine for 30 days straight, I guarantee you will feel the difference. And all you need is 10 minutes to do it!

Daily Stretching Routine Video

As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully, and modify exercises as needed. I hope you enjoy this daily stretching routine as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

Inhale, exhale, let that tension GO! Im so happy we got to stretch together. How do you feel now? Less stressed? More mobile? Do you have less pain in your body? Id love to hear if this daily stretching routine helps you in the comments below.

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Use this video daily and Im positive it will create healthy benefits for your mind and body.

Till next time, keep breathing 🙂


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